Absolute Proof Documentary by Mike Lindell

Hello, everyone, this is Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow.

As you all know, I have been attacked the last month relentlessly on social media, by newspapers, by TV shows, by you name it, I’ve been attacked and myself, not just myself, but my company. The boycotts that are going on, BOX stores are dropping me, social media, they canceled my Twitter.

Today they cancel my pillow’s Twitter account, my company’s Twitter account. Well, before I was going to get erased completely, we put together this show and what you’re going to see today is what they don’t want you to see why they’re trying to erase me and what I’ve told everyone out there is, you know what? I’ve seen evidence I’ve been trying since November 4th to prove to show what’s out there. Why are these deviations that happened on election night?

It’s not. None of it made any sense. So I drove all in with everything I had resources, anything. I heard something that maybe was relevant. I went, you know, looked into it, did my own due diligence, had my even my own investigation. Well, then one day I think it was like January 9th. All of a sudden they brought me some a piece of evidence. It’s 100 percent proved. It’s like a print inside the machine of the timestamp that showed another country, other countries attacking us, hacking into our election through these machines.

And it shows the votes flipped and I’m going, wow, I got to get this out there and from that point on, I started putting it out there and that’s when they just started attacking me. Well, they obviously are hiding something, and tonight you’re going to see what they’re hiding. You’re going to see on this show we have we’re going to have cyber, forensic experts. We’re going to have one hundred percent. You’re going to see all this evidence that by the time you’re done, you’re going to go, wow, one hundred percent it proves exactly what happened, that these machines were used to steal our election by other countries, including China. But I do want to tell you, before we get into all that, I want to tell you what I consider why I’m so happy today about two miracles that happened these last couple of months. The first miracle was on election night and on election night, eleven fifteen at night. The the algorithms of these machines broke, basically broke and this will be explained during this show, but they broke. What that means is Donald Trump got so many more millions of votes that they didn’t expect that they had. They’re going to have to go recalibrate. Right. So that’s why all these states shut down. All of a sudden they all shut down and we’re all going, wow, that’s weird. This has never happened in any other election and then we’re going, OK, then this is the days went on going what, another another week then it takes, you know, like Arizona to count one percent of their vote and and you see these big spikes like in Michigan and all these big, you know, votes that were poured in.

Nobody understood it. Right. We’re like living in this kind of twilight zone during that time. Well, that is one miracle there, because I think if that were to happen, I think if they were to estimate it right and what would have happened is it would have been just like a normal election at 3:00 in the morning, they would have said, oh, Biden won. He won by a little bit and we would have said, oh, better luck next time.

But because he got so many votes that broke that and set off this series of events of these deviations, if that were to happen, we would have never been here talking about biggest attack in history, the biggest cyber attack ever and this is the American dream would be gone forever because we would have never known and it would just, you know, using machines that would have took us over forever. Here comes the second, the second miracle and with this one I got to show you here on the on the on the chart, I’m going to go through this and I’m going to tell you why this is a miracle, OK?

What we’re going to do here, we’re going to go state by state and we’re going to show you what else happened. So here’s Arizona, OK? The margin of victory was ten thousand votes that Biden, they say Biden won. Now, if we look at this, let’s go down the chart here. Mail in ballots require an adjudication, almost three hundred thousand, but these merely, these are votes that they put through and you’re going to learn that you’re going to learn all about that during this show to an adjudication, how that works.

But let’s just go to the next one. Illegal aliens voting thirty-six thousand four hundred illegal aliens voted. You see that you only lost by ten thousand boy, of course, they can’t vote. OK, Donald Trump wins Arizona, right? We’ll just keep going. Voters registered to a vacant lot. Two thousand completed mail in ballots received the day before the ballots were even mailed. They got twenty or twenty-two thousand ballots back in Arizona before they even mailed the ballots out, what???

That’s kind of bizarre, right? OK, keep going down here. Maricopa County electronic adjudicate ballots, one hundred and three thousand votes loaded before opening a polls. So the votes were even loaded. They were already in there before the polls even opened. Fifty thousand. OK, let’s just. You see all that. Let’s go to the next state here. I’m going to skip George and come back to it. Let’s go to Michigan. Michigan dead voters, seventeen thousand three hundred and sixty seven and this is sort of Michigan is kind of its own.

We’re going to talk about Michigan is very different than the other states. What went on there? So it’s all grouped together. Six hundred and fifteen thousand votes that are just in question and we’re going to skip that part. OK, let’s go to the next one here in Nevada. OK, here is Nevada. Illegal aliens have voted in this election for a thousand million or absentee ballots for voters that were known to have voted in other states. Fifteen thousand Clark County, whose signature verification won out the image quality that was suggested by the manufacturer and to check the mail in ballot signatures. One hundred and thirty thousand with a skip through that raffle tickets that they were incentivized. Five hundred. Here we go. Here’s a big one. Dead people who voted, one thousand five hundred six, non Nevadans who voted in Nevada.

They don’t even live in Nevada. Nineteen thousand two hundred and eighteen voters who double voted forty two thousand two hundred and eighty four. OK, as you can see, they add up to over two hundred thousand down Trump lost by thirty-four thousand votes. OK, let’s go to the next one.

Pennsylvania million votes are counted without a Republican observer. We all heard that stuff. That’s well over six hundred thousand mail in ballots. Sixty-eight. Here’s another one, too. We could almost we’re going to you’re going to hear a lot about this during this thing. But let’s go down poll workers that voted with various errors in the bins. This is the one where he heard the fake ballots that were driven from New York to Pennsylvania. You’ll hear a little about that in the show, too.

But this is we’re going to go to Pennsylvania. You can all see it adds up to eight hundred and sixty six thousand. Donald Trump lost by sixty eight thousand. And there’ll be a point to all this I’m getting to. OK, here’s Wisconsin. Wisconsin surge of identity combined voters in twenty twenty. That’s it. That would take a while to explain, but there was one hundred thirty thousand U.S. Postal Service back dated ballots. Hundred thousand.

OK, that’s incredible. If you actually look into it, the mail in ballots entering the tabulation prize under the guise of absentee ballots and clear violation of state law. One hundred and seventy thousand, OK, was cut down, the margin of victory for Biden was twenty thousand votes. Now we’re going to go to back to Georgia. OK, everyone knows the president called the secretary of state, Georgia and on that call, he said he was listening to the secretary of state. He said, OK, you have felons with incomplete sentences that voted and cast their vote.

Two thousand five hundred and sixty under age children that registered to vote and illegally voted sixty-six thousand two hundred and forty-seven unregistered voters, voters who voted two thousand four hundred twenty three registered voters who voted in another state after their Georgia registration date. Four thousand nine hundred and twenty-six voters who voted in Georgia and also voted in another state. Three hundred ninety-five voters who voted in Georgia but changed their address before the election to do it. Fifteen thousand seven hundred people who failed to pre-register to vote in their county in time after moving from one county to another forty thousand two hundred and seventy nine voters who illegally claimed a post office box as their resident.

One thousand forty-three voters to register too late to vote in the election. 98 people who died prior to the election and they were already dead.

Ten thousand three hundred and fifteen. OK, ballots with no chain of custody. We’ll probably talk a little bit about that in the show too 600,000, and here’s what the president said to the secretary of state. Georgia, can you just give us once just give us your thoughts.

All he only lost by eleven thousand seven hundred thirty votes. He said, how about you just give us your under age that voted on your dead people and we win? It didn’t make sense. You say, how about this? Just this line here, this people who failed to register. Forty thousand.

Can you just give us them? He said just name the columns and you know what?

The Secretary of state of Georgia said those numbers are wrong and and the president said, well, where who gave us the numbers? He asked his guy and that guy said, we got him from the secretary of state’s office.

And the president said to the secretary of state, well, when can we get the right numbers? And the other guy said, sir, we’ve been trying to get him from the secretary of state for almost two months.

And the point being here now that here comes the point I’m making here. This is all the second miracle of the election. Every one of these states should have been in two plus two is four. Right? You should say, OK, you can’t count dead people. You can’t count under age people. Every one of these states, Donald Trump wins. If the electors would have done their job, the legislators, if the if the governors wouldn’t have said, you know, here’s good.

All these things that happened, all these anomalies that happened that we’ve never happened before, but much less one state, they all say that, that, hey, we’re going to go ahead and use this stuff and we’re going to declare Joe Biden the winner. But here’s the big thing. The big miracle.

If they would have done that, if they would have done that and said, you know what, if we can’t counties, Mr. Trump wins, Donald Trump wins, OK, then we wouldn’t be where we’re at right now because the biggest thing against humanity and our country is this attack through these machines.

They got this opened up. This revealed the machines to where we’re at right now. So what you’re going to watch during this show is 100 percent proof that the big thing was the theft by these other countries that came in to attack our country through these machines that are made to steal elections every election going forward in history. If these things would have happened, these two and we wouldn’t have we would have never known every single vote you would have ever made when no matter somebody else would have made that vote.

And we’ve all seen in this past month, you’d think it was a communist coming in and taking this over with people here. This is an attack not only on other those other countries with communism, but they had domestic traitors right here in our country. Whatever is going on right now, we’re seeing it. They’re suppressing council culture. They’re trying to cancel us all out. I just seen churches, the Christian churches, they’re being attacked right now. People on social media, anyone that speaks up, they’re going, you can’t say that, you’re gone.

It’s like they’re right now they’re doing whack a mole because they know they knew. They were so close, so close that we would never know in history what happened. But guess what? Now we do know and you’re all going to know. And when you watch this and you get through it at the end, I’m going to tell you what you can all do and we’re going to start our show right now and you guys are going to be absolutely amazed.

And now we have with us Colonel Phil Waldron

Yes. And I my background in the military is with influence operations, information operations, that information warfare, if you will.

You know, what we’re talking about here today is specific. These machines that we’re used to to hack into our election and and by foreign countries, including China and what what did you kind of bring us up through the election for yourself and then how you’ve gotten so involved right now?

Yeah, we began looking, working with our partners in Dallas, that allied security operations group, with doing some analysis on the data that they had looking at not only Dominion, but .E.S.S. and Hart, several of the other electronic voting management systems.

And we saw a lot of similarities and vulnerabilities in the systems that would be easily influenced, more easily interdicted, and again, as a as an information warfare officer. That’s what I did. I look for vulnerabilities and ways to attack systems to create a strategic advantage for US friendly forces, and so when we started seeing the vulnerabilities and all the different ways that you could interdict this, these electronic voting systems, it became apparent that we had a problem for the November 3rd election.

And that prompted us to spend a lot of time working with Russ Ramsland, getting a lot of the historical data, the knowledge. We started working on our own, really doing a lot of connecting the money exercises, doing doing basic investigative research. And then I brought in our our local DHS team here in Texas, both the Intelligence and Assessments Division, which collects it, collects intelligence for for the Department of Homeland Security and the Cesa, our local system.

And we spent quite a bit of time giving them an introduction to what what we saw and the vulnerabilities in the ways that these systems could be interdicted to change election outcomes at the machine level, the server level, fraud at the local level, which is required to induce the the illegitimate ballots. Then you’ve got to the machine level, which is kind of what you were talking about, the algorithms that are directly input into the tabulators. And we have evidence of that in and where county, Georgia, that, you know, X amount of ballots went through and they they basically stole 13 percent of the vote from President Trump and put that 13 percent of the vote into the category for former Vice President Biden, which made a twenty-six percent shift in the vote.

And so when you look at the machine level, the machine for Dominion or E.S.S., there are so many vulnerabilities in the systems. There are so many fundamental cybersecurity practices that are not enabled that it basically allows anybody who who has some technical ability and the the want to to go and influence our elections. It’s sort of that strategic level is foreign intelligence, foreign intelligence services. And we’ve got pretty much documented, documented of Chinese Communist Chinese Party ownership of the private equity firm whose board controls Dominion.

We’ve got Chinese communist, the president of the Chinese Communist Bank, who is a board board of directors, member of a private equity firm that that owns Dominion. The testing company, the only company that has the access to the code and the testing for Dominion is in Shenzhen, China. It’s a communist Chinese party company. The US government, the state governments, the county governments, they don’t have access to the Dominion code. But I think it’s kind of kind of unique that a Chinese company that’s run by the CCP does have access to the code and that’s why we started seeing that that strategic level of that third tier of election manipulation, a lot of movements of votes directly direct access to Pennsylvania voting precincts, county tabulation centers, or the fact that everyone says, well, there is all these court cases and all the court cases were lost. Well, that’s a lie. We’ve got statistics on how many court cases are open, how many were dismissed for, you know, for standing or procedural.

But there’s only, to my knowledge, two cases, one in Michigan and one in Georgia, where evidence has been heard and those cases are progressing forward. The Senate in Arizona has heard and seen preliminary evidence and they’ve issued a subpoena and they’re pressing forward with a full forensic audit in Arizona and that that could be forthcoming as early as this this coming week. So it’s it is complex and it’s hard for people to understand and if it’s hard to understand, people just dismiss it as a, you know, conspiracy theory, whether it’s cyber warfare and unconventional asymmetric warfare conducted by a peer threat nation state against the United States government, critical infrastructure.

The whole country see when they when they shut everything down at night that that was a deviation, you probably expected this, right?

We were watching. We found the foreign servers in Barcelona, in the U.K. and in Frankfurt. We’d seen several, you know, the one in Toronto, obviously, with Dominion.

So, you know, one hundred percent proof that the servers are overseas in other people’s countries for our election?

Yes, we were mapping out the servers before the elections, we identified the Scytl server in Frankfurt down to the street address Frankfurt has. I think it’s it’s either the largest or one of the world’s largest server nodes, you know, cyber node communications node is called DE for Germany Nix and there were several folks watching the traffic and the volume of traffic that night and they noticed a significant spike in traffic that night just due to the volume of information going through and one of the reasons that they they said that the traffic was going up was due to the US elections.

In your opinion, this is an attack by other countries of foreign of foreign countries, is what you’re saying that?

I believe from what I’ve seen and that the witnesses that I’ve talked to, that this is a a coup that definitely involve elements inside our own country and that our own federal government. Definitely, definitely part of the coup that was aided and abetted by a foreign threat, nation state appear, enemy nation state, China.

Do you believe that this attack from other countries could not have happened without people here? Domestic people, domestic traitors, basically.

Yeah, I believe that, again, we have affidavits of CIA and State Department personnel out of the Italian embassy participating in this coup. We have a name, email and phone number of a senior DOJ official from a from a US attorney that said that this individual was shutting down any DOJ or FBI investigation into any election or any election related investigation and certainly trying to shut down judicial cases, court cases.

So from inside our own DOJ, people were shutting down active investigations. You wonder why, you know, Mr. Barr didn’t find or see any evidence of widespread election fraud is because the FBI never did anything other than to impede investigations into election fraud. The FBI went to question the truck drivers who deliver ballots and created affidavits. They were harassing the Americans, patriotic Americans who were who were whistleblowers and prosecuting them, like you mentioned something earlier, is the machines and yes and Dominion machines.

If you look at military planning factors, they’re critical capabilities. A capability is what you have to have to execute your mission or the enemy has to have to execute its mission successfully. So a critical capability for any of this to happen are the inherent vulnerabilities that were built into E.S.S Dominion software, which is, again, we proven through through our work that this is all related directly back to the soft, Smartmatic, Smartmatic, Smartmatic software core. And they definitely have financial gains to financial reasons based on some of the other investments that they’ve made, especially if they, you know, looking down the road, if they make billions and billions of dollars, the board of SGOs Smartmatic because they own a an air purification company.

So just think about it. If you get to pick an administration that is favorable to your company, you say, and they pass a green new deal and you’re going to make billions and billions of dollars off of government mandated air purification systems and public buildings and apartment buildings and industrial complexes, you know, you would spend quite a bit of money on the front side to make sure the election is gone. The same thing with China. If China could avoid the US coming to Taiwan’s defense and we’ve seen indications of that already and if China could avoid having to fight a campaign to protect their manmade islands, to extend their territorial waters into international navigable waterways, if they could invest a billion dollars to do that versus fighting a war, they made a pretty good investment and all the money they’ve made into the Biden family, all the money that they’ve made and invested into US universities and US businesses, buying up our medical and our technical intellectual property, stealing a lot more than they bought.

They are they are fighting a war and people just don’t realize that we’re under attack.

So now we have with us Russell Ramsland. He’s a founding member of Allied Security Operational Group. They’re based in Dallas, Texas, and they do cyber forensics and security.

Russell, how are you how are you involved with all this this election fraud?

Well, it was interesting, Mike. It’s been a long road for us. About two years ago, we had some logs from the Dallas general election brought to us from the central tabulation server and people ask, what are these logs mean? It was about eleven hundred pages and we got a look at Adam and we were horrified at what we found because what we found was that people were getting into the system and they were changing the votes. They were erasing databases, they were reloading them and it was coming from remote locations and this can’t be.

Now this was back this is in twenty eighteen when they so these guys came to you with these and these were these were voting machines? Are they Dominion machines?

No, no, no. We use E.S.S. in Dallas, not Dominion. So they are, they are, they are similar to similar machines?

Yes. Yeah, it’s very similar stuff. Most these voting companies all have similar DNA on their site.

But what you seen was was very it horrified. Yeah.

Yeah, it did. Because clearly somebody was playing with the election.


So we tried to get the authorities alerted, we brought in a DOJ prosecutor that ran the cyber group in north Texas and she was horrified at what we showed her and she asked us to put it together and eventually submitted to the FBI. We did that and they did nothing. So we continue to investigate and the more we found, the more horrifying it got. Now, this all was still coming out of Dallas. We tried to get senators to look at this and we tried to get state officials to look at this.

But we continue to work on it on our own. We had no client at all. And eventually we did get seven members of the Freedom Caucus last July to take a two hour briefing without staff and what they saw was absolute proof that this electronic voting system that we have is completely compromised. It can be completely manipulated. And they were horrified.

We’ve all heard that Texas denied these machines.

Well, Texas denied dominion, but Texas uses other voting machines. We use hard and we use the E.S.S in Texas.

Right. So why so why would Texas they denied these Dominion ones, in your opinion. So they must have looked at them and said there’s something there we don’t like. But then they over here with Smartmatic and these other ones, they were OK with that. What would be your opinion on why? One, they would deny one machine that because they’re afraid of election fraud and and over here they accepted that one?

I think that it sometimes has more to do with politics and influence who gets through and who doesn’t to serve the machines.

OK, so we finally ended up with some investigators, with Ron Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security Oversight Group, and they were horrified at what we showed them. And they tried to get CISA, which is the Cyber Intelligence Security Administration inside the DHS. They tried to get CISA to take a look, CISA would not take the briefing. They couldn’t be less interesting. So we didn’t quite know what to do. We were beginning to find some media people who wanted to start talking about this, and they became appalled.

But that break really came in early August when we got some DHS people in Austin with the eye and a division, the intelligence and analysis division down there to take a look at what we had. And that’s the division that used to have voter integrity before it was handed to CISA. So they looked at it and they were horrified and they sent a whole team to our shop. We spent 11 hours with them. They asked us if we would give them their our data.

We said, of course. And so we gave them all our data. They took it back to Austin and unknown to us, they gave it to three private cyber groups that they used and said, hey, are these guys crazy? I mean, is this nuts or this is there something here? Well, all three groups looked at it and all three groups came back. Not only is it right, it’s horrible.

OK, I want to ask you there, when you say horrified, can you explain to us, everybody watching this right now what what horrified you was the fact they could go online?

Well, there’s no effective security at all for your votes. Your votes are stored overseas where they can be easily.

They’re stored overseas?

Yes. Yeah, yeah.


Twenty, twenty-seven states use what’s called clarity Scytl election night reporting and those servers are overseas. They have what are called S3 Buckett vulnerabilities and people can get in and change the votes there and then they can load them all the way back down to the county level here in this country, because Scytl gets all the credentials from every single county server here and so they can get into every single county server and change the votes here from overseas.

It’s so, so, so everything that everybody’s been talking about all through that they’ve tried to suppress in that they we heard the machines weren’t even online and you’re saying that twenty-seven states use this and the servers are overseas. So these can go over there and they can change the vote to anything they want and send it back cyberly by cyber crime.


So they became the DHS people in Austin realized what we were telling them was correct. They became horrified and they began to try to have a series of classified briefings within their own group in order to push this up the chain. And they got about one or two levels up and then they made a solid wall of resistance that basically said, leave it alone, don’t pursue it.

Wow. And what do you what do you think we know now? We’re telling the facts on the show here. But in your mind, why would they do that? What just is just subjectively why would why would you why would they do that in your mind?

I don’t know Mike.

You can’t explain it. I mean, this is OK, so so then so take us from there. So this is like what what approximately one was that when it when it got stopped.

That was September.

Wow. Close to the election. OK.

Well, it’s close to the election so well actually happened in this election. This stolen election we already knew was going to happen. We already had seen it. We knew it was all possible. We knew it was all out there. Now, we didn’t know how many foreign servers, you know, before. We weren’t seen by many foreign servers come in and change votes.

But in this election, of course, we saw thousands from all over the world.

And you’re seen you’re seen thousands. All right. You’ve seen all these these hacks. Have you actually seen that with your own eyes?

We have seen the data that is representative of that.

So the election goes down. You knew it was going to happen. Is it exactly what you thought was going to happen?

Yeah, we thought it was going to happen on three levels, we thought they would be massive local cheating, we thought there would be cheating through the actual voting companies themselves, whether it’s some or someone else manipulating them. And we thought that there would be cheating from votes being injected from overseas. And that’s exactly what we saw happen.

And we’d huge tons of absolute proof on this. But no court case was ever allowed, ever allowed it to be presented. So that sort of gave fodder to this media myth that it didn’t exist. But it does exist. It’s out there. It’s unbelievable. It’s massive.

Wow. Everybody here that what he what Russell’s saying here, this is what everyone says. Well, there was no evidence. So you’re saying no judges would look at the evidence, is that correct?

That’s correct.

OK, and now we don’t know why. We don’t know why. I mean, it wasn’t because there wasn’t evidence. They didn’t even want to look at it.

Is that correct?

That is correct.

OK, now we’ve heard about we’ve alter, in fact, on this show, the Antrim County in Michigan. Were you guys everywhere you guys went? You guys contacted to look into that?

That was our work. Yeah, well, I. I actually signed the forensic audit report and because our guys did all are part of our team and that came about because there was a damn about race and the judge allowed some limited discovery. What came out of that was appalling enough that he allowed further discovery. And then, of course, that report went national because what we found was so horrifying.

Right. For everybody out there, what we’ve all heard this Antrim County in Michigan and in this show here, we’ve you know, you’ve seen it. We’ve had this is this is the reason was talked about so much because this is a small county and there’s like fifteen thousand some people voted and it was seven thousand. Some votes flipped. I mean, so it was so obvious, you know, we had sixty-five percent Republican and thirty-five percent Democrat normally, and it was completely flipped.

So everybody in the town knew it was a deviation that didn’t make sense and so, so Russell, this case is still open is. That’s correct. Right.

That is. That is correct.

OK, can I, can I ask you this.

So what you see there is exactly what you knew was going to happen and now were you able to look at other places? What was different about Interim County? We now what we all heard was you were able to get into the, you know, the forensics of it and see all this, we have you been able to do that in any other places in the United States since then or, you know, since this election ended on in November?

Actually, on a limited basis, we have been able to go in to other counties. We have not published that information yet and there are reasons why we aren’t publishing that information right now. Both of them have not only confirmed, they have confirmed that it’s even worse than an answer.

Did everybody hear that? What we have here and also can’t disclose this because what, every time something pops up, it gets buried out there, things happen. I don’t, you know, do this is this is the most attack on our country.

And I’m telling you ever I mean, this is. And that’s right. You know, it’s getting suppressed everywhere. So what he’s saying to other places now is this breaking news right now. You’re saying right now you have two other places and what you’re seeing is even worse than you could ever imagine?

Well, it’s it’s it’s just like Antrim only it’s worse in many ways, you know, an Antrim, what people need to understand. Real simple, Mike, when people vote and they scan their ballot in, it either goes into the regular sort of bucket and gets voted or else it goes into what’s called an adjudication bucket, if it goes into the adjudication bucket, then whoever is running the voting system gets to vote that vote however they want. Well, in in Antrim, we found ballot rejection rates of 82 percent, 82 percent, 82 percent of the ballots are going to adjudicate what is and what is this?

What’s the normal number? I mean, is there a normal number for a for an election? That would be what percentage and and what would be it on the high end?

Well, certainly less than one percent would be should ever go to adjudication.

There’s less than one percent. And this was eighty-five percent, yes, well, in Fulton County, the Fulton County people themselves admitted to a ninety-three point six percent adjudication rate. In some cases, that means the entire election will be decided by the people that ran the system, not by the voters.

And what you’re talking about there is that this is the way these machines can. You can you can cheat through the front, cheat there. But this does not count what you’re talking about earlier. The cyber forensics, whether it goes overseas to these servers that are all based over there. Correct?

That does not that’s a different issue all together.

Right. Both of them involve the machines. Everybody one we’ve talked about in this show is here. But the cyber one is what you just heard from Russell, which he said earlier. This is all the attack by the other countries that hacked in, which we’re going to show you that proof now that Russell doesn’t even know that we have that’s going to show who did it, the time they did it, the computer they did it offered everything. If we would have never found out or this would never have gotten what we’re going to get to know, what in the what would the future of look like in elections?

Well, I mean, we’re basically approaching Venezuela where it doesn’t matter.

Somebody else picks our people for them. So why vote? Right. I mean, that’s way that’s the way it would have been. Machines that go on line, like you said earlier, it’s not just dominion. It’s all the all the machines that were used in this election. Is that what you would say?

Yes, that’s absolutely a fair statement, and look, let me let me tell you a little bit about that. You know, for these people that say it’s not online, we have videos of workers will pull over books who are swiping left on their pollbook and bringing up Netflix and getting a movie and watching it on their pollbook. How does that happen if it’s not connected to the Internet?

Right, right.

We have affidavits of of a election judge who showed up at her precinct and found her or they had loaded the wrong precinct in our equipment, called her voting company and her voting company put her on hold and the self help desk from another state called in and in ten minutes somehow reloaded her poll books from another state with the correct precinct. How does that happen if it’s not connected to the Internet?

But I know they were all online, but. But is it illegal for them to be online?

Well, it depends. Some places. Yes, some places, no. I mean, the issue is that you can trust the voting system because they’re not online, but they are most clearly online.

I got you. I got you.

Here’s one you don’t know. We ran this, a different group here, a little operation in Dallas during this last election and let me describe the operation so you’ll understand the magnitude of what I’m telling you. What we did is every day we just took the information on the voter records of the people who voted that day in Dallas, Dallas post them online. So you get a big, big, long record of this voter. You don’t see how he voted, but you see everything else. Name, where he lives, when he asked for a ballot, worried about it, his residence address, on and on and on.

And all of those, as you know, are comprised of zeros and ones. That’s how computers work.

So all we did is we would add up all the zeros and ones in that voting record and store it, and then we would watch what would happen to that voter record as we worked our way through early voting like we saw 57,000 votes get their voter records changed during early election alone in Dallas, Texas.


We saw a ten block long street in Dallas, Texas, get every single vote wiped out and then subsequently replaced one at a time with clearly something changed because then the hash in other words, it’s it’s a record of the zeros and ones had been changed and so we know it was tampered with. Wow. It’s unbelievable.

Was it nationwide that this happened?


OK, and you’ve seen the cyber the cyber forensics that show that. We will show that, too. But I just want to ask you why if there’s you know, why did they why did they shut these machines down to win Texas, too? I mean, ah, do you know what would. Your opinion on that and why they didn’t set them high enough to win Texas too?

Well, there had been a certain amount of concern raised in Texas, as a result of our twenty eighteen work, you know, Pete Sessions actually filed a complaint in Texas and published a paper on it because his race got stolen and so they were very well aware that Texas was going to come under some scrutiny, that other places probably were not.


And there was also a huge operation down in Houston where a boat skimming scheme for over seven hundred thousand boats was exposed and so there was a lot going on in Texas and I think it made them a little skittish to operate as brazenly here as they might.

They might have backed off a little, but you just said from there. So you’re telling me that they controlled all the down tickets to if they decided whether they wanted to flip a senator or congressman or whatever? Is that correct?

No doubt. Absolutely.

So, Russell, could you speak specifically to the malware?

Sure. There is a company out of Barcelona, Spain, called Scytl and it owns the company called Clarity Election Night Reporting and hard reports to them and Dominion reports to them and E.S.S reports to them. All these companies report the bugs to them and then election night reporting supposedly just passes the votes along to the media. But using standard white hat tools, we can look and see what is is on their server over in Frankfurt, Germany, and there is an area on their server on a particular kind of equipment.

There is a piece of malware called Q Snatch. Q Snatch actually watches all the information that comes in and it grabs the login credentials of every single county in the country that reports to it so that once it has all those credentials, it can then look back into that county and it can access the county database from overseas or wherever else it wants to. If you want to inject change to votes either through the adjudication system or just plain flat, replace the database.

So it’s it’s a it’s a massive, massive, massive security vulnerability and it is there. It is working and they have all the login ability they need to get into any county that reports to.

Wow, so so basically what you said earlier, all the all the servers are over there, they can take all of our counties in a country, look at them, and then decide what they want to do with that information and what they can do in the county, what they need to flip. So, you know, we all heard this. We all heard about this Italy thing and that it went to Italy and Germany when they had to on the I guess this would be in the middle of the night on November 4th.

It’s just something you would you know anything about that? I mean I mean, so the what we’ve all heard out there is that went over there, some guy even admitted he did it, which we’re going to have his affidavits up here. But what do you what’s your opinion on that?

Well, our opinion on that was that it should have been investigated because it is very consistent with what we do see happening. But it was not investigated. Apparently, the Department of Justice did not investigate. You know, you got the usual. Oh, it’s been debunked. Well, who debunked it? When did they debunked it? How did they debunked it? There was no investigation by anyone of that information and there should have been because it is entirely consistent.

I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s entirely consistent with everything we have seen in terms of capabilities.

Bill Barr comes out and said there’s no evidence. I mean, what would be your opinion? Why the people would keep pushing this down and not wanting to know? I don’t care what side of political lines you’re on. Why would you not want to know if the truth.

That has been a constant, haunting question to everyone on our team. I think it’s a combination of things. I think some people are truly, completely, totally corrupt. I suspect that at the bottom of this, you might find that our government has been changing votes in other countries for years and they don’t really want to reveal certain parts of our government.

I think that there are people that don’t want to look, they’re afraid to look. I think there are probably people who are compromised and have been told to stay out of it.


I think it’s a variety. It’s not one simple little right.

And that’s what I wanted people to hear, because I hear it all the time. People are going, you know what? This Bill Barr said this and there’s none of the judges accepted it and you hear all this and we can’t explain all that because it’s a probably multiple things like Russell says and that’s my opinion, too. It could be anywhere up to a dozen things. Who knows? But it doesn’t matter. All that doesn’t matter because now the truth is told today and it’s all coming out.

And and everybody, I really believe what’s going to happen once everybody sees now this is finally you’re going to have people that aren’t afraid to speak out because it’ll be it’s too late to close the gate. The cows drive the barn. Everybody’s going to know about it and they’re going to want to know more and more.

So, you know, Mike, the real thing is I think pretty soon the question’s  going to start to turn around and people are going to go, wait a minute, what is everyone so afraid of? Why are they going to such incredible lengths to say there’s nothing here when there clearly is something to you? Well, yes, this is almost like you and I remember and this is almost like Enron. Would we all be saying, oh, no, we don’t want to investigate Enron.

No one should look into Enron? No, no. Enron shouldn’t have to tell you how they spend your money. You just keep giving them your 401k money.

No, that’s not how it works and that’s not our voting system should work either.

So now we have with us Dr. Shiva. He has four MIT degrees. He’s an expert in system science and pattern analysis and I met him four weeks ago because I want him out there going, well, Mike, why didn’t you bring this to us before? Well, I just met Dr. Shiva four weeks ago, and he’s going to tell you he actually ran for Senate and he knows all about these machines now and we’re going to hear some of the stuff that I found out.

Wow. This is absolutely validates this election fraud with these machines. So.

Well, thanks, Mike. I’m glad we connected. You know, it’s an interesting opportunity for me, Mike, because it’s rare that a guy who the scientists and engineers and MIT guy even runs for office.


And then it’s even more aware that you come across something you never thinks occurs in the United States. You know, I grew up in India, in third world countries. We talk about election fraud. When I was running in Massachusetts in twenty twenty, we had it.

Three thousand volunteers on the ground, you know, twenty thousand bumper stickers, ten thousand lawn signs, billboard ads, radio, TV network. We were everywhere. The GOP establishment who doesn’t want a bottoms up guy like me who hated Trump ran a no name out there who no real lawn signs, no bumper stickers, no organization, nothing. And we knew on Election Night, which was a Republican primary September 1st. Twenty twenty. The word landslide is what we heard everywhere.

We knew they were going to win by. Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean it was obvious.

I mean we worked, I mean and I think you said unless there was an election from yet, but you probably thought I was just, you know, maybe someone. Yeah. I’m one of my close friends, Sachdeva. We’re going to win this unless there’s election fraud. And I just thought this is just some fringe stuff.

Right? Right.

Thinking about machines.

I wasn’t thinking about machines because I didn’t know that, you know, you know, from creating email and all these systems. I know the power of machines.

Oh, by the way. Yeah, he created emails, right? I did. I created email as a reader of email. I just want to tell you, the guy’s a genius. So what you’re going to hear here, this is what I did my due diligence on.

This is just one guy going, OK, you know, is this real or this not? And believe me, it’s real.

I mean, you know, so I have a lot of history, not only pattern else, this is some science, but I build large scale computer systems and stuff I’ve used has been used by the Senate, has been used by the largest Fortune 1000 companies in the world. So I know how you move from paper based systems and electronic systems, and I know the power of electronic systems. When you put some process that’s an electronic form, a single individual has immense amounts of power.

So that’s the background. But on September 1st, twenty twenty, what we saw was we knew we’d won on a landslide. And there we are with our big party set up and we see the results coming in. Now in Massachusetts, we saw in Franklin County, which is 80 to 90 percent hand counted paper ballots, no machines. Right. I win by 10 percent. And in every other county, like 60, 40, 60. 60 40 that you lost?

I lost by the exact exact percentage by a guy who was in a black county. This guy wins in a white county, he wins and a Hispanic. The guy was nowhere by the same person, but by the same percentage. That’s not only a deviation, but it’s an anomaly.

It’s an anomaly. That’s impossible. Or you’re like me. Well, it’s not really.

I mean, to be from a scientific standpoint, you would say it’s highly unlikely. And that began my journey to start really saying, wow, election fraud could take place in America. So I started reading up everything I could by September 9th, eight days later. Right. I found out something interesting. I found out that these electronic voting machines remember, there’s two ways you can vote.

One is you vote, you give a paper ballot and the paper ballot is counted by human beings to people. That’s what occurred in Franklin County. But in those other counties, they take that paper ballot. When you vote electronically in a machine and it goes into a machine and what happens in that machine? The paper ballot is converted to an image called a ballot image, no different than you take a picture with your iPhone right now. So what is actually counted?

The paper ballot gets put aside. The machine, the electronic quote en quote, AI on the machine, actually tries to figure out where the circles are and the machine is counting the ballot image. So that that stamp at that point, I realized, oh, my God, the ballot image is the ballot. Right. The images are the ballot.

So I hope you were going to get to the bottom of this no matter what. No, I am because I like something. I’m going to say one thing about Dr. Shiva when I met him, I’m going, wow, he’s just like me. I look at deviations every day. If I see a TV station that normally does ten thousand because I track them all individually, that does ten thousand and all of a sudden one day only two thousand. I’ll tell you what, what I do spend the rest of the day or a week or a month, I’m going to find out how that happened because the only way things change is what a different input.

Exactly. A different input. So you got this anomaly. You’ve got you’ve got this deviation. And not just because you were running a person. You know, it’s not like you were just you. I won. I won, I won. You’re now you’re digging in to find out how these all this weird mathematically exact. I mean, the scientists engineers kicked it, right? I mean, just like you, you’re a scientist, an engineer in a very different from a marketing standpoint.

But I think we both sort of pursue the same aims. But here what we found out was that the first thing that gave me a big insight is that a valid images are being created. And then I also found out by federal law in nineteen seventy four, they passed a law for federal elections. Those ballot images must be saved. So that was one piece of the puzzle. OK, the other piece of the puzzle was I found out that the voting machines as early as 2002 have a feature in there called a weighted race feature, where it’s embedded into the system where you can multiply candidates votes by a percentage.

All right. So what that means is you get a thousand votes, I get a thousand votes. Right. I can multiply your votes by two, my votes by point five. And if everyone, anyone doesn’t believe this, go look up the DIEBOLD voting manual. Go to page two, dash one twenty six in the manual in the two thousand and two version and you’ll see it in there.

So were you able to prove that yours that your election was stolen by the machines. Did you mathematically, do you prove one hundred you prove 100 percent that this could only be created by a machine to do that 60 40 I’d say.

Yes. So what we proved, Mike, was first of all, we showed that the state had deleted the ballot images. Right. Which means that if they had the ballot image, they could found the algorithm sort of came upon me to use all that 40, 50, 40 years of experience that I had learned from 14 all the way to MIT.

I had to bring all that rocket science to actually look at the data and what I found out in the was a very interesting anomaly, which in, as you said, a deviation in one of the counties called Suffolk County, which is typically highly Democrat. So we were able to see these interesting numbers. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Right. Essentially, imagine going to a casino every time you roll twice the number of odd as you get even it’s unlikely should be 50 50.


And in fact, when we did the numbers, that pattern could only occur one in one hundred thousand.

We apply we sued the state on this and the judge did not dismiss our case. It’s still open. It’s still not only open, but we survived dismissal and the other thing was we also showed that when I put this out on Twitter and said, look, the secretary of state deleted ballot images. Twitter didn’t do anything to me, but the secretary of state contacted Twitter to shut me down, along with the National Association of State Election Directors that came out.

Wow. Well, let me stop you right there, because I want to say, chef, did you hear the Twitter thing? All of you in this country and the world know my Twitter was taken down. You know why it was taken down the first time? Twenty some days ago is because I put up of the new evidence which Dr. Shiva here. I’m going to tell them in a second. This new evidence that came out shows the timestamp in space where. Where the who did it, what country did it like China?

Well, remember, we have two cases. First, we show we basically went into court saying the secretary of state contacted Twitter. That means Twitter takes orders from the government. This is what we showed. Twitter takes over from the crew.

And that’s 100 percent yes. It came in three hours of testimony.

Dorsey took orders from the secretary of state of Massachusetts.

This is what happens in countries like China. The government tells the corporations what to do and in the United States, what came out in our three hours of testimony where I represented myself. No one wanted to take the swamp on Massachusetts. So what came out was we have the secretary of state’s, the election director and the communications officer saying they contacted Twitter to shut me down as they stole.

But not only is it open. The judge gave me the restraining order and the case is open and my other case to decertify, they try to apply a hundred, two hundred page motion to dismiss and the judge denied their motion and that means, look, Mitt Mitt is in Massachusetts, right? There’s a lot of computer people there. No one has rebutted my mathematical explanation, showing that they multiplied by my votes by point six six six six six six. They multiply. Exactly.

And the other guys by one point do that.

Well, I think one of the things the public need to understand is federal laws. The Department of Justice is supposed to enforce them. You know, when we found out the ballot images were deleted, we informed what’s the name Barr and the local US attorney, and they done nothing. So basically, this is what happens in Third World countries have laws, but nothing’s followed.


And if that’s where we’ve gotten into it’s a serious problem for this country because the laws mean you mentioned Barr.

I mean, he comes out and says there was no election fraud. Know here we have right here. You told him of some, right? I told him if, son, I was just before the election, even before. But this is in October. I walked here.

Barr, If you’re watching. I mean I mean, why would you say something like that when. Yes, this is this wasn’t just election fraud. This was a historical election fraud. This was coming from a lecture from machines, from these machines of biblical proportions, of historical proportions and now this is it’s all going to get exposed and I want all these I want the senators, the congressmen, the government, the governors, the legislators. Everybody needs to watch this show.

And when you do, you know, a lot of you can go, wow, I never knew. I never knew. And that be a lot of excuse for a lot of them because of our mainstream media and all the people. I can’t believe the money spent to suppress this, you know, to suppress it. So when you put anything that popped up, boy, they were right. Let’s destroy them and destroy them. Like, who is the last thing to pop up me when I see this?

I popped up and how you destroy my platform because everybody knows them out there. They’ve done everything they could from from bots and trolls to go after my integrity to Twitter. I mean, it’s just been a massive attack. But then, you know, you’re right over Target, right?

It wasn’t Twitter acted alone. We found the government right. Contacting Twitter. Now, this is a fundamental violation of the First Amendment political speech. A government speech cannot supersede political speech. So I bet you you’ll find out that some government official may have likely been involved in contacting Twitter.

Oh. Oh, yeah. And that’s why I know Jack George, who is about Jack, if you’re out there. I mean, you did this to my movie a couple of years ago with plan where they shut Twitter down, Twitter, shut that down for two hours when it launched.

I say I mean, you look at what we’re getting into a whole segment there where you’re talking about how we all know the social media, what they’ve done, you know, from Mark from Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, these platforms, the power they have along with the mainstream media, you know, what did they do when they took over? You talk about Third World country and Nazi Germany. They took over. You know, all your in any country like that, they’ll take over your communication, you know, how are we going to communicate?

You’re here in one sense, you know, and and this is where we’re at.

But we’re going to get this out there. This show is going to be this is what everybody’s been waiting for. And, you know, I encourage a newscast out there. If you’re all these journalists and all you and all you guys that have been calling me all for three weeks. No, you never called me before. You’re from your CNN to your New York Times, The Washington Post. All you guys have been calling me nonstop every day because you think you’ve got some kind of making up some dirt or something because dominion you’re saying things about dominion.

I encourage you all you want and should be a real journalist and take this story and run with it. Be the first one to go, wow, this is real. Maybe you become the biggest outlet in the country by doing that.

Because a real crime scene in America is these computer algorithms.

And I’m going to tell you, that is the crime scene. And I’m going to tell you, this is their game two that these machine guys played with, like Dominion, they went out there and a lot of these places, I couldn’t even go on the media and talk about these machines because they were threatened. I go on I go on a new structure and they go, we can’t talk about that. I was just on one last day.

You can’t talk about that. Why not?

OK, now we have Patrick Cole back, and he was a former state senator in Michigan. And Patrick, how are you involved with, you know, what brought you here today?

Yeah, well, I came from as a result of my decision to be a poll challenger, the Detroit Avey County Board and the marathon twenty five hour shift from it to starting on election night around five o’clock all the way through the next day. So we witness all the fun.

This was in Michigan. We’re at Michigan.

We’re at the Detroit Avy County Board in Wayne County. Well, a little background on me. I mean, I was when I was a state senator, I was actually the vice chair of the elections, government or Elections and Government Reform Committee in the Michigan State Senate. And in addition to that background, my background as a Microsoft small business specialist and and I did cabling design on the space station. So in other words, I’m familiar with election processes and I’m familiar with network configuration.

So my focus when I came at the Detroit County Board was I wanted to understand specifically the handoff of vote tally information throughout the system. We did see evidence that it was connected to the Internet. What was the evidence? Well, that control center, they’ve already been they’ve already admitted to the fact that that control center had computers that were connected to the Internet.

And we saw the actual cable routed from the wall of the of the T center to the control center. And we have election officials that admitted that there were computers in the control center that were connected to the Internet and anybody with the work their salt in IT land understand that if one computer is connected to the Internet, they’re all they’re all connected to the Internet. You may say that it’s arrogant. You may say you have a firewall so that people that eat firewall’s for breakfast.

So so what you’re saying you knowing that. So if it’s connected to the Internet, somebody out there could have hacked in and the flipping of the votes.

Yup. When you get into a case where you’ve got the same devices that are supposed to be capturing that vote tally connected to the Internet or frankly even connected to a large local area network, and you can’t witness that handoff a vote tallies, you don’t have that seal.

So you may be thinking you’re passing that information from point A to point B, but there’s nothing to prevent it from going to point C and the other man in the middle.

So that so if you’re if you’re online, I mean, anybody could get in there and do that because they’re intercepting that it’s an interception. That’s why you don’t have Russians aren’t supposed to be online in election, right?

Yes. It’s called Man in the Middle and you wouldn’t accept that if it was a traditional precinct and you got that. You get to that precinct results and it wasn’t sealed, you’d be raising your hand saying something’s wrong.

Absolutely. I want to ask this, though, because if you were there, did it slow down in the middle of the night when you were there?

Absolutely. Yes. It slowed down to that is a night. Yeah. And that’s when some ballots came in in the back door.

Well, now we’re here with Melissa Carone, and you were actually hired by Dominion for the November 3rd and 4th just for two days.

Right. And and they found you online, right? You had a recipe online. You have an IT background. Yeah. OK, so why don’t you tell us, you know, tell us what happened.

So I was there to assist with IT work OK for Dominion. So what I was doing was just walking up and down the rows of by the machines.

OK, so there’s it’s a tabulating machine.

Yes. So I could get very close to these machines.

OK, so then so what about the was it, was that the only kind of machine.

No. There was on the stage that there was adjudication machines and the front and the back and then on the sides there was the adjudication. OK, that’s I’m sorry. The tabulating. Right. Both Dominion machines.

Correct. OK, all right. So you got to see what thousands of votes, thousands, thousands upon thousands of votes. OK, what was on every vote?

Every vote that I saw was for Joe Biden.

For Joe Biden when I heard this. And I want to see the. You seen you worked how many hours?

Twenty. Twenty two straight hours. And then you came back for four hours.

Right out of all that time, did you ever see one Trump vote?

I never saw a single Trump. Right. So when the ballots got to the tabulating machines, they would just put them, put them. It’s kind of like a printer that you would look at it kind of like a printer where the paper would come out randomly. That’s where they were put in and it would end up as they were tabulated on the top of the machine.

Right, right.

So these would jam constantly, constantly jam. And because these are mail in ballots, creases, anything you on this.

And when they jammed, what happened?

When they see, they would take the ballot and there was a computer in front of each person, right? It would say ballot number, you know, 20, 25 out of a group of 50.

So the 20th ballot jammed then.

So I would say discard a rescan and the way they were supposed to do it as discard them and then rescan them.

But they were not discarding these.

So they used the same, let’s say 30 went through it, got stuck on the 30th one. They put that number 30 at the top of the same 50 pack and run them through again. So you’re telling me that tabulator had no way to know? It’s just counting the number of, like a deck of cards. It’s not. You could sit there on the same deck, a card through this tablet over and over and over and over again.

Yes. One time through the night, I approached my manager and I said this. This machine has a count of over four hundred on it. I said, what’s going on here? And he I said, this is not right.

There is they should not go above 50 because the batches are only only 50. And I said we have a huge problem here. And he said, I don’t. He pulled me aside and he said, I don’t want to hear that we have a problem. He said, we are here to assist with I.T. work.

Now, is this a Dominion guy?

He he he’s actually a part owner of Dominion.

Wow. OK, what?

So. Twenty six hours of watching ballot after ballot by walking up and down these tabulating machines. Not one ballot was for Donald Trump.

OK, now we’re here with Matt DePerno and he’s the lawyer that we all heard about this Antrim County. How did you get this county that you hear about and how do you even get involved in this?

Sure. Well, I know some people who live up in Antrim County and Antrim County is a small county up in northern Michigan. It historically votes roughly sixty five percent Republican. Thirty five percent Democrat and in this case, it completely flipped on election night. Roughly sixty five percent of the vote went to Joe Biden and thirty five percent to Donald Trump. So people who lived up there knew that there was a problem. They knew the results were not correct and on the morning of November 4th, they actually contacted the Antrim county clerk and requested that she look into the results because they knew what had been posted on the website could not be true.

And through a series of events, people I knew up there and a person named Bill Bailey, who’s a patriot who lives up in Antrim County and who knew there was a problem and wanted to challenge the results, they ended up connecting him to me and I filed a lawsuit. But what’s important is in filing this lawsuit, we weren’t seeking publicity. We weren’t seeking fame. We just wanted to get results. We filed the name in the name of a patriot named Bill Bailey, and we challenged down ballot school board elections.

That’s what he was most interested in and in learning about school board elections. Of course, he was obviously also interested in other aspects of the election, what happened in the presidential election and how did things flip? But primarily the case centered on local politics and if you look at certain townships like Chestonia, a township, OK, Joe Biden got one hundred and ninety seven votes on November 3rd.

Right. In reality, he only got ninety three.

How do you know that? They only got ninety three.

There’s since been a hand recount.

By hand recount. So when did they do that.

They did a hand recount on November twenty first and then again on December seven.

Right on December 17th. Actually they told us they were going to do a full audit of the county. The Secretary of state did, but in reality they only did a hand recount again.

OK, so on the recount, we had one hundred and ninety seven and then over here Donald Trump had three. So then when the real numbers were ninety three and one ninety seven, is that correct.

That’s correct. So you can see Joe Biden on election night got a hundred and ninety seven. He got Donald Trump’s one hundred and ninety seven. Right. We can no we know that that was this is one hundred percent fact here. One hundred percent factual.

Now what we’re showing here, you guys, so everyone knows these are all precincts. I don’t know if you can see this here, but these are all precincts. So let’s just do this precinct three hundred ninety two.

This is done through the machines and Donald Trump got eight.

What? So here is a three ninety two to eight. But the real number was one ninety eight to three ninety two.

And if you see here, OK, township Joe Biden got three ninety two election in reality those are Donald Trump’s votes. Those were the three ninety two.

They were just flipped. In order for that to be of you draw the conclusion which I would right now. One hundred percent.

How could that be. It would be something wrong with what.

The machine. The machine.

The machines and what we’re showing here right now, what you’re going to see all this, what we’ve been talking about, this massive machine election fraud that went on where countries hacked into our election and nationwide, this is one little county in northern Michigan and these machines would do it right down to the precinct.

OK, what you’re going to see, this is the example we have that where that was hand counted and, you know, the rest of the country, you know, didn’t get to do that. They didn’t have the luxury of being able to do that, you know.

And so what I want to tell you all is this is the perfect example. Just so you know, right down to the precinct level, what went on with these machines. I went to see one more here.

So, well, you can look at Kerney Township. Joe Biden got seven hundred forty for an election night. Those were Donald Trump’s votes. He actually recorded 16 on Election Day.

So here’s this county that traditionally always is like sixty five percent Republican.

Thirty five percent Democrat, correct? That’s correct.

OK, so everyone in the county knew when these numbers came in on November 4th, they’re going there’s something wrong with the machines.

Everyone everyone would think that it wouldn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican, you’re going, wow.

And it’s not like what? And they couldn’t use the deviation said, well, it was because of mail and voting, because this is a there’s no huge cities in there like Detroit, correct?

That’s correct. Right. So I just want everyone out there to know this before you get into town. This is just a small county, northern Michigan, and they ended up flipping.

We had fifteen thousand seven hundred and eighteen votes, seventeen thousand seven hundred and eighteen votes and seven thousand sixty were flipped from Trump to Biden.

Is that correct? And what’s more, even what’s even more interesting by machines, right.

Done by the machines. Absolutely by machines.

If you look at the original vote count, seven thousand seven hundred sixty nine. Right. For Joe Biden and four thousand five hundred and nine for Donald Trump.

Right. That actually totals twelve thousand two hundred and seventy eight votes right. By machine on November 3rd. That’s the vote tally. Right.

That wasn’t correct, because if you look at the hand recount, it was actually fifty nine fifty nine for Joe Biden and ninety seven point fifty nine for Donald Trump, which gets us to fifteen thousand seven hundred.

So the question is, where did where were the thirty two hundred votes on election night. Right. Why weren’t they recorded it.

Right. And that but but even even with that and we don’t know why. We don’t know why on that. I’m here to show everyone out the facts and evidence that I’ve seen. One hundred percent. Here’s one hundred percent. This little county in northern Michigan. Look at what the difference was. It was a net of five thousand two hundred and fifty votes. Is that correct?

That’s a net for Donald Trump.

That’s a net for Donald Trump, there was seven thousand.

That’s where you get the seven thousand sixty votes.

So what I want to show you here in the next slide is actually the number of registered voters. This is what you’re getting to. The number of registered voters in the county is twenty two thousand eighty two votes. Right. And this is the total number of votes cast by machine on November 3rd, sixteen thousand forty seven. Now, of course, not everyone votes for the president, but that’s why there’s going to be some disparity. Right. But you see what happened in Antrim County on November 3rd.

There were sixteen thousand forty seven votes cast right then on November 5th, when they did a recount, somehow they gained two thousand more votes.

Wow. And we haven’t got an explanation as to why that happened.

But but we do have we do know that there was seven thousand if you were if you were to say right now and go, you know what, we do know that seven thousand sixty Donald Trump had seven thousand sixty more votes net out of this county.

That’s correct.

That’s one hundred percent fact.

One hundred percent.

One hundred percent fact.

So after we filed the lawsuit, we we at the same time we filed a lawsuit. We also filed a motion with the court asking the judge to allow us to take forensic images of the Dominion system, the Dominion voting system and he granted that. And we then went in and I believe it was December six. And with a team of forensic scientists and data collection scientists, we we captured the forensic images of the Dominion voting system. The master tabulator is what we call it, sitting in the county building, along with all of the CF cards, which are the program cards that run the actual software, along with the actual data cards or thumb drives that collect and tally the results in each precinct.

We captured the forensic. Images of all of those items.

I want I want to say something here, so the people, did you hire these people to do that?


OK, and you didn’t know him before this, right?

We didn’t know them before. Right. But people got us in contact with forensic experts on these particular machines. That’s correct. So. So that’s I just want everyone to know that this wasn’t just some you know, hey, let’s grab somebody from the county and look at these machines. These were experts.

These are people with real experience analyzing forensic software images. It can’t be overstated enough that these these scientists were also data collection experts. And that’s important because what we saw in Antrim County is the failure to properly follow procedures in securing the election machines, the tabulation machines and securely transferring the votes. The chain of custody in this situation was completely tampered with. What we know for certain is that in the Dominion System Manual, the manual tells us exactly how to connect the machines to the Internet.

The manual tells you how does it easy. It’s very easy for a guy like me to plug it in. I’m certain you could probably figure it out while you can.

The manual tells you how to connect the machine right to the Internet.

In our case, what we found through the forensic study that was conducted was that on November 4th at 11 03 p.m..

System files. Adjudication files and other source system files were deleted from the Dominion system in Antrim County.

We know that for a fact they were removed. We don’t know who removed them or how they gained access to remove them.

OK, hold on. Hold on. We do know you’ll see that later in the show.

What we know in our case, what we do in our case, we don’t know precisely because Antrim County and the secretary of state have not given us that information. But we do know that those files were removed on November 4th at 11:00.

What’s the significance of that? That they’re removed? What does that do to you as far as trying to investigate this? What does that do?

Well, number one, I presume and we’ve asked the Antrim County prosecutor to investigate whether that was a crime, to remove voting information from the system prior to the expiration of 22 month period. Right.

Which the items are when that’s removed, what that means. It was hard for you to do your audit.

That’s hard for us to review the forensic images, to conclusively understand whether the machine connected to the Internet, because in Michigan, at least 38 other counties use the Dominion software. Right. So if this is happening in Antrim County and it was exposed in Antrim. Right. Because of the disparity, because there were only fifteen thousand seven hundred and eighteen votes were cast.

You noticed this in a bigger city. If it was that low a number.

Correct. If you were in Wayne County and seven thousand sixty votes flipped, you wouldn’t notice that my team of forensic scientists worked tirelessly after December 6th after we collected the forensic images for about a week. They worked very hard to review those images and put together a report. And because of a protective order that was in place in this case, I had to file a motion with the court asking the judge to allow us to release the the report that we had prepared.

And we did that.

We did that on December 14th. The judge granted our request and allowed us to release what’s called the Allied Security Operations Group, preliminary summary version to date of December 13 20.

That public is that public? It is public, right. So and so. This is stuff that got put out there. And I guarantee you it was probably put out there. Somebody put it on their Twitter and I’ll bet you it was gone. You know, they probably try to, but that’s just my opinion. I had to throw that in there.

Well, I can tell you, it’s been on my website at Depernolaw dotcom since December 14th, and it has constantly been suppressed for people who try to share the link on Facebook or Google or through social media, it gets suppressed. Right. And people are not allowed to share it. In some cases, they try to share it. And a screen comes up that says that that this information is not accurate.

Here you had a perfect report. I mean, that they even the judge said you could put it out there. Correct?

It’s everything we’ve done in this case has been permitted by the court in terms of the ability to release information. But what it is actually, it’s information that, if revealed, would show that the CEO of Dominion Software, when he testified in front of the Michigan Senate, this information would show that he was not telling the truth about how the Dominion system works.


And here’s what we concluded was when we released the report, this is what it states.

We conclude that the Dominion voting system is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

Now, that’s not my words. That’s the words of the forensic team that looked at that, looked at the forensic images and came to a conclusion about what they saw. Right. So that’s good to report.

They concluded that the only reason you would have a machine like this was if you wanted to steal an election.

Correct, because what they also found is that this machine in Antrim County generates errors at the rate of sixty-eight percent.

Based on ballots that you put in the machine, remember this when you take a piece of paper and you vote on it, you think when you’re voting that you’re tallying your vote and then you put that machine, that piece of paper into the Dominion tabulation.

Right? Right. You know how that process works. Yeah.

And you think you voted, but you haven’t voted yet. You haven’t voted and until that machine actually tabulate your result in the system, when you put the paper in the tabulator. Right. The tabulator takes that paper, converts it to data and data can be manipulated. In the case of the way the Dominion system works, as I understand it, based on information given to me by my forensic team, when you insert that paper ballot into the machine.

Right. And when an error is tabulated. Right.

And remember this machine, tabulate them at sixty-eight percent error rate. Right. Those ballots, those error ballots go to what’s called adjudication. Adjudication is a process where someone else other than the voter is able to look at that ballot on a screen and determine the voter’s intent and vote that ballot for the voter.

Right. And with adjudication in the way the Dominion system works, you can accumulate over the night a number of ballots. But what I can tell you what’s interesting is the two thousand twenty system log files are missing, but they are present for two thousand eighteen and twenty sixteen.

This happened at 11:03 p.m. on November 4th.

What happened on November 4th, the day after the election is at least in Michigan.

This story broke across the state, right?

Antrim County had flipped in this manner.

OK, so it was such a deviation. Everybody here. That’s why we all heard about Antrim County. It was such a big deviation. It would be like, you know, the whole time, you know, for decades or years, whatever, you’re you’re sixty-five Republican and thirty five percent. And you flip the whole town’s people probably having coffee going, what did you do. They probably did a recall just themselves at the coffee shops, you know.

So no, that makes sense. That’s why it made national news. We all heard about it.

Antrim County was not certifiable based on what the machine spit out on election night. And what we’ve requested is a full audit of the county. But we want all of the machines tested. We’d like to see all the machines tested across the state. We’d like to see audits across the state of Michigan.

Right. This is from the actual Dominion Manual, this Dominion manual.

This tells you how to connect the machine to guess what?

The Internet. Yes. Did everybody hear that?

This is another story. I have to be on the Internet in order to do this.

So we’re going to show you here. I thought these machines didn’t go in there. That’s what we were told is the public.

It’s what we are told.

If it’s configured to print automatically, it’ll print anywhere from one to, you know, five, 10 copies, however many are needed in the jurisdiction as well. This device can transmit directly. So that’s all part of that close polls process. You hit that button once it prints out the tapes, when it’s done printing out the tapes, it will automatically transmit the results as well.

What is the vehicle for? The transmission from the ICP is cellular modem versus VPN.

Is a cellular modem that can be configured in a VPN and we currently in Chicago, Cook County, we work with Verizon to secure that network. So we would have the same capabilities here.

Lucky, what wireless chipset/modem. Does the hardware have?

We support a variety. So it’s really up to the jurisdictions for what technology they want to use, what is compatible with their their networks. Currently in some jurisdictions we’re using basically a modem that is a 3G modem, GSM, but we can support multiple varieties of more, including including the latest 4G standards.

So the answer to the next question is a 3G or 4G, Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. And assuming. Oh yeah, all networks. What about me? Yeah, I mean we actually transmit from the ISP in Mongolia as well. So we’re not limited networks in Puerto Rico. There’s three Spender’s because the island is not covered by any by any of the vendors completely. So we use three different cellular vendors for some ICPs with his vendor, Platero, AT&T, T-Mobile, I think in the different parts.

Everything is complicated.

But this is another slide from the Dominion Software Manual, right, that tells you exactly how to set up your system to connect to the Internet. Those are important sites to see. Again, another slide from Dominion voting image cast Central, which tells you, as you can see in the bottom corner here, it says, box number one, ensure that the workstation is connected to the network switch with an Ethernet cable.

Wow. What is an Ethernet cable? Get you to the Internet through the Internet?

These are this is all information that we’ve been able to look at from the actual manual.

So what do we got here that looks like it was manipulated?

Well, put these spikes, these blue spikes throughout this show, you where Joe Biden got what we call injections of votes at very specific times.

These these big ones on the left are November 3rd. So I’d be curious to see if your data that you have that will correlate.

Nobody knows what you’re going to see when you see this spike. You’re going to see a forensic footprint.

How that happened and who did it? China. Yes. If you’re on the Internet, the bottom line is you can get you can cheat, you can do all kinds of things and that’s because otherwise you can’t explain any of these numbers, right?

That’s correct. That’s correct.

The machine results don’t match up with the real ballot.

And once again, the you know, the purpose of this whole show, obviously, is to show everyone in the world that these machines that this was the biggest fraud and the biggest crime, I believe, against humanity, and this is a crime against humanity. If we wouldn’t be all talking about this now and this is all the truth is going to be revealed.

Michigan is under siege because this is what I’m dealing with right now. Dana Nessel is the attorney general in the state of Michigan. She sent this tweet out not too long ago and it says, Fun fact. Lawyers who practice in Michigan are required to take an oath to support the Michigan and U.S. constitutions, not to file unjust and or frivolous actions or mislead the court. The spate of Trump lawsuits in our state violates each of these tenants. It demeans our profession.

What is calling for and she said this publicly. She’s calling for attorneys in Michigan to be disbarred who file lawsuits in Michigan challenging the results of the election.

Could you guys all hear this? This is what we’re up against. This dominion, these machines is the biggest fraud in election. They stole this, but now the truth is all going to be revealed. People like this lady. What’s your name? Dana. Dana Nessel and Dana Nessel, so how dare you put this out? You’re supposed to protect Michigan and the US. This is what I’m doing. This is why I’m getting attacked. That’s why everybody’s getting attacked.

So anybody you know, here you are, the attorney of one of the few open cases where we have 100 percent proof. First, they try and suppress the actual report from it right here. Right. And now they’re now they’re trying to just get rid of you.

That’s true. So we have Michigan executive officials who are now using the power of government to threaten those with whom they disagree with sanctions. They’re threatening me and others with disbarment.

So bringing forth evidence now in our country not only gets you the mockery of the mainstream media, I’ve been there who refused to actually report on it or the truth, but it now gets you ethics complaints filed against you if you are a lawyer.


So what do we do about that when the Michigan attorney general, who is the chief law enforcement person in the state, threatens those with whom she disagrees? You know what that is? That’s tyranny.

Yeah, that you know, that is totalitarianism.

So in our election system and it’s been going on for years after every election, people challenge elections.

Right. That happens on a regular basis and that’s part of our republic. That’s part of public discourse. We’re unable to go in and have those discussions through the court system to challenge elections. And what Dana Nessel is saying is that you can’t do that anymore because if you try to do it, she will threaten you, she will try to take your license and she will try to silence you. Wow. So her statements, this is no longer part of public discourse.

This is chilling.

You think she’s talking about all the lawyers? She’s talking about you?

Well, we’ve talked about it. I, I totally agree with you. She is talking about me. Right. And we’ve talked about the importance of public discourse. Right. Her tweet, as I’ve said, chills public discourse.

What it does is it asks a lawyer to put their fear above the representation of their client in legitimate litigation. Right. That is tyranny. That’s totalitarianism. That is fascism.

She wants to scare you into doing nothing.

But it gets worse. Right around November 20th, Dana Nessel did an interview with The Washington Post and in that interview, she threatened every Michigan legislator.

And she said that any Michigan legislator with whom she disagreed with any of them who challenged these election results, she would investigate them and seek criminal sanctions against them.


That is saying to these Michigan legislatures that if they are silent, if they do anything to bring forth the word of their constituents to challenge election results, they could be charged criminally. It’s asking elected officials again to put their fear above the word and the choice of their constituents.

And you ask yourself, why did so many elected officials in Michigan refuse to look at the evidence that was presented?

They did it out of fear or time and time again say that they haven’t seen any evidence of voter fraud or vote interference. And you combine that with what we’ve now learned about the interview Dana Nessel gave on November 21st, telling elected officials they’d be charged criminally. Right.

And I say this right now, everything that Dana Nessel has done in terms of threatening me and threatening state legislatures violates the Michigan rules of professional conduct. And she should resign immediately. It demonstrates that she’s not fit for office.

Well, there’s many like her. We know that this is going to reveal all the evil in our country. All the criminals in the country are the ones who tried to suppress this. And that’s just from social media. Like Jack Dorsey. Like Mark Zuckerberg.

Well, everyone, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. What you’re going to see now is 100 percent proof that we had upon our country the biggest cyber attack in history. And I’m going to bring on Mary Fanny to explain how it all happened and show you the 100 percent proof.

Mary, thanks for coming on.

Thanks, Mike. And today we’ve been watching cyber security experts and they’ve explained some of the things that happened in the election, some of the election fraud. But what we’re seeing here is if you look at this chart, is it there were cyber security experts who began collecting information on November 1st. And so this was before, during and after the election that they were collecting documentation, in fact, they collected terabytes of information that document the election fraud, the foreign intrusion into our election.

This was collected in twenty nine hundred and ninety five counties in the United States. This was collected in real time. All right. So if you go to the chart, what you will see is the documentation of foreign interference in the election, the first column. If you look at the chart that shows that on eleven five, twenty twenty, it’s seven forty three and thirty eight seconds, we had a foreign intrusion and it shows the IP address, the Internet protocol address, that is the number of that protocol address of the hacker that entered into our election.

The second column is the owner or source of that IP address that shows the China Net and Beijing province entered the election and shows an I.D. That is the unique address of a computer that shows the exact computer using that IP source that entered into our election. The next is the target. That’s the IP target. That’s the Internet protocol address of the target. All right. Then the next is the target state. And in this case, it shows that it’s in Michigan, where in Michigan, that’s the next count.

It shows that it’s in Emmet County, Michigan. Then the ID target Edison unique address of another computer in the United States that the hacker has gone into, and then it shows the method of intrusion. Now, in some cases, you’re going to see that they use credentials. That means that they have fake credentials because they’re administrators that had been placed on the secretary of state’s computers, false administrators and other cases. It shows that they broke through the firewall.

In some cases, they did both now and the next time it shows whether it was successful, you’ll see a why that shows that, yes, it was successful. Now, oftentimes they’re not successful and they have to go back and try for another intrusion and then it shows whether that’s, in fact, successful as well. Then in the final column, which you’re seeing, our votes changed now, in this particular case, when they went into Emmet County, Michigan, the votes that were changed was they stole thirty four hundred and seventy seven votes from Donald Trump.

That’s what you’re looking at now as you go through this document and you look at all the multiple intrusions into our election, well, what you’ll notice that over 60 percent of these intrusions come from China. So that is over sixty six percent is what the number is. Over sixty six percent of the intrusions into our election came from China. Why is this important? Well. Some things were set in place, including some of the changes that took place in this country, particularly when we had the Wuhan virus or the covid-19 virus hit this country.

And we have a video. Well, first, Mike, you have any questions about this chart and what it is showing?

Yeah. So what so what you have here is what each one of these is its own timestamp. That is one hundred percent proof because you have that not only where it came from, you know, it’s basically you have their ID, you have that you know who they were attacking their ID. This is what everybody would want. If you ever looked in and did an audit or wanted to look into a computer and look what went on in cyberspace, this is what you’d be looking for, correct?

This is forensic evidence of foreign footprints as they entered our election and a cyber warfare attack on our election. And then it shows exactly what they you know, where did they come from? Which computer? Exactly. Exactly the time stamp, exactly which computer they entered into and in what state? Which county. The ID, the unique I.D. of the computer that they entered into. And then it shows how they entered using false credentials or breaking through the firewall or both.

Were they successful the first time? The second time. And then it shows the votes that they stole from Donald Trump. This is proof positive. This is documentation of a cyber attack, but it also is documentation of the footprints of those who entered our election.

Right. Right. And look at if everybody notices here, everyone.

You don’t think this was all put together in one big attack? Everyone was Donald Trump. Down, down, down. This was in another country that wanted it the other way. This was the biggest attack in history. And you and Mary, you we have pages and pages, right?

Thousands of these pages of every every county. Right. Of every and of every single attack.

Thousands of pages of the documented footprints, that the foreign intrusion into our elections. We see this is coming from China in many cases from while away from Alibaba, cloud service from China Unicom, from Ucloud from China Mobile itTung. You know, this also came in from Iran as well. But this is a foreign intrusion. This is the theft of our vote. But it also is documenting exactly the votes, the vote totals that were stolen from Donald Trump.

Right. And what we have heard well, this is what I’ve been telling everyone.

This is where you got if you add these numbers up, when I when I said and I actually told the president when I met with them, I said, you know, you actually won this election by almost 80 million votes for you, for Donald Trump, for about 68 million for Biden. And that’s not counting all the other kind of stuff we talked about earlier in the show.

This is these are the real numbers that were taken off and that were flipped. I mean, this is incredible, everybody. This is this is historical proof too, we not only have this is what we’ve all been waiting for. And Mary, you said there’s a video, too. You want to show.

Yeah, this is the documentation that proof positive by cyber experts from in this country that began documenting the theft of our election. They put together the full documentation of every vote beginning on November 1st. So, again, from before, during and after the election, they documented the footprints of the foreign intrusion into our election. That means that foreign adversaries, really, because this was an act of war, to come in and steal the elections of the American people and decide who our foreign adversaries were going to put in the White House to rule or to to be the president of this country.

Right. Right now, there’s a video. And so that will show. And if you go are you looking at the video Mike?

We’re going to pull up the video here, Mary. OK, here we go. We’re just pulled. We just pulled up the video. Wow. What’s going on here with all these lines?

Well, you’re the video. What you’re watching is the surveillance system. In fact, this is the very surveillance system that was built by people inside this country, within the cybersecurity battlespace that built some of this document, built some of these tools that were built to keep this country safe. But what you’re watching is that every line on that drawing, all those moving lines, they represent the IP addresses of what I just showed you on the chart. So so when you understand the hackers IP address and the IP address of the target and the votes that were stolen, every one of those lines that you’re watching move across the chart and showing whether they were successful and how many votes they stole, that documents them. Every red line as they turn red, as they finished stealing the vote, basically the red lines are all China. So what you’re seeing are the actual files being received and sent that that’s a documentation of the real time theft of our elections. Wow. So every every line on the map, there’s a corresponding line on the sheet and the color and the line types represent the severity of the attack.

Now, red has been the most severe attacks. Those lines are all coming out of China. Those are the most severe attacks on our election system. Wow. Now, this is this exact information, the same exact type of information, I should say, was presented to FBI director, former FBI Director James Comey by a whistle blower in 2015. They knew, in fact, that our election machines were open for hacking. It’s important to understand that there are prismatic scoring algorithms that they knew about that entered the election and they steal the vote and the transfer points.

So at the point where the election, the vote is leaving the secretary of state’s office and these machines, that is the point at which the vote is stolen at the transfer points. That’s what you’re watching those packets moving is is is that real time documentation of the theft of the vote from inside this country? And then the numbers, the last column, those documents. Exactly. The numbers of votes it shows and some of the cases Antrim county where the vote was stolen and exactly the vote stolen at the exact time stamp on when they were stolen, the numbers stolen at that point.

So, Mary, so what you’re saying now is and this is what what I already know, but I actually I’m learning a lot here as we go.

What you’re saying, every one of these lines, let’s say we did take Antrim County and we took that we could pull out the time stamps for that county and we could show the lines, the country that did it, we could show a line for every single hack or attack that we had in this election.

That’s right. Wow, what you’re watching is those objects moving are the actual files that are being received and sent.

These are the squares here that are that are being sent.

So everybody out there what you’re looking at. I mean, this is the proof. So if any if like Antrim County, that case still open, you just go. Here you go. Now, you know who did it. How many votes flipped when they did it, what time they did it? The computer, it came from a country that attacked us. I mean, this is this is what I have been excited about.

And I only seen one, you know Mary, I only seen one little line that would show the IP address, you know, all that stuff that you’re showing us. When I found out that you had it for or that we had with all these people had this for every single vote, every single attack, and whether it was successful or not. Look at right now, we got up on the screen. Georgia is just getting attacked. It was just getting attacked up here at that moment in time.

And I suppose, you know, they don’t know what they’re doing. They did the biggest attack right here. Look at everybody, Georgia and Michigan getting bombarded. My guess is that was probably like 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning when they really needed them votes to be flipped. Mary, this is incredible.

Yes, because there is proof positive. There is documentation of all the foreign interference into our election showing exactly who stole the vote, how they stole the vote, from which computers access to our election, to which computers they went into. So I understand that cybersecurity experts that work for this country put all this in place before the election even started to make sure that they caught all of this information so that foreign adversaries were not deciding our elections.

Absolutely. And what a blessing that they were there for us to catch all this and to get all this put together and even to have these, you know, to be proactive. They were proactive, everybody. And this is what a blessing this is, because we came this close to never knowing. And this is actually a miracle that we have all this theory and this is amazing.

And now we have one of those, General McEniry, who is going to give us some perspective on what we just seen. General, thanks for coming on.

Well, thank you, Mike, and thanks for what you’re doing for this great nation, this is vitally important. You have just seen the most massive cyber warfare attack in the history of mankind. Now, the founding fathers did not know anything about cyber warfare, but we do. And that’s the important thing.

You have seen just how it was orchestrated against our election system. And I took an oath of office 60 some years ago as a player on the plains of West Point to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We now are seeing the largest domestic enemy we have in our history. And people must understand that what happened. You spelled it out. It was driven by China and they used a system that we have had because only that system could modulate, coordinate the many simultaneous attacks that they used against us.

And why this is so important is because our military, which I spent 35 years in the Air Force and ended up as the number three man in the air staff, as well as heading up Vice President Gore’s reinventing government for the entire Department of Defense. Those two jobs simultaneously, we now are faced with something our military has never seen before, nor have the American people. We are going against globalists who are not interested in America. They are interested in us becoming a socialist communist state.

They talk about progressiveness. But progressivism is just the front door to communism. They want a global communist world. And you must understand that America, it’s so important and it’s so important that President Trump, who won seventy nine million votes in the election to sixty eight million for Biden, because we have and you’ve seen those exact numbers he dominated, it was an awesome victory. And yet they turned it around foreigners. And we have not had one audit.

This is the closest thing to an audit that has been conducted in America on this important election. The American people must understand what we are facing today. And that’s why all of us here that you’re seeing in this program are so focused. I could not understand was that the legislatures, the judicial and the executive, meaning the FBI, the Department of Justice, the intelligence community, have failed us with deep staters. They did not report this. This was the most massive cyber warfare attack.

So did Cyber Command, the National Security Agency, did the CIA, did the Department of Justice, the FBI report this? No.

Well, General, to put this in perspective, then you’re one hundred percent that this was the biggest cyber attack in the world in world history, correct?

That’s correct.

Wow. Well, thank you.

And we’re going to see it’s going to I was telling everyone in general when this sort when when this is all revealed, we’re going to be it’s going to be a great uniter of all people in our country. And we’re going to be in the greatest revival ever to bring our country back to one nation under God. Thank you.

God bless you for what you’re doing. Mike, thank you very much.

Thank you, General.

And now we have with us Terry Turchie. He’s the former deputy assistant director of counterterrorism division of the FBI. And, you know, Terry, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Mike.

And we’ve we’ve just shown everybody in the world one hundred percent evidence that this was an attack on our country and is still under attack by China and other countries through the use of these machines used in our election. I want to ask you, you know, where was the FBI people out there?

When was the FBI or the DOJ during this whole time? These last few months?

Sure. Well, you know, a lot of former FBI agents are asking that, too, as well. Like they’re asking where’s the FBI? Then they’re responsible and accountable for trying to protect the country. That’s what our counterintelligence money is all about. That’s what our counterintelligence division is all about. And yet the question of where were they and where are they? I think probably could best be explained like this. The FBI is most likely been as compromised as the Democratic Party and the rest of the government.

They simply didn’t do the job if they done the job, all that you just showed in this program would have unfolded inside of a courtroom, and that’s exactly what we should be doing right now. We should be talking about the penetration of the United States government and government agencies.

We’ve shown here to is this is all people. This has been you know, what we’ve shown today. This is another country taking our country. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. We are one nation under God. And to see which I mean, I guess I’m very happy now that it’s all going to get out to the country and everything is going to get out. And like I said before, during the show, there’s been nine Supreme Court justices out there now watching this show and saying, wow, one hundred percent, this was an attack.

And we are still under attack by other countries, including China, leading the way. And they you know, they fraudulently stole our election. And we have to and and then to see that how this could happen with the FBI and the DOJ, these people that were supposed to protect our country, including the Supreme Court, if you are still in the FBI, I guess, what would you what would you be doing right now when you just see all this 100 percent proof here that this happened?

What were you, in the FBI now? You know, if they’re out there, should they be doing something? Now that this is all out in the open?

We would be launching a major investigation of cyber activities.

These attacks, the people that you know from China and on down that who did it, they’re very good at trying to bury everything, to bury these deviations that came up and then everything opened up where everybody knows that this was stole. But now we know how and why so.

Well, certainly and the purpose of an intelligence operation of this magnitude, whether it’s this magnitude or even smaller, is to is to conceal itself and to be so hard to figure out that by the time you get to the conclusion, it’s too late. And that’s why it’s very concerning that the FBI already knows and has the foundation of the China threat well in its grasp, would try to write off or just not seem to understand how this would have been the next logical step for them.

Right. Well, they weren’t they weren’t proactive. But at least now we’re you know, we got we’re going to be reactive and and we got to be reactive first and then we got to be proactive for the future when this all manifests out. I’ve said it before that this is going to manifest into the greatest revival ever. It’s going to unite our country, not divide us. It’s going to be the great uniting. And we will once again be one nation under God.

Thanks, Terry, for coming on. And God bless and thanks for all you’ve done and what you continue to do for our country.

You, too, Mike. Thanks for having me.

Thank you.

Now, you’ve all seen absolute proof of the biggest cyber attack in history. We right now, it’s a takeover of our country. We all see it happening. And now you see the proof of where it came from, what happened. We all need to go out now, each and every one of you, and tell your friends, family, people, your social media spread this out everywhere. And to show that they all need to watch this and they all need to know the truth.

And pretty soon everyone’s going to see this, including nine Supreme Court justices. You’re all there watching all nine of you. And you know what? I don’t know what you can do, but I know you’re there to protect our country and everything has a precedence. Everything going well. This happened then, so we’re better based on that. This is the precedence. What’s going on now? What’s going to happen now is going to change the course of our world and our country forever.

I’ve been getting calls from world leaders.

You know, they’re looking at us. What’s going to happen over here? Ronald Reagan once said America is the shining city on the hill whose beacon light guides freedom loving people everywhere. If the lights go out here, the lights go out everywhere.

I want to say that God has had his hand in all of this. This has been on God’s time. And when we get through all this, we will once again be one nation under God.

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