Brad Johnson CIA (RET.) Comments foreign on election interference.

Brad Johnson CIA (RET.)

TRANSCRIPTION: December the 17th and of twenty twenty, you know, everybody at this point, I think most people have stopped following any election news because it’s just too much the following, the minutia of it. And there’s so much misinformation and disinformation out there. Frankly, it’s too much for anybody. So I’m glad you’re still paying attention. I believe that you have information that the vast majority of North Americans just don’t have. And if there’s any kind of update on that, it’d be terrific.

Yeah, there’s there’s a lot going on, and this this is all and something I’ve mentioned previously and promised updates on. So this is this is intended to be the kind of overarching update. So all of this broke in Italy and in turn and it’s all linked back to the US presidential election. And the the thing that’s been bandied about here is I think everybody looks at it and you kind of analyze the numbers and, you know, it’s not right.

But that doesn’t prove anything was done. I mean, you know, the answer you’re getting is not correct, but you have to be able to prove it. So I think we’re finally tracked kind of tracking this down as to where the actual problems took place. And as I said, all of this broke in Italy and in Italy this is a huge scandal. This is this is running the news cycle right now in Italy. And it looks like prime minister Conte is going to lose a vote of no confidence.

Italy’s going to have to form a new government, all this stuff. So now and also remember, what, probably about a year ago now, maybe a little less, maybe eight months or so, nine months. President Trump got word of something that Italy was involved with in all of this scandalous Russian fiasco investigating President Trump.

So they were deeply involved in that. President Trump found out something calls Italy. And, you know, I mean, we don’t know what was said in the conversation, but you can be guaranteed of something to the effect of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I mean, what’s going on over there? What were these guys doing? And the next day for senior intelligence officials in Italy were all cashiered. They were all fired the very next day after that phone call.

So we know there’s long linkage of the Italians being involved. So what comes out now is that there’s this this company called Fernando, right? No, Leonardo, Leonardo. There’s a company called Leonardo. And that company is a huge company like SAIC or Lockheed Martin or somebody like that that does government contracting the industrial complex sort of stop a billion dollar contracts with huge things, including government satellites.

And that’s important because this is something Iike I’ve touched on lightly. But the way that it’s shaping up now that the US elections were changed, the results were changed in those five or six key states, is they all of those voting machines were hooked up to the Internet. The Internet then was used to download that information to these famous servers in Germany, but nobody just passing through a server doesn’t leave deep tracks. So supposedly the government went over the DOD, went over, looked at those servers, a lot of B.S. rumors about Gina Haspel getting in shootouts and all that, all that’s nonsense.

None of that happened where the servers looked at. Yeah, I think those servers were looked at, but no raid. So but information passing through a server, you know, it doesn’t leave tracks.

So there’s not a lot there to see. You might see a blip of activity, but that’s it. But from there, those were uploaded and sent to Rome. And this is where this took place. Now, what’s being said out of Rome, out of Italy is that this was done in the US embassy, that there was a certain State Department guy whose name I don’t know yet. I guess this is probably going to come out in Italy at some point.

And he was the mastermind, not the mastermind, but the but the the guy running the operation of changing the votes and that he was doing this in conjunction with some support from MI6, the CIA and this Leonardo group, and Leonardo, this huge contracting company. So all of that was centered in Rome. And so the voting machines upload through Germany, through those servers back up to Rome. So these guys are the ones sitting there looking at all the raw data.

They’re the ones that said shut down all those five states or six states at the exact same time. And the problem was that the algorithms were overloaded, that what they had planned on didn’t work because Trump got so many votes and he got a record number of votes, I mean, among blacks and Hispanics. And just everybody voted for Trump. And so that skewed all of the algorithms. So what they had planned just didn’t work. That’s why everything had to be shut down.

So they upload all of the stuff. It gives them time to analyze all of this and create new analogues that then would allow the vote to come out in favor of Biden and that then once they created all the new data and manipulated all the data that was there, they sent these new numbers back up through this military satellite, Italian military satellite run and operated by none other than Leonardo. And this was an encrypted satellite that then went back down through those servers and back down to all the machines here in the United States in those five or six states.

That blast of information is what everybody sees on those numbered charts where it shows all the votes and it shows the red line, the blue line going up like this and Trump’s ahead, Trump’s ahead. And then all of a sudden, boom and up above goes all of those votes for Biden. That blip is that data being retransmitted back down through this military satellite, back down into the machines are all hooked up to the Internet. And we’ve seen a lot of stuff on the news.

These machines weren’t kept offline. They were online. And people want this investigated. So this is how that whole deal was put together. Now, as I said, it’s interesting, the body of the of this reporting is coming from Italy, but there’s also pieces that are now coming out of of England, U.K. and different people being involved in MI6 being involved. There’s now rumblings there that are starting to have that it’s making, I would say, the government be a little weak kneed because they’re seeing they are starting to be implicated.

The other piece of the puzzle actually came out of Canada. So we’re taking all of these things and kind of putting them together and looking at it. And there were two reports out of Canada that Laura Ling did that. I think you can attach those photographs here for everyone to see. And the photographs. I took a close look at those. Those were two individuals in these photographs. One of them was from the parking lot of the U.S. embassy in Rome, which there’s a lot of photographs.

And I was looking at the photographs of just the embassy, just generic stuff that you can find online. And that indeed does appear to be the parking lot of the U.S. embassy. It’s taken from a vantage point up high, looking down at one of these two individuals. The rest of the photographs are of these two individuals leaving Rome at the airport. I forget the date, but it was it was in early December, so quite a little bit after the election was all over.

And these two individuals in that report are supposed to be the MI6 operatives, the techs that were helping to manipulate the data, build the algorithms and do the data manipulation in Rome, and that’s what they were doing in Rome, these photographs are from the Italian, you know, it doesn’t say what service or anything, but they were taken by the Italian government apparently surveilling these guys because they knew they were up to something. And when you go in and out of countries like Italy, and if it’s the Brits or the Americans or any of that and their intelligence guys, they’re supposed to report, you know, and be, make the host country aware of whatever they’re doing.

So apparently these guys did not do any of that other than what they were kind of secretly doing with Leonardo, this Leonardo company and the U.S. embassy for these things. So that looks like those two guys were the were the techs.

And there there’s reports of maybe a third, but the photographs are only of these two that were involved in that data manipulation. So these two individuals are key to it. Now, one of the things this information has been rumbling around for a while here now, at least the last two weeks here in the United States, gotten zero press coverage by anybody and isn’t being looked at by the administration, which here’s what I look at this and I’m going, you know, President Trump to go dig this stuff out, because this is the one thing that fits all of the criteria.

Occam’s razor is the only explanation that fits all the data points. This makes sense. Nothing else out there is going to take you to to be able to prove that that the elections were a sham. This could I mean, all this has to be proven, but the pieces are there and you can reach out to the Italian government Conte on very thin ice and it’s probably going to be booted out of office. So, I mean, it’s the perfect time to hit him up.

The Brits, I don’t know. And by the way, and President Trump has had a decent relationship with with the government there are getting those four guys fired and stuff that were in the intelligence business. So these photographs, I think, are extraordinarily important. And I would have to say, I don’t know if this is going to get out. I don’t know if this as far as it goes, because, as I said, there seems to be deep resistance by everybody to actually try to ferret through the facts and all the countries that are coming out and look at this thing and kind of reach some sort of theory as to what’s going on.

I don’t understand that hesitation. This should be number one on everybody’s list. You know, it’s a sad thing where, you know, one solitary former CIA guy does more journalism and more research than the entire rest of the news media put together. What a sad state of freaking affairs that is. But that seems to be where we’re at. And those photographs of those guys, if they can get put out there and identify those guys, because as right now, we don’t have names, only MI6 in Rome cooperating with the CIA and the embassy to do these number changes.

That’s the information that’s available. We’ll go identify those guys if that’s who they really are. To those two guys, I have a message for you guys. You’re walking dead. They’re going to kill you. So if that’s really what you did and really who you are, you need to get out and come to. I don’t even know if DOJ would be able to save you the Department of Justice here, but you need to get in the hands of law enforcement here in the United States as soon as possible, because you’re a loose end, my brother, and they’re going to wipe you out.

That’s the way this game is working these days. So I sent a warning to those guys to get to get this to get out of the middle of this thing because your photographs are out there. Like I said, don’t know if this is going to be something that’s going to be picked up by anybody else in the media. And I can’t even begin to express my distress over that fact. But that’s where we find ourselves today. So that’s the update, the overall situation.

That’s the way it’s headed. And we’ll see if this gets picked up and worked on by the administration. But this is where Trump needs to start putting some money and effort in there, getting some people working on this stuff.

Well, I guess all that’s an extraordinary amount of information. It’s extraordinarily potent information. And all I could say in response to any of that is if you look at what say the Mafia does or any other kind of very powerful group might do in response to a threat to power or in an attempt to seize power. And you look at the amount of money, authority, power, not just the United States has, but its power to limit other people’s power, other nations power.

It is no surprise. In fact, it would be a surprise if these measures weren’t being done. So the effort being expended to subvert this election is something that, given what the stakes are, are I would expect nothing less than what we’re seeing take place. The trick is, can we stop it?

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