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Susan Bradford Interview with Maria Zack

TRANSCRIPTION: Good evening and welcome to Intelligence Briefing. I’m Susan Bradford with American Media Periscope here with you every Thursday at six p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Tonight, I have a special guest, Maria Zach, the CEO of Nations in Action, with updates on a 2020 presidential election fraud. Maria will be joining us as part of an ongoing series to provide updates and new information concerning the fraud. Please share this information far and wide. In this interview, Maria indicated that Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had reached out to Eric Holder’s law firm when he was facing criminal charges with regards to Robert Mueller’s two year investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Now, Holder, if you recall, was attorney general in the Obama administration. It should be noted that Flynn sought to retain Holder before he sought to retain Sidney Powell. That he reached out first to an attorney affiliate affiliated with Obama, raises questions about his loyalty to Trump, particularly since it is increasingly becoming clear that the 2020 presidential election theft was an inside job conceived and executed by Trump insiders. Flynn may very well have calculated that his ability to defeat the charges in a political witch hunt could best be served by retaining attorneys with political influence, with the party driving the prosecution.

This is not to cast doubt on Flynn’s patriotism, though, questions are being raised about why he approached Holder in the first place. Also coming under scrutiny are the rules played by Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon in potentially rigging the election for Joe Biden. Well, it does appear that Biden is our president. I would like to share what insiders have shared with me within the Trump administration there was a Patriot faction working on behalf of the American people and a seditious faction sabotaging these efforts.

Trump anticipated in twenty eighteen that there would be foreign interference in the 2020 election, and so he signed an executive order that would criminalize any such conduct. That there was foreign interference is clear, and yet the corrupt political establishment was determined to push aside Trump through unorthodox and potentially illegal means for Beijing by breaking the election. The election may not be over yet, according to insiders, we shall see in the days ahead whether they are correct or not. Before beginning my interview with Maria Zack, I would like to share with you what was shared with me. Petraeus within the military, a firm that Trump’s farewell speech was delivered before flags with golden French reflecting a nation under maritime law.

The Gold Friends also symbolizes a fictitious U.S. corporation that came to being at the end of the Civil War as a means to pay off the nation’s debt generated by the war. According to insiders within the US military, the US corporation formally ended on January 19th two thousand twenty one. If this actually happened, the sub corporations, including states, counties and cities, are now without leadership and the republic remains intact. Therefore, Trump resigned from the defunct U.S. corporation and will become 17th president of the United States under a new republic.

The color of law leaders, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are president and vice president in name only with no true executive powers. Biden’s executive orders, therefore, have no binding authority. The legal termination of a U.S. corporation was filed in London 18 months ago with a termination date of January 19th. Twenty twenty one. This allowed time for Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings to be completed before the shutdown. The American republic was sole beneficiary of assets of the bankrupt Incorporation.

Reflecting Biden’s color of lost status, he was escorted to Washington, D.C., for his inauguration on a private jet rather than a government plane. This is the first time in history that this has ever happened. Also, please note that the military turned their backs to him. The military has proof of the fraud and has a duty under military code to remove a false government and to restore the new legal civilian government under military law. We shall see if this actually happens, before I begin my interview with Maria Zack, I’d like to take a quick moment to acknowledge our sponsor, sovereign advisers.

You can acquire a free consultation on purchasing gold and silver while also supporting our independent investigative journalism by clicking on the link below. Now to introduce Maria Zack. Maria Zack is a business and political strategist, a top global elite, trained government affairs expert and inventor, public speaker and serial entrepreneur. As CEO and founder, Maria Zack has been successful in creating many companies and a number of different industries. Currently, Maria Zack is CEO and founder of Quantum Solutions Software Inc., a software development company that develops integrated project management tools with social media applications. She is most proud of her work with Nations in Action, non-profit she founded in Twenty Seventeen to promote transparency and accountability in governments and to be an advocate for families and families success. Nations in Action boasts many successes in his advocacy work and is currently focused on exposing the greatest election theft in history, the fraudulent presidential election of 2020.

Good evening. Welcome to Intelligence Briefing. This is Susan Bradford. It gives me a great pleasure to introduce Maria Zack, who has unearthed a great deal of new information regarding the election fraud that has compromised the two thousand twenty presidential election. Maria has acquired proof that the election was manipulated, tracing the source of that manipulation to Italy. So today we are going to provide you with a summary of some of the disclosures that we have acquired Maria has acquired to date and then provide some new revelations for you.

This will be an ongoing series that we will be presenting every Thursday for you with new updates with with Maria to introduce Maria, Maria Zack is a business and political strategist, a top global elite, trained government affairs expert and venture public speaker and serial entrepreneur. CEO and founder of the SEC has been successful in creating many companies in a number of different industries. Currently Ms. Zack is CEO and founder of Content Solutions Software Inc., a software development company that develops integrated project management tools with social media applications.

She is most proud of her work with Nations in Action, the nonprofit she founded in Twenty Seventeen to promote transparency and accountability in governments and to be an advocate for families and families success. Nations in Action boasts many, many successes in her advocacy work and is currently focused on exposing the greatest, the greatest election fraud in history, the fraudulent presidential election of two thousand twenty. Maria, thank you so much for joining me today.

Thank you so much, Suzanne, for having me.

It’s my pleasure. Can you perhaps get us up to speed on what actually happened in Italy and how the fraud took place? In best you know it.

Absolutely. Nations in nations been involved in good government transparency promotion for some time and it’s been really, really important to us that everybody see the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Regardless of partisanship. We need people to understand how their tax dollars are spent, how how government really works and that’s important for everybody and globally. So hence our name Nations in Action, our website, Nations in Action got that word lays that foundation out.

And it also shows one of the key things we were involved with in twenty eighteen was the election fraud that happened in Florida here in the United States, in Broward County, where people actually held your ballot while you voted. And having worked in many elections and been on the recount team in two thousand, I can tell you over the years you see these patterns develop of of inappropriate and illegal behavior. And so we decided in this term we would really dive in deep along with our end property tax program and some of the community development items we’re doing.

We really wanted to hone in because something wasn’t right and I think every American knows something was grossly wrong in many ways and so we started working with our volunteers around the country and especially those in the swing states in Wisconsin, Tony. And we’ve got Donna in Pennsylvania and Darrell in Arizona and then our team in Georgia who is phenomenal. And those guys were like, whoa, whoa, hold on. Too many red flags. The machines didn’t come sealed.

They were talking to the Internet. So they were filing affidavits as poll workers and many of them were poll watchers. And then we had friends who were voters. And all of a sudden they were compiling all these affidavits. And hundreds and hundreds of affidavits for each affidavit is actually a crime under the statute. And it dawned on me that the legislators were not even reading these affidavits and the lieutenant governor was gone on CNN saying there’s no fraud. Of course there’s no fraud if you don’t read the affidavits, if you don’t investigate it.

So Jeff needs to step up and tell the Georgia voters and Georgia citizens, because he represents every single one of them, that he’s read every affidavit because he should never go on TV until he does and he should be conducting a full investigation himself as lieutenant governor. The Senate did step up and and do some some investigative committee hearings, which we participated in, helped provide testimony as well as strategy on who should speak so people learn the truth. So here we were deep in Georgia and these other states and we suddenly get a call about Italy.

We’re like, what’s going on in Italy? Why Italy? Everyone’s talking about the Dominion Systems and Venezuela and Germany, but nobody was talking about Italy. So I said, OK, this warrants enough if there’s enough there, there that I needed to go undercover and embed. So the team carried the ball in the States and I went into a deep dive into the research on Italy and was quite appalled with what we found. We know who did it, where they did it, how they did it, and the people involved.

And it circled back to our own US embassy with a gentleman named Stefano Seraphine, who was retiring, ironically, the day before the election so that he wouldn’t lose his pension. So so we knew about the meetings that they had. We knew there were CIA agents who came in from Frankfurt station, never registered at the Rome embassy and end up going over to Leonardo to work with these guys to go steal our election and it was through at General Graziano Claudio Graziano, who used to be on the board of Leonardo.

And that company formerly was known as a different name because honestly, they keep getting in trouble for corruption and bribery. So as this unfolded, we learned that there was a guy who was in that satellite upload station and he was arrested after we put out an article questioning what was going on. Suddenly the government and the company both overreacted with a sledgehammer. Really, they tip their hand that all of this was true. They totally were admitting and not realizing.

They were admitting it by eliminating the people who were the heads of their positions in cyber communications and telecommunications and Leonardo, they had these two guys arrested. One is house arrest and one they actually threw in jail for hacking under a crime that the paperwork didn’t even look right in twenty seventeen, twenty eighteen that he supposedly did this hacking job. So it was very problematic in in so many ways that our US government had rogue employees that infiltrated and so quickly we were reached out by the folks who were working on the hammer and scorecard information, the great work Mary Fannings doing, and Dennis Montgomery, who has absolute proof of what Hemond Scorecard.

And so we were able to deep dive and learn from them how disintegrates and they were unaware of Italy. And it was important, Susan, also we as nations in action we want the transparency. So we put up a website. so everyone can see because we’re all about transparency. And if I get a fact wrong, I want to hear from people. I want to be able to correct the record. And for those that say this isn’t true, well, congratulations you just earned a badge to go do the same number of hours that I did to deep dive and learn about this, because anyone who says it’s not true did not research it are liars or are corrupt. So I’m done with the people who don’t want to tell the truth or are paid hacks, which is even worse because that’s more evil. So we’re dealing with quite an evil situation and conspiratorial between governments and these staffers that have conspired and actually successfully stole the election.

As of yesterday, they the person who did it was actually working for Leonardo said he did it. The judge has the deposition we sent in a private attorney who reviewed everything is one of the most revered. And this is what shook Italy. He’s one of the most revered prominent attorneys. But we went about the best because we wanted the truth. He’s not Arturo D’Elia, the guy’s lawyer. Whoever put out that fact did it on purpose to to make it look not real.

That was never by us. The first affidavit by this attorney was strictly by us to make sure we had the best proof possible and we know it’s true.

That’s fantastic. I know a lot of people say that there could be a conspiracy because I haven’t seen the evidence, but the evidence is there and they just haven’t looked at it. I think it’s fantastic if it’s there and I’d like to bring it forth with to the public today that you have any information regarding any new witnesses coming forward or any new information about the case so you can share with us today?

Absolutely. We’re getting more and more information from folks and we ask you to send it the info at Any time there’s there’s information that comes in, it obviously should be looked at and researched and we have to figure out and validate it. So we recently received a an affidavit by Neal Sutz out of Switzerland and it’s interesting, very in-depth information about Sitel and it should be looked at immediately by our government. And regardless of who the president is, everybody should believe in truth.

And so we’re asking our government to do that and we’re also asking others that independently want to validate this information to please go to our website, review the affidavit. We’re going to be posting it there shortly and getting Neal’s information out and let the chips fall where they may. But truth must be heard and everything must be validated. So as we get people like Neal who are brave enough to come forward, we have to say, OK, you know what was his intent in doing this? Was the well meaning? Is it factual? Did he get something wrong or piece wrong or is it ninety nine percent accurate? And we’re not going to throw the baby out with the bathwater if there’s something inaccurate in it. So I think it’s real important that people say we should follow every lead because if we can’t secure our election, shame on us because the American people deserve better than this.

They absolutely do. And if we don’t, we can’t ensure our election we don’t have a legitimate government and every law they pass cannot be legitimate either. Now, I understand that nations in action is a possession of a new affidavit. Can you speak to that?

Yes, actually, Neal created an affidavit from his research on Sitel, and he’s connected it, interestingly enough, to several other pieces that are quite troubling to me and in this affidavit, I took the affidavit and I sent it in to government. He had sent it into the campaign world. And I think it’s an important point to make to the viewers when you have a situation like this. Nations in Action is non-profit. We’re not a a partisan organization.

We’re not part of the Trump campaign. We’ve never been a part of the Trump campaign. I want everyone to understand if something is sent to the campaign that’s out of courtesy, I think every campaign should receive whatever and oh, by the way, it’s on our website, so everybody has it. So to keep with that transparency and I think it’s important that Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn do their thing of whatever it is they do in their research.

But it is not my job to tell them what they should do on their legal grounds and efforts. What is important to me, though, is that the government that we fund has a role with the FBI and the Department of Justice to absolutely do this. And regardless of who is in office, they owe the American public because that’s who they work for and it’s important that they investigate everything Neal says, everything we say, that is their job. We pay them. We are the boss. So everyone needs to remind them.

Well, that’s that’s why we’re here to do. Now, if someone were interested in filing an affidavit, what is the process that they would they would have to follow?

Well, it’s interesting. I’m glad you asked that because I was stunned at Sidney Powell had all of these affidavits and others had these affidavits and I’m like, well, why are we, the general public, not seeing these affidavits like they’re filed through the party and the party apparatus and I’ve never seen where they go. Does it go into the secretary of state? They just sits there in every state? I believe every state legislature should pass a law to mandate that every affidavit that is a sworn testimony and people would be violating the law and committing a crime if it was falsified, that every affidavit should be put on the Internet.

Now, I would say, with that said, it takes a lot of courage to tell the truth and to come out publicly. And I welcome that people do that. And I, I get that a lot of people are in fear of retribution from their employers or neighbors, friends or family, and we are in a stage where everybody just has to remember we’re God’s army, we are into God first and if you think you’re answering to a boss or a family member or someone like that, something’s broken and we have to have the courage and living out of fear isn’t the right answer. And I want to implore more people to go work in the polls so we get that honesty in the polls. I think it’s tragic how far for so long that corruption has occurred in the polls. It’s it’s kind of laughable to me because I was the candidate way back when I was young in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. And it’s like, oh, no kidding, there’s corruption. And they get the lieutenant governor on CNN voting there. No corruption. What were you born on?

Because he’s so inept and understanding what corruption is and any violation. That’s the thing. The public trust the sacred nature of the public trust. If you steal a penny from the public trust, it should be harder than just a general crime. If you steal a vote, that should be jail time as far as I’m concerned and I had battles over the years with lobbyists, with the Sheriffs Association. They’re like, do you want mental thieves in jail or rapists?

I said, I want them all in jail. What is the question like are you kidding? If you’re a criminal, you go to jail, you know, it’s like and you steal from the public trust and especially on elections, it is wrong and you should go to jail.

That’s correct. It’s a sacred privilege to be able to to vote and have our vote count and I think with a lot of these journalists, their job depends upon them not understanding corruption in our elections. So I’m glad you’re holding your feet to the fire. Now, your office will be provided on We want to make sure that the public shares that website with others so we can get more more traction on the story. Can you talk about some of the new witnesses who are coming forward?

Sure. We have gotten more calls from folks that are looking at how they can give their information and some of them cross my fingers because I’m very excited about some of the testimony that’s coming and will be provided the government that gives irrefutable proof and not just on the election, but the back side of the election of how the funding took place and the Iranian money that was moved over, how it was over at the UAE. Fourteen pallets suddenly get shaved off and rerouted to Geneva for Barack Obama to use to take down the Trump administration.

If that is true and that information that we’ve received, it’s pretty shocking because the details are so plentiful and so accurate. If that is true, that is by far we’re going to be a demand by nations in action that immediately the attorney general investigate and prosecute all those involved.

I think there also has to be political will for them to prosecute and there’s no question that you have a lot lot of evidence. You have very credible evidence. What types of questions is are you getting right now?

Well, it’s interesting because they’re like, well, where did you get this information? And the very, very important part of this is that we are in a position that it’s. It’s information that we know. Are you still there, sorry?

Yes, I’m here and I think I think a lot of people are concerned that Sidney Powell is a private. Can you hear me OK?

Yes, I can, and I just lost my video for a second. You’re back.

Yes, I think a lot of people are concerned that Sidney Power has has involved herself in this election. She’s she’s a private citizen. She’s trying to prove election fraud and possibly possibly prosecute some of the culprits. So are people bringing these questions to you? Are they not only doubting Miss Powell or what types of questions are you getting?

I’ve gotten a lot of people asking from four weeks ago, six weeks ago, why did Sidney and Lin Wood get up on stage in Atlanta and call for people not to vote in the Senate race? It’s bizarre to me because nobody should ever say don’t go vote ever. Even if there’s a problem with the election system, you don’t not show up. As a matter of fact, showing up is what showed us how cheating occurred. And that’s really important to us.

We want to create a list that we want all your viewers to send us a list of all the ways to cheat, because then we can fix the law and fix the process to prevent it. But by telling people not to go, it’s people who showed up and found out that they had, quote unquote, already voted. Well, they didn’t already vote. And that was the problem, that people voted and then they had to file a provisional ballot.

Well, if it showed they already voted, their provisional ballot was thrown out by a three and three. Three Republican, three Democrat panel shows up and says, oh, sorry, you already voted. You tried to vote twice. We’re throwing out your vote on the provisional ballot. So your voice was never heard. And that is wrong. So that whole piece of them making. In that call that we read online and there have been a lot of questions and we’re better than this, we need to step up and everybody needs to get their act together, put it all online, be transparent, help us understand what is fact.

And someone called me the other day and said General Flynn first tried to hire an attorney at Eric Holder’s law firm and I was not aware of that and I suddenly was like, you’re kidding, because nobody I know, if they’re on the right go to the left for a law firm to represent them. And so having seen both sides having friends on both sides, I can tell where the red flags are in a New York second. That was a big red flag.

So I’m really unclear about some of the direction, some of them have taken and also in where they were headed with the outcome they thought they were going to get before yesterday, because it’s pretty hard to stop once July or January 6th. The epiphany happened. It’s like the electors were accepted. It was over. So there was a process and they have to think sharper and together and really understand what can and can’t be done.

I think that’s a red flag, is what you said with his flag. And I think that by trying to hire Eric Holder’s law firm, he’s basically conceding that by one that he needs a Democratic or Democratic partisan attorney to represent him in order to get the results that he wants. So that’s very worrying. And I also know that Switzerland apparently had knowledge about some of the fraud and they never shared it with us. I think possibly they’d share that we would have had some transparency and some understanding before we proceed proceeded with using Dominion software.

It’s that’s absolutely true and so does Amy Klobuchar and a few others, so I’m very troubled when Americans don’t speak up, but when a foreign country that’s supposedly a friend doesn’t speak up, that is a huge red flag and and I think the president, President Trump, was undermined even from the state and I was heard the. Someone in. The end in Switzerland in because who and and so that was another red flag that when we received this affidavit from Neal Sutz, I was like he he didn’t know what I thought about Switzerland and certainly that proof that they had in the past, that question, the same servers and that system, that it was able to be hijacked and votes switched.

We we knew from the research over the years and there’s many great groups. And I have to get to the names so you can have some of these folks on the show because they have done unbelievable research into Venezuela, Ecuador and other countries where these machines were used. Amy Klobuchar knows and she should be the leader that I know she is, but she needs to speak up. And there’s no doubt in my mind she was promised VP and then Joe Biden had to rescind it when he was told by Barack Obama what to do. She even came out and said she was chosen and then she had to rescind. Oh, I have to step back so we can have the first black female. That’s that’s quite a shocking admitting on her part and and the look on her face, I was saddened for her because I think she is someone that could be a a fantastic leader that our country needs. So my hope is that we we build this network of good Americans, good human beings who are of faith will tell the truth.

And certainly what happened in these state departments and with these foreign countries and Switzerland in particular, with Rome, the Rome embassy, it’s important. I think you’re dead on Susan.

I think you’re telling the truth takes a lot of courage. But if God is with us, who could be against us? So we do have to stand out. I understand that nations in action is conducting its own investigation. Can you speak to that?

Yes. For us, we are not. This is not over. And this is something that of why nations in action was built. It’s to solve problems globally and to go all the way down from the global level down to the community in fixing what’s broken and it has to do with the policy, infrastructure and how laws are made and then the impact on down to the family. So as government lies to families, we we as families still keep on living this beast called government.

And it’s wrong because they’re taking food off the table and when they start to inject even your voice, we’re we’re a republic. We are not a democracy and you heard it all day yesterday in speeches about democracy. We are not a democracy. So it drives me crazy because people do not understand the importance of the differentiation, but also why we wanted to be a republic and where the republic starts to fail, where these elected officials do not carry the voice of the people and they have shifted away to corporate America or to big donors or people who have leverage over them.

There’s blackmail, often with legislators and elected officials. So this is not a news flash. This is something we’ve seen for some time because of the research we do in the great people who provide us information and our team across the nation.

That’s very true. I mean, our government, what our representatives are meant to represent the people, but they often represent special interests and corporations and there is definitely too much money in politics that’s corrupted the system now of Nations in Action is the group that broke the story originally. I understand that there are some other organizations that are also investigating the election fraud. Can you speak to those? Are you working together now to piece together what happened and. You bring the case forward.

Yes, there there are there are other groups that have thank you. It’s fantastic to be able to collaborate with great groups, global. So we are working with individuals in foreign countries and we are working with the Institute for Good Governance and and we welcome more because we we need an army. What we’re up against is pure evil. It’s corruption, it’s greed and it’s power and that’s what motivates these people and by no means are we going to stop because we don’t have fear, because we’re of God, we’re God’s army and we’re ready to go and have been marching for some time.

So for us, these groups that are stepping up and also let me add that it’s important for everyone to know that I have been in touch with the government. I had put out some some some clips pleading that I needed to see the president. So some of the questions I got was, what did you get to see him? No, I didn’t. And there’s so many gatekeepers. And what I discovered because I was of the buckshot approach hit as many people as I could to try to try to solve this big problem.

And I learned very quickly a lot of people guard their Rolodex and will also grab your evidence and they want to be famous or they want money or they want whatever and I was really floored because the fate of the nation. This information and you’re going to take time to go give my information to someone and it’s that old old adage, when you hear about the kid whispers into an ear of a kid in kindergarten, and then you get the message all the way around the kids and at the end, you say that what the original story was and what the final story was, I can’t even imagine what the president might have heard about Italy. I did have that 20 seconds with them on Christmas Eve to hand him the note and the note was not very detailed, but it was who did it, where they did it, how they did it and then we knew that they did it. So that’s all he heard.

But what you didn’t hear and what America deserves to hear, as does the world, because this does impact the world. They deserve to know there are multiple whistle blowers. There are multiple people who have seen evidence and there are multiple people who are working on collecting all of that evidence.

So this is far from over and people who try to say nations in action know whatever we get, we get trolls, we get YouTube and Facebook taken down, we get naysayers. We even hide Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon. You know, as far as I’m concerned, welcome to the party. Come on. Say we’re not real because then I know, you’re the evil one, so bring it on. So everyone watching, when you see someone say, oh, don’t give to this group or, oh, they’re putting out falsehoods, that’s evil people that are hurting America.

And I want everyone to know that and recognize that they’re called trolls and they are paid for probably by your own tax dollars. I’ve been told some of these flowthrough views are from government funding and as far as I’m concerned, they do belong in jail.

Very interesting, and I know with Gorka and Bannon, you know, Breitbart was founded in Israel and Israel definitely prefers Biden as a presidential candidate. So they have every reason to try to discredit you, which is unfortunate because it really the fate of our government is at stake and I think a lot of people are following your story. It is important that we have wide coverage of your information to make sure that the public is aware and so that these political criminals, criminals cannot hide in the darkness. We need some accountability here. Now, they’re both the campaign and the government need to address the Trump campaign and the government need to address the fraud that that transpired and what are their respective roles as you see it?

That’s a great question, because I would say one, we haven’t been discredited, if anything, we’ve actually been more empowered because of the response and the way government is acting and campaign and let’s not forget the other campaign, because this is equal opportunity, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party awe it to America where two party system and we deserve the truth and so I would say they both should be held accountable for doing extensive research, for doing the analysis of where all the fraud happened. Shame on them. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. The Republican Governors Association, the Democrat governors, the National Governors Association, all of them, the NCSL, SLC, RLJ, all those groups, shame on them because we never should have been in this situation of where we are today.

And it is a failure of leadership and so until we go and say, OK, boys and girls, let’s make you a list, this is a way to cheat. This is the way to cheat. This is the way to cheat and here’s the solution. Here’s the legislative remedy and here’s what you’re going to do to the people in retaliation and for for punishment and that’s what should have been put in place and fear of being called a racist or something because you’re dealing with the inner city.

This isn’t color. This is not color. It is insanity to even stop and let that be a negative. If you steal. I don’t care what color you are, you are a thief and so in the inner cities, let’s make it very bold. You step in and you touch a ballot and you try to steal a vote or you force someone to vote down ballot or you do anything like replacing an absentee ballot or pre voting for people.

That’s what was taking place throughout Georgia and nations in action, many don’t know this. In Georgia, we actually filed documentation on forty thousand illegal votes that we knew took place because you cannot vote from one county to the other when you move, because you’re stealing someone’s representation from the county they live in, their sheriff, their state representatives, their tax collector. So that is wrong. You do not get to do it and your vote is is illegal. Do you know that didn’t even get fixed, let alone all the people who moved out of state?

And so those inherent problems, someone has to ask, why is this not fixed? This is not rocket science. It is either lazy or corruption and someone’s got to answer to that and it is shameful at every level. Let me tell you, many of these guys are friends of mine, but focus at the capitals across America and I’ve known probably ten thousand elected officials in my lifetime and many, many more candidates and they’re very well-meaning people.

But as soon as they get in, they get indoctrinated, they get on their committees and their focus ends up being what they’re told to focus on. That is not helpful if you don’t stop and take priorities for America and say, what is the most important thing? Well, restoring family and restoring faith, let’s start there and then work your way down. But restoring the basic foundations of America, it starts with the election law, as boring as that may be, if you’re choosing to run for office, you better start there because you will never get elected if they don’t want you to get elected. And that’s what’s wrong.

That’s true. I think a lot of our elected officials spend maybe 80 percent of their time raising money and running for re-election. They want to make sure that they have their money lined up and that they they win it through any means necessary. Well, I appreciate your insights today. What takeaway would you like your audience to receive?

I think it’s really important that everyone think about research and the link analysis and ways people cheat and provide us as much information as you can on on the information like this gentleman, Neal on Sitel and work with reputable people.

If you check people out and they’re not reputable or they’ve been caught up in the sketchy things, step away and build a team, build the facts, correct your errors as fast as possible. Let us know if we made an error because we want to correct it, handled the retaliation, YouTube, Facebook, the trolls, the naysayers, Gorka, Bannon. People need to ask questions. People need to ask why did Alexander Nix, why was he who was supposedly MI6 and involved in the theft of the election in Italy and meeting with the president of Leonardo who let him in those meetings in America on cyber security for our elections?

Hmm. Many links there that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, there’s something wrong and it’s involved with Steve Bannon on the whole Cambridge Analytica stuff. So I’m like going of course, when someone called me and said Steve Bannon said, hey, this is I’m not going to help with this Italy thing and that’s not true. When he was just in Italy and the election was stolen there in twenty eighteen. So there’s too many link analysis. So when people start to do those links, that’s important.

And then countering the false narratives, the news anchors, people need to write to them, tweet at them, tell them we know what you’re doing. We can see those word changes, we can see how you actually take the same words each other channel is doing and then it’s all part of the ploy to sway us. Call them out, call out, call them out to the morality, the moral standard and ethical standard that it is wrong.

Like Savannah Guthrie prides himself on her faith and I’m sitting here going, oh, my God, probably would not look highly upon me for deceiving America and nobody should stand idly by and think that they’re getting a free pass to heaven because it doesn’t work that way. So I’m just thrilled that people are willing to work hard and do these things and educate their elected officials on these pieces. So we’re going to just keep putting items on our website and we need every person to go to their elected officials and sit with them as they watch these interviews and learn this information, because they will tell you they watched it and they didn’t know or their secretary takes it and never lets them see the light of day.

You guys funding these politicians, you guys vote for them. They’re under your control because it is a republic.

Correct. We need to demand accountability from our elected officials. Absolutely. While the website is Italy did it. is that correct?

It’s Italy-dit-itcom and then our, we will be transferring over as well and and have that available. So we want people to volunteer. Come join us. We need help. We’re taking on the world and God ordained this I have no doubt. So we’re on a great path to helping solve the greatest crime in the world today.

Well, It’s my pleasure to have the opportunity to help facilitate that. Can we have you again maybe next week to discuss additional updates?

Absolutely. Thank you.

Thank you so much for joining us tonight. We’ll see you next Thursday at six p.m. Eastern Standard Time for and another intelligence briefing and more updates with Maria Zack. Have a great evening. I’m Susan Bradford. It’s been a pleasure talking to you tonight.

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