January 4, 2021- Letter to Senators with with exhibits:

January 4, 2021

Dear Senators,
The Constitution imposes an important duty on you this week as a United States
Senator. The votes of six states should be voided and decided by Constitutional means
for in those states there is conclusive evidence of election irregularities, affecting more
votes than the current number of ballots separating President Trump and former Vice
President Biden. You are the last Constitutional deterrent to ensure that the
unconstitutional results of these states are not validated.

The privilege of sitting as a United States Senator was bestowed upon you by your
constituents. This privilege, as you know, comes with the responsibility to honor, serve
and represent your constituents in all matters. There has never been a more critical
moment in time to listen to the concerns of your constituents and act accordingly. Failing
to properly review and evaluate the provable, quantifiable fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia,
Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan is a dereliction of the duty owed by you to
your constituents.

The fraud, deceit, and manipulation associated with the 2020 Presidential Election
is unprecedented in the history of the United States and must be stopped. You owe it to
your constituents and the millions of Americans who died to secure our most sacred right
to object to the certification of the 2020 Presidential Election results in Pennsylvania,
Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan.

The fraud of the 2020 Presidential Election was commonplace throughout these
states—all of which failed to properly secure the voting process, whether intentionally or
unintentionally. The attached chart identifies the conclusive evidence of fraud and
tampering accumulated thus far for your convenience. The affidavits, declarations, videos
and the like are broken down by individual states, with exhibits following. This evidence
was collected by your constituents and those who continue to fight against an election
that lacks transparency. This evidence is concrete and compelling. The evidence will only
become stronger and more compelling when we are granted authority to fully examine
the ballots and machinery. Contrary to the falsehoods spread by the media, none of the
evidence contained herein has ever been ruled upon by a court of law.

Certification of these election results, in light of the quantifiable fraudulent acts
which took place during the 2020 election, would insult the core of our constitutional right
to vote and allow the dilution of legally cast ballots. Your constituents refuse to allow this
fraud to continue and are willing to sign petitions to support your objection. Millions of
constituents are ready, willing and able to execute petitions today to ensure that their
voices are accurately reflected in your vote.

Forget the candidates, the parties, and the media, and instead focus on the
unconstitutional election procedures implemented in each and every one of the states referenced above. The extensive alterations to voting procedures and tabulations by state
officials prior to the 2020 Presidential election were unconstitutional. In a time when more
safeguards were needed to protect the integrity of our elections, government officials
relaxed and/or removed the much-needed safeguards casting doubt on the integrity of
the 2020 Presidential Election. Removal of these safeguards, the majority done without
approval of the state legislature, combined with the vulnerability of the voting machines,
left the 2020 Presidential Election vulnerable to domestic and foreign interference. To
reiterate, the number of absentee and mail-in ballots that were handled unconstitutionally,
greatly exceeds the difference between the vote totals of the two candidates for President
of the United States in each of the aforementioned states. In light of these constitutional
violations, there is no alternative but to object to the certification of the election results in
Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan on January 6, 2020
and/or to accept the votes cast by the alternate slate of electors.

This is your opportunity to stand up for what is right and just. Do not take the path
of least resistance; make history. Every worthwhile moment in history began with one
man or woman willing to risk it all to invoke change. This is your moment. How can we
accept votes from out of state residents and dead people? As President Lincoln said
“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it
will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Do not let America destroy itself.

Very truly yours,

Signature X______________________________
cc: Charles Silva for The Young Patriots
Carlos E. Silva, Esq.

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