John B Wells – The Italian Job with Maria Zack

We welcome the first time onto the program. The operator behind the Italian job, at least the operator behind the operation who exposed the operation that we’re calling the Italian job Maria Zerk. Welcome to the program. It’s nice to have you on. Well, thank you so much for having me. No, wait a second. There’s a lot of Italian stuff going on here, but I see Mr. Friend Finder handedness. But Zack, if I’m not entirely mistaken, isn’t that doesn’t that name hail from Austria?

Actually, I’m happy to say that is my married name. My maiden name is Strollo. A good Italian.

OK, good. I’m glad we’re clear on that because I was going Zack. OK, ok, I get it. Well I bet you’ll be able to tell us and you did. Well, let me ask you this then. What led you into this work and how did you come to found nations in action, not nations in action, but nations in action? Yes, we yes, we decided some time ago there were broken systems throughout government, some families were not getting the solutions needed in government.

So a group of us got together who have been very involved in watching elections. I was on a recount team in Palm Beach back in 2000 with the hanging chads and composed and dimpled. So I was very familiar with problems in elections and problems in government. But I have a long history and writing laws and doing government affairs at a global level of being trained by the best of the best. So I can see things going quite a right. And a large group of us got together to work on issues including fraudulent elections that took place in Florida last go around with Broward County.

Everybody heard what happened there with Brenda Snipes and they would hold your ballot as you vote. So we were the ones who outed all the corruption in Broward County. So this is something we do and people come to us and supply us fact based data and photographs and different tools to give us the who, what, when, where, why. And we know how they they’ve done it just like in Italy. We now know who, what, when, where, why and how.

And we can prove it.

It’s pretty strong. You know, the the the stolen elections that stand in my memory the most clearly are the one with I was too young to appreciate it until later, but to Lyndon Johnson, when he became a senator, they packed the ballot boxes and then they were sent to a warehouse and the warehouse burned down. So there he was in like Flynn. Right. And then. And then there was the Nixon Kennedy election. Nixon said, I’m not going to tear the country apart over this, but it was obvious that somebody did something, somebody put a little English on something and tip that election toward Kennedy.

And then when he got it, he didn’t do what he was told. They took him out of it. So this this kind of chicanery has been going on for a long time, but I’m just thinking that these days, particularly with the resurgence of communism in general and China in particular, I’m thinking it’s every bit as dangerous now as it was in those days, maybe even more.

I agree, totally ramped up at a whole new level because there was systemic fraud internally within the system within, let’s say, a county or an election location, and it could be the dead people voting in Bodged County, Georgia, or in Chicago. But then you now ramp up to the urban cities where there’s a lot of corruption of ballot harvesting. And so we’ve seen this ratcheting up. But the machine issue of voting electronically, people were sounding the alarms on both the left and the right.

Amy Klobuchar of the United States Senate as a Democrat who was screaming about this just a few years ago. So this is not a partisan issue. People knew something was afoot. And certainly the fact that we have ratcheted up the divide with China and what China has done, both on the coronavirus covid and with buying into so many different countries and dividing them, that has been the underpinning of foreign interference in other countries. So it was only a matter of time before they would come after the United States because we’re the golden nugget.

If we fall, everybody falls. And it makes perfect sense.

All right, well, well, well, I’ve got a bunch of notes on on about you here, and one of them is one of your family. One of your antecedents is within a group that are considered to be the most valuable autographs in America.

So valuable, it says, in fact, that some people are plotting to steal the very paper they’re written upon.

Maybe you’d like to tell us about that. When we come back after this little break. Only two minutes long. Oh, yeah. Very good. Thanks. She also says we cannot trust Google. Ladies and gentlemen, it is strange that Cardinal Bergoglio, also known as Pope Franky’s, his name is so similar to that iconic brand name of Google. Very strange. Then what about Kanti? Conti’s gone. Contis coming back. Italian government collapses, then it bounces back up.

Reichsmarks going to tell us all about this. And she’ll also explain to us why what the Italians were doing on election night. It’s very, very important and very underreported. OK. All right, let’s see here what else? Yes. Don’t forget that telegrammed group. I want you to join it. Come on. You’ll have fun. It’s great. It’s uncensored pretty much once you get, you know, off the rails and crazy.

And that’s taught me John B. Wells. And you’ll enjoy interacting with the people there and most people in the short term.

All right, which is an extra dose of electricity, so let’s get back to this conversation that we’ve just started with Maria. Maria, you just take us wherever you want to go. But I am curious about you.

Were you were famous and these amazing ancestral heritage, which is one of the very proud things that our family has in our heritage, is my sixth great grandfather, Colonel Timothy Matloff. And some people will remember Nicholas Cage movie National Treasure. It was the in the first five minutes when everybody was looking for the Declaration of Independence and they were trying to solve the clue on who wrote the declaration and actually penned it. And it was the secretary of the Continental Congress, Colonel Timothy Matlack.

And that was my sixth great grandfather. He would beat up on the redcoats, and he was good friends with Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and General Washington, certainly when he was crossing the Delaware and they’re fighting alongside. And so we’re very honored and in my family that, you know, we we always stand up for our Constitution and for our rights and for our freedoms and liberty. And it does not fall on deaf ears in our family about the sacrifice that they made that was so great and gave us this beautiful gift that God ordained.

It’s in your DNA. It’s just part of you. It’s amazing. Always. And it is. And my whole family’s that way. My siblings are that way. It is very meaningful to us. And we’re all very, very proud of what our our nation stands for. And the other thing, you know, I only only use Gmail just to throw off the amateurs, you know what I mean, the spammers and so forth, but I don’t trust Google anyway.

But why do you say we can’t trust Google? What do you mean by that specifically?

Well, Google has been actually involved in changing their algorithm based on how people do searches relevant to what they want to push. And I’ll give you an example of a Florida election in Fort Myers, Florida. There was a woman who ran for mayor. And when I first Googled her and looked her up and up came her arrest record and pictures of her being arrested and a lot of information about the arrest. And it had to do with an accusation of abuse of children and delinquency of a minor.

And when she chose to run, she had all that magically disappear. And you could not Google and find it any longer because she was the chosen liberal Democrat. But they wanted her to win that race. And I was quite shocked, as were others who had previously looked for the candidate and and saw it and for it to be automatically disappeared when the race started to heat up. So that is one thing also. There’s been a new investigation with Google Play with Leonardo, a defense contractor.

And there’s only one way to get into Leonardo a little bit further in the conversation. But Google, Google has some explaining to do. Who’s going to put their feet to the fire, who who can actually do this, it seems like getting anything done just takes forever until people burn out on trying to get anything done to move on to the next tragedy, you know?

Well, I think the funny is the Gardea in Italy is working on that as we speak with the raid that they conducted on Leonardo just a few few days back. So it’s definitely something in motion. There are articles written about it, and I’m sure people are asking a lot of questions. You know, I’m wondering about something. Just go ahead and just dive into the deep end here. It would seem to me that somebody said, OK, well, you’re in charge of election security.

I think probably the first thing I would do is say, OK, no Wi-Fi, no cat cables, no Bluetooth, no connection whatsoever to any device, no wireless device whatsoever. It’s going to be an electronic machine. That’s fine. But is free-standing it’s not connected to anything or.

Is it wanted that these things are connected to the Internet here and there, so the manipulation is possible? I mean, is manipulation of elections really more common than we think? Great question, because there are affidavits, thousands across America today in each affidavit represents an accusation by someone that is validating at the cost of a penalty of violating the law. If they were to lie in this affidavit that they saw many, many infractions occur, illegalities that occurred. And I know for a fact in Georgia, one of the affidavits is that the machines were on line when they were not supposed to be on line.

And that affidavit has yet to be dealt with in this investigation. And so we have been privy to the affidavits and the great work by a lot of our NCAA volunteers and in this case, Susan Boyle, who stepped up and not only did the affidavit, she was a poll worker and witnessed the corruption at the polls in Fulton County, Georgia. So we had a lot of people who volunteered either as poll workers or poll watchers. And the poll watchers certainly were prohibited from getting close enough to see anything which was a violation of the law as well.

And this has been reported here and there and with great frequency in, you know, bursts and then it drops off, then you get another burst out of it, but. What is it taking to bring that to some court’s attention, well, actually hear it. And is there enough of it out there to have, in your opinion, to have affected the election? Yeah, there’s many things that should have impacted the election in Georgia alone. There are three different thresholds for violations to call an election into question where they could have pulled back their electors.

That could have made several decisions and how to handle which electors go forward, if any at all, in allowing Congress to decide that. So what you had was a situation where they had hundreds, if not over a thousand affidavits in Georgia alone. I know there were hundreds. I never have gotten the final tally, but our team is working on that now. And we’re creating a list of all the ways to cheat because they’ve witnessed so many things over the years of systemic cheating in the city of Atlanta and the corruption with not checking and validating signatures, saying they we’re going to implement a new software to collect signatures and they didn’t.

And so there were many signs of destruction on the slopes and not validating the dates correctly on when when the ballots arrived so that the pieces were so complex and so full of all the corruption. It was shocking to Georgians when the lieutenant governor, who is a Republican, went on CNN and immediately declared there’s no such thing as corrupt in Georgia elections. And everyone was like, what? Like, where have you been? I know you played minor league baseball.

Did you get hit in the head one too many times by a baseball bat? Because Atlanta is notorious for that. And so to say there’s no systemic problem in elections is a flat out lie. And the only thing I can think of is that they found themselves in a box and they wanted a smooth transition from the election right into the special election for the Senate races and the runoff. And that was a bad decision. I think it was a decision possibly by the Chamber of Commerce.

And so the politicians did what they do best and they hide under a rock and they don’t say a thing. And sadly, a lot of Americans spend a lot of time in those polls trying to make sure it was a legal election and it was far from it. And it, to me, was a despicable act of cowardness by elected officials who did not call for proper investigations and vetting of the machinery and all the ways cheating occurred. And now we’re planning to actually drop legislation in Georgia to counter every single affidavit that was written in the state of Georgia to show America how the of election was.

What is the final court of appeal, so to speak, even if it’s not an actual court? It seems to me. Let me give you the wind up to this. Here comes the window. When the when the Supreme Court says that Texas doesn’t have standing because you can’t I mean, this was a state your your your your state and state you’re complaining about is another state. I said at the time, did anybody point out to the Supreme Court justices that because it’s a national election, the conduct of one state affects all the other states potentially.

And so that was the argument the next day. But I’m thinking, if you can’t even get the Supreme Court to hear, the Supreme Court won’t hear this.

And now there are few thousand National Guard troops up there in D.C. It does give one pause, doesn’t it? I mean, where is justice to be found? Talk about going to the courthouse and getting a ruling instead of justice. That’s what happened with that Texas lawsuit. Right, and I think the American nose is very poor and that it was not the result that America uses that are being implemented. So you have to take a step back and say, okay, there’s a role by by the industry and specifically the Supreme Court.

And as we hold this truth out of Italy, it is a game changer because you can say all you want, oh, are the states? The states have the right to pull back and make changes and actually hold and bear the responsibility for how their states electors are allotted. But no one that calls on the governors and the legislators as to how they will deal with the truth about the election. So there should be immediate investigations and hearings, but not just from the legislative branch.

You also have to look at the law enforcement side of this because there was so much corruption. People should be arrested. People should go to jail because there are statutes that already deal with that. The judiciary also has a role, but yet we’re now in very uncharted territory, so to say. Here we come with this new news about Italy and oh, my goodness, the election was stolen. What do we do now after the swearing in of the leader and deputy?

Interesting, very interesting. All right, well, we’ve got a top of the hour break coming up here in a little over a minute. Just a quick one, Maria. How dangerous do you believe these times are? I’m not looking for you to say, oh, John, they’re horrible. You know, be be afraid, be very afraid. I’m not looking for that answer, really. Just like, you know, what are you what’s the danger level here that we’re living in at the moment?

On a scale of one to five, the DEFCON scale.

Is she there or did she go too far with the five, really?

OK, I work for. OK, well, you heard the lady saying we’re going to reiterate in a minute, but we’re going to get into a lot more specifically why all these defense contractors involved in this. There are not a government bravo at any aeronautical Marcone Systems, Astra, RVO, stuff like that. And how did the Italians. Featured in the election that so many people are extraordinarily unhappy with, including myself. All right, this is Karaganov tonight.

We’ll be right back. You need a favor. A. That’s right, the very tough love, but they definitely need a cooling down school’s in session. It really is unbelievable.

Well, we carry on our most singular conversation with Rosemary Izak, CEO and founder of Quantum Solutions Software. So where shall we go next? I got an idea. As far as the Italians are concerned, who’s in the cast of the of the computing conspirators and how does a Leonardo espere feature in all of this? Because, you know, I’ve got a list of all these different defense contractors and defense contractors run on one thing and that that’s that’s money.

And President Trump was. You know, making making the Europeans pay for more, the European countries pay for or for NATO defense, they’re doing all this business with the Russians. We’re paying to defend them from the Russians. So that was ridiculous. But the Italians have been interestingly quiet except for the pope who pops off with some incredibly, well, incredible things sometimes. How did they get in the loop to begin with? Maria, why do the Italians feature in our election at all?

Great question, John. Basically, Italy is pivotal for the Mediterranean and very important for for naval operations and their geographical location, but also a gateway into Europe on the communication side with major communication cables running underwater to Genoa that will be deployed in an early summer. So there’s many things that China wants out of Italy. And ironically, back when Barack Obama was president, his last state dinner with was with Matteo Renzi, the prime minister of Italy. And Renzi returned back to Italy.

He took with him Barack Obama’s campaign guy to go orchestrate this effort across Italy to one of them with a tie in races. And they actually have told us now some of the Intel folks that came to us to provide this information, they said the beta test in Italy was in twenty eighteen to help the five star pro China Party go overnight from one percent to 34 percent. Shocking everyone and change in parliament. That was the impetus for them moving into the next step.

And we were told that they used a government employee of the United States government employee in the United States embassy. Veev, another location, second floor, Stefano Seraphine and Seraphine orchestrated this with General Claudio Graziano. And they would walk across the street over to the St. Regis and sort this the takeover. Seracini started planning it in the early spring and formulated this plan with Graziano and Leonardo. Leonardo used to be known by the name Finmeccanica. And so they got in trouble for something else and they had corruption issues there before.

And and Graziano was on the board of some mechanical. And what people don’t realize is that this is an Italian defense contractor with over 30 to 34 percent owned by the Italian public, the people and the Italian public. My heart breaks for my family. My grandparents are from just outside of Naples on my dad’s side and do what their government leaders did to destroy our relationship with the United States and with what we did in the 1940s and turn more to to protect them.

They would be appalled. But also, it was an act of war that they did. They went and used their defense contractor foreign interference to go take over our election and how they did it. When General Bresciano received the call on his military satellite phone that impacted the play over at the live location where they in Pescara, where they had staff literally take the military grade software and upload it on their military satellites. And those uploads had spiked from November 3rd to the 4th.

So we know for a fact where it happened, how it happened, who called in the order. And right down to the guy are Tollroad Dalio, who conducted the upload of the actual software. And you might ask, where is our tourism now, our Torah, that sentence or pushed into jail, arrested for quote unquote, hacking once we nations and actually started push, pushing information out to Italian journalists to tell them the truth about what happened as it was unfolding.

We put out information and immediately the Chinese government and Leonardo reacted with a sledgehammer. Anything we do, they double down and they’re in crisis management mode. And they should be because what they did was wrong and they need to come clean. And the people when you ask John who was involved, it was at the highest levels. It was Matteo Renzi with Giuseppe Conti, the current prime minister, who has orchestrated it. And we were receiving information that Joe Biden was in talks with Biden by his friends.

And that is an important fact in this is now about unbelievable.

Well well, there’s a lot more. There are a couple of the Bombay doors are open. They’re a couple of big ones that are going to come out here in just a minute. So please stand by the caravan to midnight. Our guest is Maria Zaken. I am John. I’m gathering people whenever you’re wrong, admit that the waters around you have grown and accept it, that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone. If your tally is worth saving, then you better start swimming or your sink like a stone.

Oh, the times are changing. We are over voters ready for them, too, because they’re changing whether we’re ready or not, really just a recap, just very, very briefly, because I know you’ve gotten a lot more information for us and the rest of this hour is going to go quick. How did you originally get on to the the Santero Italian on the Italian trail? What got you? What got you? What got them in your crosshairs?

Just one more time.

Sure. We were contacted, as we often are, by people who are doing research and have the intelligence. And that’s exactly what happened in this situation. We were contacted around November 18th and immediately upon receiving the information, we started to to buckle down and involved in because it was so actionable and it was happening in real time as a live operation. And we’re still in the middle of it today as more and more information keeps coming to us. So there’s a plethora of data and facts that validate that.

This is a very real story, very true story. The president, the president’s team, President Trump’s team, absolutely have now all tweeted about Italy and included it in their messaging because they now have seen the affidavits. I supplied the affidavits to Congress and to the White House and different government entities because the world needs to know exactly what happened.

Oh, boy. Well, are there some people who are willing to. I think it’s I think it’s a safe bet that Barack Obama has been orchestrating this whole assault against President Trump Park two miles up from the White House. And it’s eight thousand plus square foot. Limits on. And I think he’s been running this thing the whole time. Who do we think we go ahead that? Yeah, it’s not what I think. What I can tell you that they know when they actually have facts relevant to Barack Obama and his involvement with Matteo Renzi and the level of fact.

So in depth about the conversations, the movement of monies and how the orchestration started since twenty 2016. And don’t forget that a lot of the Russia collusion accusations and that came out of Italy, Masood, who went quote unquote missing, by the way, he’s in the UAE and I let everyone know that as well. And so that information came to us that, you know, the John Durham investigation is still ongoing. And the one character that really needs to be questioned for for his role was very involved with Lync University there in Italy.

And his best friend, Stephen Rowe, who was also his attorney, is also there at the same university. So there’s a lot of players that you suddenly go, holy mackerel, they’re still involved. And it’s been four years. And it was a masterful plan to your point, very masterful and very well funded. And people need to investigate that funding because we’ve received information on that as well. But what was very interesting to me was Leonardo comes in to play, but they use this major 11 billion dollar military defense contractor who had United States contracts totaling over a billion dollars in the past year.

And their assets that they controlled were the communications systems of the national security and the military and our embassies. What planet are we on in America that we would let a foreign business own and control our communications, our most sensitive communications and military command? I don’t know, but I’m right here on live radio. Maria, let’s you and me just look, I’ve been going through this thing lately about don’t look at the horizon line to see the hidden ship look above the horizon line and you’ll see it.

But but if you just look where you think it’s going to be, it’s it’s not there. All this research, all this research that you’ve done, you’ve been contracted to do this research. You come up with these amazing results. The question is, did you just ask, what planet are we living on to allow this is a really good one, but it’s almost like what dimension are we in? Because it seems that no matter what is uncovered and no matter what is revealed to the public, somehow nothing happens.

Nobody’s called to account. Or do we think that’s still in the offing? Because if we find out this stuff and nobody will do anything about it, no matter no matter how high the office is, we’re standing there going, what is this, the office of circumlocution out of Dickens or what? Well, America knows the truth. There’s no doubt in my mind, John, and the world knows the truth. There is no way Joe Biden ever won that election and Joe Biden knows he didn’t win the election.

And Nancy Pelosi knows so much that he didn’t win the election. She’s doing this impeachment facade because she knows Donald Trump is so president. So right now, there’s no reason ever to impeach someone who’s not currently president. They know he’s president. That is why they have to go impeach him, because it’s the only way to block him again. And it’s every chance they have. And America is smarter than that. And I don’t think that they’re going to tolerate it.

And I can tell you, nations inaction, action is not done. We are working very hard and we are coming to a very interesting place where the the inertia is moving from Italy. The press knows, members of parliament know, people know that Arturo DeLeo is out there. They know that we sent in an attorney, one of the top constitutional jurists in Italy. We hired him to go review the depositions by Arturo DeLeo and the judge’s actions and have submitted that affidavit to Congress.

And we also have another affidavit that was submitted that has incredible information on the actual investigation. This build up is just the beginning. If your listeners are saying, why have I not heard about this? Well, we have been going, going, going mainstream. TV is not going to tell you this because there is a concerted effort to keep this at bay. And they do not like President Trump. It’s not a new news story there. And to control the narrative, they have to shut down stories such as this and they’ll say, well, show us the proof.

Well, there is no way I would have the amount of information I have and there’s no way I can tell you who who Joe Biden called. I would not be privy to that. So how is it that I know he called Renzi? How is it I know he told Renzi he would give away our military base, our nice big Norelli. That is astonishing that he did that prior to being inaugurated safely and people say, oh, he’s not my president.

Well, that’s inaccurate. He’s nobody’s president. She didn’t win. So for anyone to say he’s not my president, that’s not even an accurate statement because he’s nobody’s president and he knows that. So the American public, I believe, will rise up and I believe the Italian people will rise up. And what you are seeing right now is their government collapse. As we started to put more and more pressure on Italy and dropped more articles about this, you saw the raid by the Pimenta Gardea into Leonardo.

They are investigating them for corruption and fraud. And then you saw what we knew was coming was the downfall of their government. And you watching the prime minister be ousted as we speak. Well, the only thing is now, according to this thing from Bloomberg, it says Conti is going to resign tomorrow morning to avoid a damaging defeat in the Senate, a maneuver to return to the head of a new government. He will preside over a cabinet meeting at 9:00 a.m. in Rome and then head to prison.

Sergio material his office to formally step down, according to a government statement. The idea is that by preemptively offering his resignation to Mattarella, who oversees the formation of ruling coalitions, Contee will then be asked to take another shot at putting together a government, according to officials who asked not to be named discussing confidential deliberations. So what about that? Is that a fly in the ointment or more chaff or just another article?

Oh, I think they’re trying their darndest to keep the narrative and keep the appearance, but that he’s going to survive this. He’s not going to survive it. I am determined to make sure everyone throughout Italy knows the truth about what happened in the corruption in their government. And that is an act of war. What Renzi incontact did say on that, shame on them, because they are tying my family in Italy does not deserve that leadership, just like we do not deserve the leadership here in America that my six great grandfather fought and bled for, for this country.

And people will stand up. And this is the time you can feel it. It’s palpable. America is over. Everywhere you go, you go to the hairdressers, to the grocery store. You hear it from people. They’re angry and they’re angry because they know the truth. And I tell you, God has had such a huge hand and God is bigger than all of us. And if people think they’re bigger than God, they got another thing coming because God got his eye on this.

And we have been a nation ordained under God. And that is what people are forgetting. This is far from over. Let me order one off the menu here. Maria, what do you make of these the National Guard troops up in D.C.? And if you do know something that’s heavy and you want to say, I’ll tell you what I said in an email over my proton mail, that’ll be fine. But if you if you are inclined to answer, what do you make of this?

A tidy troop concentration there? I understand they’re being mistreated. I’ve seen the several stories of them having to sleep in a parking garage in subfreezing temperatures. That’s not a very nice way to treat the Guardsmen. But that aside, what do you think they’re all doing there? Why are they there?

Well, I think it’s despicable how they were treated. And I salute President Trump for inviting them over to his Trump Hotel for a much more comfortable situation. What you had asked previously of what level of discussion are we at? There’s a reason I answered a five. When foreign governments collaborate with other foreign governments of farm and placed Chinese troops on the border of the United States, there is a huge problem in the world. And so that movement of Chinese, both military ship aircraft and troops is a huge problem for America right now.

And they orchestrated that to help them have a puppet in the white. Well, you know, folks on the death scale, on the intensity scale, five is in the red on the death scale. One is World War three, it’s on. And it’s happening right now. And I assure you, our defense forces are most assuredly, I repeat, at DEFCON two, because she’s right. If these aren’t acts of war, they’ll certainly do until the actual, you know, pulling the ship up next to the other one and then give them a give them a broadside of cannon fire gets here.

This is extraordinary, but it does give us some insight into the the dimensions of this global cabal. How could such a monstrosity exist? How is this even possible? Oh, well, it does. And it’s being exposed. And the only way to get rid of it is to continue to expose it until nobody does anything they say. This is Caravan tonight. We’ll be right back because he is our guest for the remainder of the program. I wanted to ask you, Secretary, I have a note, and this is really strange.

I’ll tell you the strange part about it later. But the 18th of November, why is this a significant date?

That is actually the date that we were first on top of this information from Natalie. Really? Yes, and, you know, a lot of people ask me, you know, why didn’t you move faster? Why didn’t you do more? Well, we have done everything humanly possible. I’ve had some nights of sleep of one hour, and many were forced to. And I can tell you, we have worked tirelessly at nation to nation to pull together this information.

We got it into the hands of people in Congress and in government. And honestly, I was surprised and certainly with the president taking, a lot of them did not act very quickly. As a matter of fact, some of them didn’t believe it at first. They were like, nah, this is a Russia hoax, Russia collusion, and we’re very afraid, which was great from a disinformation campaign of what was done to them in the past. Of course, that would be their reaction because they’re and another fake situation.

And so they did not want to participate. And I was like, just hear me out and listen to these people who are working so hard, admittedly, to get us this information and remember Rudy turning to me and the charge of capital. And he had just been up and testified and and it came down to the ground floor and he looked at me and he said, none of this is work and go get the drive. And I thought, well, funny that you’re like now leaving it all up to me because the courts didn’t work, the legislatures didn’t work.

And now you’re thinking, OK, we have got to do it and get Italy. Well, I would say that there’s still a multi prong approach because the United States Constitution leaves it up to the states and they should be suing for their rights based on this information, for their rights to recall everything back. So I think that the Tenth Amendment is clear and other pieces that give them extraordinary rights and they should reclaim those rights. But this by far, when when America wakes up to this reality, that it is an extraordinary test of America.

It wasn’t just the election. It was the ideals and principles and constitution we all cherish. So this theft can’t be tolerated. And immediately they must vacate the White House and and and hand over the control back to the rightful winner. We are not a partisan organization. If the chips fall where they may. And it was Joe Biden who was the victor, we would be saying the same thing. It is not partisan. Our organization is about truth and transparency.

And immediately, the United States government owes it to America to open up all reforms on stuff on Seraphine and his time at the embassy and those that worked in the embassy with him and who who witnessed what took place and all of the transcripts, phone intercepts, photographs and video footage from the embassy should be made public to America immediately. Same on the Italian side. And the Thai population should immediately the family should rise up out of disgust. Just like America and Americans, they love our country.

And a lot of these people are risking their lives, helping us at nations in action to tell the truth. They are on the run. And a lot of people don’t realize that they’re risking their lives with a major defense contractor and a government of henchmen who are after them to keep them quiet from helping to to tell the truth to the world. So as Italians, their cities are faced with the same situation that they have intel from the intel community, intercepts, phone video footage, photographs, all of it.

And they know the truth. And they will be able to let the entire Attiyah population know what their leaders did to betray them.

You sound confident that this is going to have a good outcome. OK, yes. OK, what what what could scuttle what could scuttle a really good plan, what could get in the way?

Clearly, you know, people who are desperate and will go to jail over this wall will play at any cost. They’ve already pretty much shown their cards. They’re willing to go coordinate and orchestrate and commit treason while the formal entities are actually committing espionage and foreign interference in our elections. So big of a lot to lose, especially Leonardo.

Oh, boy. Well, just quickly, we’ve got about a minute here. What do they have to lose? What does Leonardo have to lose? He certainly does. Yeah, I’m sorry. Go ahead. They should be stripped of all contracts immediately, which should be a feature of all their assets of the Australian people who own a portion will wake up to a reality that they lost a heck of a lot in an 11 billion dollar company. And the U.S. assets of Leonardo should never be allowed to go public there, trying to give up one of their entities.

Do you feel that this may in any way we can’t get the products that Leonardo makes somewhere else? In other words, who’s going to feel the pain?

Well, I think the American defense contractors will be ecstatic that foreign and people no longer have the right to our most sensitive information and they’ll be up for more contracts as it should be. It should be United States based contractor. Perfect.

Perfect. That’s the answer I’m looking for. And that’s what I call a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. I love this. All right. Final segment with Maria Izak when we come back.

I think these are really are the fastest two hours that one can experience. Our guest is Maria Zerk and we’re talking about the Italian job.

And boy, what a job it was, Maria, about critical thinking. I’m I like to promote critical thinking, thinking for for yourself and and look at it. I don’t mean stand on your head like in that prisoner episode. What’s that woman doing over there? She’s standing on her head. No, she’s gaining a different perspective. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about seeing past the traffic. Quick example. Biden’s pick for secretary of defense is General Lloyd Austin.

And he I cannot find that, he said. And nowhere in print can I find. Where he said that we are turning our security over to China in anything that I’ve read other than the meme that was put out there. So we’ve got names and we have these these interlopers and little little disinformation agents all over the place, just like back in World War Two in occupied France, they couldn’t shoot at them. So they put a little bit of powdered glass in the laundry of the of the army soldiers, of the German soldiers, just to give them just give them a rash.

If you can’t if you can’t shoot them, at least give them a rash. And there are people who have adopted this this technique, and they’re always seeding these various social media platforms with with little things that they give people a little emotional twinge and it sticks in their heads. And before long, they really don’t know what to think. So if you were going to give somebody a crash course in critical thinking. How would you start with that? You know, it’s really imperative that the American public understand their voice and their skill set, you know, talking to neighbors, talking in church, helping educate people, but most importantly, we’re representative government and a lot of people don’t appreciate and understand that we’re not a democracy.

You need to go grab your elected officials by the fine hairs on the back of their neck and make sure they listen to you and understand what their power is. So constitutionally, as a state legislature all the way up to Congress and the immediate actions of elected officials who have oversight over law enforcement and the judiciary. So you’ve got these very unique opportunities by people who think that they don’t matter, but actually they don’t understand the power is actually with the people.

That is exactly what our founders framed for us, this beautiful gift. And would you bring that to their attention in the right way? And if you went door to door in their neighborhoods, that they suddenly awakened to the reality that there’s a campaign against them because they failed to act, they failed to ask the questions, they failed to do the interrogations and investigations. They failed to read every affidavit before they claimed there was no no problem. That is exactly what the problem is.

And to believe the naysayers that, you know, I welcome anyone to come to nations and action and take me on on this show me what research you did on it. Show me why this isn’t true, because anyone who is saying this isn’t true tells me they are the corrupt ones. They are being paid by the bad guys. There is a machine and people know it. It was a concerted effort to take that out of our schools and got away from the sports fields and to move this government into controlling the people.

And so by the people, regaining that truth through their elected officials is something that they know deep down. They hold those keys because they do it every election. But now the election turn and this is what happened in Georgia with the 70s. People were saying, oh, why should I show up and vote? Well, you should show up and vote and you should be working your poll and doing your civic responsibility. You show up at your legislators office, your their place of work, and you make it known to them what you will and will not tolerate.

You bombard them with phone calls because anything less you are not a good American. At a moment like this where we have had America stolen by foreign governments, that is unacceptable and everybody knows that. And then they say, tell me what to do. That is it. You grab those elected officials and you don’t let go until they do exactly what they can do. And there is a laundry list of things. So nations in action big. We’re going to be putting suggestions up for everybody on on how to get those elected officials to move in the right direction and to not tolerate at all a foreign entity stealing America.

I think that’s awfully well said. I really do. What is the as as as much as you can reveal because you may not want to reveal it. You may not. I’m not asking you to reveal your strategy, but. Are we in a are we in a waiting position now or is something else about to spring out there that will raise the blood pressure, raise some pulses a little bit as it might be?

It’s you know, it’s going to raise some pulses, which also raises the death. So to your point, you know, it was calm and it was still a keep your eye on them, but they have everything to lose. So as they see their hopes of of of of foreign governments controlling our country, they’re going to tighten their grip. And China is really having to make some really deep, gut wrenching decisions of do they fire first? And they are on our border.

They have ships nearby. There is a huge, massive problem when a foreign government like Canada allowed China to come in and sit on the United States border. We’ve already been infiltrated. This is a cyber crime. And we must say, no, violence is acceptable. We do not want violence, but we want you to bombard the elected officials to ensure violence doesn’t happen and that our United States military step up and block and barricade the Chinese from invading us on the Canadian border.

We believe that an immediate response must be ready to deal with China from a cyber perspective. And Iran, we are familiar with Iran’s involvement in this and certainly the Iranian money. And we can get into that on another show if you if you’ll have me back. But I can tell you, we are not done. And we are we have just just begun.

Honestly, John, you know, a retired senior constable from up in. You must have I think it was in Toronto. I’m pretty sure he was said. Well, let me confirm that for you. They did do winter training here. I’m not sure if he said they’re still there, but someone that you and I know mentioned that some of the. Some of the police, some of the riot police and and apparently there was a little military there to some of these people looked like like darker complected Chinese.

So that sounds like Mongolians. So what is the least likely, Maria, and ladies and gentlemen, what’s the most outrageous thing that we would never expect, an enemy that we may not believe is all that serious about getting ugly? What’s the most outrageous thing they could possibly do? The answer is a land invasion. Believe that would be the most egregious act and an act of war, of course, and do not stop for a second, I think that they’re not going to also throw in cyber crimes.

That includes shutting down power grids and other mechanisms for transport and I hope, Lord dwelling, not aviation. So you’ve got a lot of company property because of their cyber capabilities, and that would be just horrific.

Well, of course, we have the between the two of us, we have enough information that in my case, in your case, thoroughly vetted, in my case mostly thoroughly vetted. But much of it is, is that the information is really in flux. It goes each way, but it’s beginning to look at those California wildfires, look more and more suspect to me all the time with the neighborhoods that burned out, the houses burned up across the street.

I mean, there’s nothing left. It’s just they’re just ashes there. That’s it. And the cars with the melted metal and melted glass and everything else, I take some real heat to do that. Tree’s catching fire from the inside. Just say, oh, yeah, that happens all the time. And forest fires. No, it doesn’t. Well, if lightning strikes. No. Have you ever seen a lightning strike? No. These things were glowing.

The whole inside of the trees in some cases were just glowing like a barbecue grill out there. I believe the Chinese have space based weapons. I believe they can do all kinds of things. We have no idea how far ahead of us our imagination the tech really is. And I really hope we have for our very top people on this, because if China decides to get ugly, they’re used to adversity. We’re not used to Chinese style adversity. And he may be visited upon us if we’re not very aggressively quiet and prepared to get it on if we have to.

I don’t see any other way to think about this as the aforementioned General Austin wants to take a less confrontational approach with China. What he didn’t seem to understand is that that’s the only thing they understand, that that government is a harsh government. They see concessions as weakness and nothing more. Comment, Maria? Yes, absolutely right, and they they planned for 500 years out, so you have to understand they have a lot that they have thought through in these in these efforts to to derail America.

And everybody needs to know the whole backbone of our manufacturing infrastructure, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. There’s great books written about that effort. So they were dismantling us little by little. And then here they are with the math to sell to us to make their billions to go buy off other countries debts. And they just started buying into all different countries. So the huge debt that China has created throughout the world, they’ve been the recipients of funding those companies.

And I want to know how many politicians born and and every month I said those last five words, little louder one more time.

Everybody deserves to know how many politicians are on the payroll of China.

Yes. Excellent. What an excellent conversation. You were invited to return anytime you want to, and we’ll talk about some more stuff. All right. Thank you so much, Don. Well, thank you so much. I think some pulses were raised tonight. They should be so. God bless you and your work and all those you love. And we’ll reconvene at a not too distant point in future. All right.

Fantastic. Thanks so much. Thank you. Good night. God bless you. Well, here we are. You don’t just pray sometimes, oh, you know, I really feel like praying. No should start your day with it.

You can get up early enough with the first light hit you and just say even if you wake up and you’re cranky, just say, you know what? This is the day that the Lord made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Pray for guidance, pray for strength. Stay in the Lord, stay in the word and you’ll be all right. Since China featured so prominently. May I just say Sun Tzu says the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting victorious warriors win first and then go to war while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Good night and God bless.

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