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John Stubbins Jan 11th 2021 Maria Zack Interview

John Stubbins Jan 11th 2021 Maria Zack Interview

TRANSCRIPTION: The doors of the Capitol to help support the people who want to defund them, right, but I’ve seen the video. I know look and folks I want to bring onto the show. Maria, Zach, Maria, how are you doing? I’m doing great. Thank you. Welcome to the show, Maria. I’ve got Jon Schneider with us here. You know, look, I want to I want to get right into this because we’re hearing stories about blackouts over in Pakistan, over in Italy.

There’s reports coming out that are unverified. Maria has been doing the investigation and and she’s the one that’s her investigation is running parallel to my investigation with my federal witness. And it’s interesting because Maria picks up the money trail once it leaves the United States and goes overseas. Maria, please tell our audience about the affidavit that you have and what it means. Thank you, John. Basically, from our research, we were able to discover that the actual theft of the United States election occurred in Italy on the second floor of Beneteau of the US embassy in Rome by a US employee, the Foreign Service official whose name is Steffon Seraphine.

What is problematic is that they actually retired intensely to do prior to make sure he didn’t lose his pension. So I want everyone to remember that as a taxpayer. Secondly, he was meeting with General Graziano across the street from the embassy. It was in the St. Regis. They were coordinating with a company called Leonardo S.P.C.A.. And how do I know this should be the question everyone asks? And how do you have group? Fair question. The guy who did it told the truth.

The guy who pushed the button, worked in the satellite office, actually did it. So what we have happening is that they quickly when we first released the first piece of evidence and didn’t a newspaper article, they said, hey, you know, look what’s happening over here with Leonardo. We’ve got a huge problem. And they may have conspired on the US election. And immediately the Italian government fired the heads of I.T. and cyber security and Leonardo fired their heads.

And then you have the people who are very, very challenged in how they are. They are putting things out, so they had to figure out, OK, as Leonardo, we don’t want the truth out. We got to cover up where you were a publicly traded company, 11th largest industrial defense. So what do they go and have the guy arrested for hacking from years ago? So he’s been in the past. John, let me ask you a quick question.

John. John, do you have any questions for Maria?

Well, no. I watched the the video link you sent me the other day, and I believe it completely. If there’s one thing that that corrupt folks don’t want to hear and perhaps don’t even recognize, it’s the truth. So when when someone comes out and my understanding, Maria, was this gentleman came out because he was just feeling this was wrong and I need to tell somebody about it. Yeah. And, you know, there is such thing and I know this is hard for the for the left to believe, but there is such thing as a conscience.

And it sounds to me like that’s that’s what we’re in the throws up there. And has anyone, Maria has anyone of stature on this and listen to it. Is it is it is it a threat to anyone yet or are they just kind of pushing it away as so much propaganda? It’s high stakes now. It’s unfortunately, we have people being hunted in Italy. We have four people missing, including the judge who oversaw the trial. We had the original affidavit and deposition from Arturo DeLeo, who committed the act and didn’t know where he was going to be asked to do something like that.

And so we have people on the run and we need help. We need assets. We transferred over to the United States to testify and the Senate and House received copies of the affidavit. We actually had two affidavits going in which a lot of people do not know. One was by the premier attorney, constitutional attorney in Italy. So many people said, well, how do we know it’s him? We’re all searching for him. We can’t find him.

Well, we just released a video with him as a proof of life that he is alive. And he did this of his own free will. And he did observe and and and he knows for a fact that these facts are true. Secondly, we have someone from the intel community who did an affidavit because he did the investigation and was there when the guy confessed. So think about the number two to the A.G. of your country and your intelligence services comes out and says, I interviewed him.

He did it. He said he did it. He told us how he did it. He showed us documentation and he showed us the software key.

Let me ask you a quick question, Maria. Have we got any confirmation? I’ve seen photos that Pompeo and Secret Service personnel were over in Italy arresting this man. Have they have we gotten any confirmation that he’s been brought back to the United States?

I have actually asked for them to conduct several raids and and investigations into the certain personnel that I am very aware of their involvement. Unfortunately, we have not heard specifically what those have yielded and it’s obviously been covered. And I’m sure those guys are on the run. And I certainly don’t want to give anyone a heads up that we’re coming for you. But we are. We’ve had God with us every step of the way. They can’t hide. No, no, John, look, you see what we’re dealing with here and this this investigation that Maria has, it runs directly parallel with my federal witness and my federal witness.

He has probably four fifths of this pie and this goes back to the Obama Oval Office. So this money, this money, it ran through Obama’s Oval Office down to the local level in over six hundred and twelve counties in the United States. And we’re talking about over twenty five trillion dollars that was stolen from the American taxpayer. Twenty five. Wow. Million dollars. Yeah, it’s a it’s a very sad thing. What I live in Louisiana, you know where I live.

Yeah. And I don’t want to say that people who live in Chicago, in New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco don’t work because obviously they work. But the thing that I find in common with with with the people that I hang out with mostly are the people I have the opportunity to meet. Is that, like me, they would rather work for five dollars than be given six. Yeah. So the notion that there are people who are and many people in very high, high government and political arenas and areas and corporate who are willing to trade our country for a lot of fast bucks.

It just disgusts me. It disgusts me too. And if there’s if there’s one person that understands the whole mentality of of them who actually has dealt with, dare I say, China one on one, it’s President Trump. Yeah. So if there’s one person they should be looking to. Yes. He’s he’s from New York. We’re all kind of brash. Who were from New York. Yeah. We enjoy it.

That’s right. You know. Hey hey, John. You lived there. You grew up. I was born there. I went I went to school there. I understand the brashness. OK, I’ll tell you. Whoo hoo hoo hoo. President Trump sounds like to me is Mark Twain.

You know, folks who who who relish sarcasm. Yeah. Yeah. You know, because, you know, I love the one where he said, no, it’s not it’s not the fake news anymore. It’s I have a new name, the really fake news. Right. I think that’s hysterical. But fact back to the other. It’s very, very it’s sad that this is happening. But there’s only one person who has been on both sides not well, I guess he’s been on both sides of the aisle, but he’s been on both sides of the deal, both sides of the water, both sides of the wall, both sides of the law.

This is that’s why he’s so far ahead of them. So they should be asking him advice. Yes. Should be looking at our economy two years ago or a year ago. That’s saying, my God, you know, I I don’t like the way Donald Trump speaks, but his actions are yielding wonderful results. That’s right. That’s right. I look at it. So, again, back to the initial thing. There’s fear. There is hatriot system.

There’s not even greed. That’s right. There’s fear. That’s right. Fear is an entirely different emotion. And that’s what they are living in right now. And they should be because this ain’t nearly over. No, no. And Maria, I know that look, I know that you’re going to want to dig into some of this. I’m going to hold you over for the next segment. But I want to I want to say good bye to John.

John. Thank you, brother. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. Thank Marías. Maria’s information once once this all turns.

Thank God for Maria’s information, because that information is what’s going to put people behind bars who need to be behind bars.

Well, her information combined with my witnesses. Yes.

And your information, I’m going to tell you right now, we have enough information right now that over two hundred and sixty thousand sealed indictments and there’s a lot of people that are going to be going to prison excuse me, not even prison, probably Gitmo. Wow. Well, thank God for all that. God bless. Thanks for being patriots. Thanks for keeping the faith. Thanks for keeping me among your group. And I look forward to the unfolding drama that we’re all living in.

Stay tuned, brother.

Yeah. Yeah. Give my library a wonderful to meet you. Give me give my love to Aleesha. I certainly will. Happy New Year to us all. God bless you, brother. God bless you back. Thank you. Bye. OK, Maria, look, I want you to start to unfold some of this, and I know that you wanted to get into this about, you know, the ramifications and what we want to do on The Forger’s.

Thank you. I think it’s really important to let America know what happened in the theft of their election and that it’s more than just theft and murder in America’s history. It’s actually a coup d’état. Then in college, I learned as a political scientist all about what Koopa and and hear the media talk about coups. Well, the word coup is not somebody fighting with someone in Congress. It’s the actual infiltration of government taking down and toppling the leadership that was duly elected.

And that coup has been happening for some time in America. And people didn’t recognize it for what it was. No, they certainly didn’t know what you knew. And I have subsequently learned how our information connects. And that is quite disturbing. Our organization, Nations and Action, is devoted to transparency, good government accountability of the money, because the numbers just don’t add up as they teach an implicit cost, explicit cost, opportunity cost. Well, these these enemies of the state are about to have a harsh lesson in costs and the real economics and to think that the president and former president had involvement of transferring 14 pallets of hard earned family’s money from a broken, very corrupt Ayran deal.

And let’s empower the people who want to kill us and then took some of that money to orchestrate the entire event of tearing down the Italian government. They actually use the same voting machines in twenty eighteen to put in the pro China Party. And a lot of people don’t know this. And that was their test run to then use it for the American election. And they the last state dinner was with Renzi in the Obama White House. To prepare all of this, Renzi returns back to Italy and takes Obama’s campaign manager.

And so you have these this trail that was so evident as as people came to me with the evidence, it was just shocking and all fit together. So, John, I think what people need to understand is the question was asked, is this just a few rogue government employees? No, it is not. It is the states State Department, our embassy in Rome, the CIA and many people who move the money. So you have to know Treasury was involved for Obama.

And one other point. Joe Biden has been calling in the Italy post election. And one thing that everyone should be asking Joe Biden is, would you do about the Ginelli, our base in Sigonella? And is it true that you’re signing away the rights to our base before you are even president? When I think about that significance of what they’re doing to help China, their agenda is very different than America. We’re God fearing, loving people who want families to succeed.

And unfortunately, they thought it was OK to use government assets, government funds, government employees on government time with pensions to go destroy our country. And now that we have the proof, we need to show how the other governments intertwine, including why was my six involved, Cambridge Analytica as Alexander next, we know for a fact, met with the president of Leonardo. So there is no excuse. We have way too much information. They can’t hide from it, they can’t run for it.

And we’re coming for form. And America will not stand for this. That’s right.

That’s right. And Maria, look, we know what they’re up to. We know what they’ve done. We have the evidence. They don’t realize what evidence we have. They think that all we’re doing is focusing on the just the election. Look, there are a lot of people that are doing that, and that is important. I don’t want to say that it’s not. It is it’s huge. But all this other corruption and the stolen money and where they’re giving the money and who they’re giving it to, the level of corruption and the ability for China or, you know, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter who it is.

You know, the shady deals have to stop and people have to be held accountable. We’ve had enough of. Maria, is there anything you want to say in closing? I. Think it’s real important, John, that American know and Italy know you, it’s your government, so go after your elected officials. Everyone in Italy and my family comes from Italy. And so I’m very disturbed that people have not been heard. And so I want everyone to call your elected officials, your state legislators, as well as your federal government affairs or government officials.

So your Senate and your House members, I want them to tell them the truth about Italy. Italy did it, period, to get a commitment that they will conduct a full investigation immediately at all levels of government because everyone is complicit. Otherwise, period, if you investigate it, you are part of the problem, part of the swamp, if you don’t know if your swamp will let you know. So of course, that’s right. Tolerate this investigation.

Much must happen. And oh, by the way, USA Today, you didn’t call me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Next time you print that, how about a retraction that you even reached out to me? Because I have people from across America calling me and they don’t seem to have a problem getting a hold of me or my press people. So if the media keeps lying, you’re your credibility is already shot with America. So you’ve only made the problem worse.

I think it’s important that everybody call their media, start talking to your local newspapers, have one on ones with families because families do not want their money spent on corruption. And we have a plethora of it. And in government. No.

And by the way, Maria, I want to let everybody know to go to Maria’s website, Nations in Action dot org. It’s running at the bottom of the screen. And just you know, Maria, you listen to my opening monologue, I’m sure. So we’re going to dive back into halfheartedly for the rest of the show. We’re going to be talking about the media because the media is is I look, I don’t want to break this down into percentages necessarily, but the media is fully complicit in this division in our country and they are complicit in these crimes because of how they handled every single step of the way, even since before President Trump was inaugurated.

They did this. They they are they are complicit. And we are going to hold them accountable as well. Thanks for joining us today, Maria. You bet, John. Great work. Thanks for what you’re doing. God bless you, my friend. We’ll be talking to you soon. You too.

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