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How to Repress Speech; Maria Zack; How to Stand Up

Hi, I’m Debbie Georgatos, welcome to my show, America, can we talk. Today we’re going to talk about how to impress speech and freedom. Marie Zack of the Italian job joins me and how to stand up. I tell you of course, why these stories matter to you. Stay tuned.

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Hello again to America. Can we talk to today’s first five? I’m Debbie Georgatos. The left has wasted no time and began to spread the fear of speaking up on issues that they don’t want the American people speaking about. I will start just one little example. You had the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor announced that President Trump, President Trump has no right to say that the election was stolen because it’s not protected speech is not protected speech. To talk about the election free speech clause, of course, says you can pretty much say anything, although there, of course, limits defamation.

A clearly, clearly known example, you know, things like libel, defamation, fraud, incitement, fighting words, group libel speech and a role to criminal conduct. There are exceptions, but the basic notion you can’t speak unless the left approves of your topic is not just your topic, approves of your message. What you’re trying to say is already beginning to take hold. And I want to play quickly, ask Martha, a very wonderful producer, to play a short clip by John Brennan.

Remember who John Brennan is? He was the head of the CIA during President Obama’s era. He was he is a avowedly voted for a communist for president. He is a radical leftist. He spent four years trying to push the Trump Russia collusion hoax, clearly in the middle of orchestrating the entire hoax. Very recently, we learned that he actually was well aware that the entire Russia collusion story have been cooked up by Hillary Clinton and her campaign as a smear job against Trump and yet the entire time of Trump’s presidency, you’ve had John Brennan just spewing vile and hatred toward President Trump and anyone who supports him. Now, the President Biden’s in office. Please listen to what John Brennan had to say.

But it’s so much more difficult today because of what we have seen not just over the last two weeks, but that certainly has riveted our attention but because of this growth in polarization in the United States and domestic violence in white supremacist groups. So I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed are now moving in laser like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and it brings together an unholy alliance frequently of religious religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians and unfortunately, I think there has been this momentum that has been generated as a result of, unfortunately, the demagogic rhetoric of people that’s just part of government, but also those who continue in the halls of Congress. And so I really do think that the law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence and even the defense officials are doing everything possible to root out what seems to be a very, very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic.

OK, I can barely stand listen, if I don’t make something clear, he is talking about seventy-five million Americans or more who voted for Donald Trump and support him. He is lumping all of them into this potential domestic terrorist category and if you watch your show yesterday, we saw that I show you the video by whoever this person is Don Winslow now has millions of views out there that is characterizing the entire base of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and white supremacists.

If it isn’t clear to yet, let me make this point and please believe me, the left is going to use the label of white supremacists, the specter of racism, the that the just insidious planting of fear in the hearts and minds of Americans, that their fellow Americans hate them. This will be used as a lie. It will be a lie. Brennan knows it’s a lie. I don’t know about this guy Winslow, who made the video yesterday, but Brennan and others in the left recognize that what they’re doing is intentionally dividing America by spreading lies, talking about the idea that anyone who likes Trump must be a white supremacist.

When I’m to tell you that I know a lot of Trump supporters who are about the most noble, upstanding and non, there are enough that they deplore white supremacy. They deplore racism like almost everybody else in America does. What you’re seeing is the in the beginnings of a very insidious effort on the part of the left has now taken complete control of the American government to silence opposition, to spread fear among the American citizens about their fellow citizens, and to begin this even as kind of hinting talk of the idea that we’re just going to have to the law enforcement, we’ll have to focus on these people.

You can’t have people defending things that we don’t agree with and and once you get people down the path of whites claiming that anyone who supports conservatism, limited government, America first agenda is a racist, the other outcome they intends with the outcome is that they begin to silence people who might otherwise speak up because you’re afraid you’ll be the next one labeled that label with some horrible thing and it also silences people in terms of defending each other.

People’s stand back and say, well, she probably shouldn’t have said that. He shouldn’t have said that. Now, I can’t defend that. This is intended to inflict upon America a blanket of silence and suppression because everyone’s going to be afraid. The government is going to say and do to them if they’re defending anyone. The government is now deciding they get to call white supremacists. So get this straight. Brennan is calling Trump supporters domestic terrorists and white supremacists.

Now, I got to tell you, there are bad actors on both sides of the aisle. There are far more bad actors, in my view and the left side of the aisle, the entire sum of Antifa and all of that, clearly violent people and there are bad actors on the right. But the vast majority of Americans who supported Donald Trump, it is outrageous to call them those things also and understand, it’s not because John Brennan happens to be confused.

He knows exactly what he is doing. He is trying to instill fear in the hearts and minds of Americans to speak up, instill fear among Americans of their fellow citizens, and just simply bring silence to America so no one gets to talk except the radical left leftists who are now in control of our country. Jim Comey, who is, you know, has been just spewing hatred toward President Trump for ever since he was fired as FBI, Director James Comey actually said in an interview with a I think it was an Australian outlet, that it was important that the Republican Party, his words, Republican Party, has to be burned to the ground.

Now, I could kind of agree with that, actually, because I’m frustrated the Republican Party, because they didn’t stand up and fight when they should have. But let me close out the first five by telling you this is the most amazing, amazing thing that I just saw was an amazing thing from a listener to my show. So I don’t know. I mean, people who listen to this show email me a lot and I try to read them all, but I can’t get them all.

But this woman wrote me a very lengthy email. She sent this email to Mark Zuckerberg, and so what she said in the email is she grew up in Germany and she wanted to tell him, Mark Zuckerberg, that there was actually in Germany, in the small town where she lived a castle and a castle named Zuckerberg. She’s saying, isn’t this interesting? Is a castle same last name as you, Zuckerberg? So she’s telling him about her life growing up and realizing later as she was a very small child when the Nazis came in.

But she’s talking about realizing later that her father was named. Her father was named after two Nazi leaders. Grandparents were in the Nazi movement. She realized that streets in her town in Germany have been renamed for the Nazis, realizing her family’s past and she goes on to talk about how she grew up, just kind of finally realizing growing up what had happened to all the Jewish people in her country and she was just horrified, of course, and that as a grown up, she went to a conference in Berlin where they had a great conversation about Jews and Christians.

But she’s talking about how the how the German government convinced the people that what they were doing was OK, the movement within Germany of making the German people, Number One, just vilifying the Jewish population, making other people afraid to speak up and so and they didn’t speak up, as we all well know. So she’s telling this story. Ninety-nine. Ninety-eight. She goes to a conference in Berlin, Jews and Christians getting together, basically saying to try to reconcile, pray for healing and unification, blah, blah, blah.

She actually got married in the Zuckerberg castle. So it’s all very interesting story. You can imagine Mark Zuckerberg getting so drawn in by this story. And then she turns and says at the end. Now that I feel that the time is right for this letter, I was the same time deeply concerned about what’s going on in the US. By the way, she’s now a Canadian citizen, even though she grew up in Germany. The hatred and blame, the directed towards a certain political party and a certain religious group reminds me of the idea of how anti-Semitism started in Germany.

It seems to me that specific events are getting politicized, even exploited, to smear the other side. This was a case in Germany when one Jew committed a crime and all Jews became the scapegoat for the Nazis evil plan calling and that she’s saying this is Zuckerberg calling peaceful citizens racists, white supremacists, or fascists, because of the political direction is used as an agenda by the other party for their political gains is unfair. It is disgraceful. It is destroying America and the minds and souls of its inhabitants.

Inciting hatred in social media and mainstream media is what I see is the cause of the division in your country, hate and bitterness, blind to the truth and doesn’t allow humanity to live peacefully. What an insightful person and I’m so grateful that listener who sent that into me. I want to close the first five by saying this. We are going to watch over the next two years and four years the effort of the American left, who is now that the collectivists, Marxists who’ve now taken complete control of America.

You’re going to watch them push their tyrannical government controlled agenda on the American people. But because they know it doesn’t sell, if they say openly, hey, by the way, we’re taking over, everything in your freedom is gone. Everything will be justified. Everything they’ll try to do be justified under because they will justify it and explain it as necessary based on climate change. Income or financial inequality, racism and covid. They’ve got those four arguments that will justify every tyrannical action they intend and people we have to be awake to that every day of this of this next two years and hopefully we can get control of the House and Senate after two years.

We’re watching a very radical leftist administration already leaping in, already telling you we’re going to shut down anyone who disagrees with us. Love this woman. Writing that letter to Zuckerberg, she ascended to Vice President Biden to to say, you know, I see what you’re doing and this is a horrible thing to do to the great country of America and that may very fine friends is today’s first five.

So I will tell you, folks have all the shows I’ve done, which I just tell the other day for some reason, like six hundred, eight hundred shows, otherwise was among the most popular interviews I ever did. One was, of course, with a doctor in in in Texas who was basically talking about a treatment for covid is very effective. But a recent interview, the first interview I did with Maria Zack was on January six. She was talking about her organization, The Nation in Action, their efforts to get information out of Italy that relates to the electronic manipulation of voter tabulation software here in America.

So she’s backed and by the way, I mentioned about being popular. I cannot tell you how many emails I get people saying what’s going on. Maria Zack, can you find out what’s the latest? What’s going to happen? Do we have more information now? So I want to vote it back on today. I am so grateful she’s available and we can find out what is the latest with her efforts to uncover truth out of Italy. So without further ado, welcome Maria Zack. There she is. Hi.

Are we frozen, OK, while we’re unfreezing, that is Maria Zack, she was last time we had on the phone, she was actually in the car near the White House on January 6th, hoping to get some information to the president. I’m sure Martha wonderful reconnecting with her. But I want her to come on today and talk about she is the she’s the founder and chairman and founder of Nations in Action. It was her organization that dug out that affidavit out of Italy that was by one of the top lawyers in Italy confirming that there had been an admission in court by the gentleman, a man who actually was the one who did the shifting of voter tabulation as an engineer with Leonardo, which is kind of like their Lockheed Martin Leonardo, and had actually uploaded that corrupted data.

We got her again. OK, there we are. Hi, I’m Maria.

Debbie, so great to be with you again and I’m just so thrilled that your show was the very first show to learn and help us get our voice out, that Italy did it. We know there was foreign interference and you were thankfully willing to hear the story. We’re very blessed.

Well, I’m grateful that you have been so forthcoming, is really brave what you and your organization have been doing, putting this story out there because certainly one sister I know how much pushback I got, I’m going to emagine is about a thousand times at your end of things, because honestly, a lot, especially after January six past, there’s such pressure in America to say, just shut the story down, election’s over, move along, no more talking.

So I want to go back and just briefly ask you to tell our listeners in a summary way what the affidavit said that you originally you introduced on my show on January six what that affidavit is saying about what happened in America’s election.

Absolutely. I think everyone needs to understand there are actually two affidavits to date that relate specifically to Italy. There are many, many other affidavits that everybody should have a chance to read because every single one of them represents crimes against this election and shows the fraud. So first and foremost, the affidavit that was sent by the most prominent attorney in Italy that we could find and he did this Professor Durso was willing to do this review of all the facts go through, watch the proceedings with the judge, learn what Arturo D’Elia was stating that he said he did as an employee at Leonardo Defense Company and he presented this finding in an affidavit.

Never did we say that this attorney, who is a prominent top constitutional attorney in Italy, never did we say that he was Arturo D’Elia’s attorney. He was an independent top rated attorney, which ended up being a splash across all the Italian newspapers because everybody recognizes his prominence in Italy. So Italy knows that this happened to America in Italy, everybody knows that the that the professor, this top rated attorney, went in and reviewed everything.

The judge had the deposition that Arturo D’Elia admitted that he committed this act of uploading to the military satellites, this mil spec software, to change the votes in America and he also said that President Trump won overwhelmingly and it was difficult for them to adjust the votes to change it otherwise and he had just gone home to his wife and said, I don’t understand why we’re messing in the American election and he’s a very bright, very capable software engineer.

And so his wife was was the one who started telling people and asking around, why are we doing this? And that’s what led to folks coming to nations in action and letting us know what happened. So that was the first really big piece of who did it, how they did it, where they did it. But the rest of the story that’s really troubling is the second affidavit, which is by a member of the Intel community who was able to watch the intercepts and what happened in the pre story.

How was it planned? Well, we know it was on the second floor of the of the United States embassy. It was in Stefan Seraphine, who was the government employee who retired the day before, two days before the election to make sure if he got caught, he wouldn’t lose his pension and we know that he coordinated with General Graziano and he did the call order to General Graziano satellite cell phones. So we’ve got the facts from Intel, the intel community in Italy.

So members of parliament have learned this, the Italian newspapers are writing about this, and it’s time for America to wake up and know their election was stolen. And the crux of it happened in Italy.

This second affidavit you mentioned, Maria, is that something that’s available for the public to read yet or do we have it yet?

Yes, ma’am. It’s actually at Italy. Dash did dash it, dot com and also at Nations in Action dot org. So we have two websites that we are launching and trying to get up. We’re a small non-profit and just trying to get our our footing. Having the biggest story in the world right now is is fantastic. But yet it’s we’re a small team and we’re trying to get everything up. But our number one goal, Debbie, is that everybody has everything.

It is transparency. One hundred percent. If anyone sees anything we do that’s inaccurate, show us. But anyone who actually says we’re wrong, were lying. We’re trying to cheat people out of money, bring it on, because that tells me exactly who the evil people are. So I’m happy to to come up against anyone.

OK, and I’m so I love your spirit. I love you saying this. So I didn’t know until we were talking earlier in the phone today in preparation for this. You had actually I know on January six you were talking about trying to get this information to members of Congress, to the White House is someone on that famous day of January six, someone to let them know what happened. But you also say on the phone today that you have been in touch with individuals in our US government.

I know where I could define precisely who or which agencies, but how long have you been in touch with people in the US government and they’ve kind of known something was up? And did you think they were beginning to investigate this?

I absolutely do believe that they’re investigating it, and I’ve been in numerous conversations with them for a bit of time. I don’t want to give the full background into how that occurred and who I speak with. But their grave concern was that what I am providing to them is proof of foreign interference.

This is a cyber attack against America and so we need to understand we were attacked. It was foreign influence. It was a company that’s partially owned by Italy. Thirty-four percent, I believe, of Leonardo’s owned by Italy and this General Graziano, who is over the EU and clearly, we know that the EU has had great problems with the with President Trump and having them pay their fair share and that some of these folks are very pro China and pro China policies and Italy is in the crux of of a takeover that they, too, had the machines used against them in twenty eighteen as the beta test, and a lot of people don’t realize this. They went from a party that was at one percent, the pro China five star party, five stars on the Chinese flag. That party went from one percent to thirty four percent overnight. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know and certainly as a political scientist, I can tell you, that’s just wrong.

I actually want to repeat that just to be sure our listeners got that because I read so much. I lost track of that. You’re saying that the same concerns America has about their election machines, that was that was the same process or similar was used in Italy in twenty eighteen elections and propelled a party that is the pro political party in Italy, a pro China, the five star party from one percent support to thirty-four percent or thirty-three or thirty-four percent in one election cycle and that is viewed by some people in Italy as also to have been and by of common sense, actually also to have been the product of the electronic manipulation of voter software. Is that correct? I say that correctly.

Absolutely correct and we’re getting more and more information from other countries as well. Today, we have been pushing out an affidavit to concern folks and in government as well, that is about Sitel and that they had known about this problem of interference in the voting and so this Neal Sutz’s came to our organization and said, can you help me get this information out? Because this plays into what you’re dealing with and it’s just a small piece. But people need to understand how they all connect because it appears they’ve been using it in other countries.

So we want a full exam of what took place in Ireland on the pro-life vote and the gay marriage vote. We want to have in many countries because there were anomalies that were so outrageous that the margin just didn’t make sense to me with my thirty years of experience. So I’m very, very interested and in examining more the results now that we know what really happened.

OK, Maria, the original affidavit that we you broke on my show and that we’ve been talking about, I’m sorry that just for the guy’s first name is Arturo, is that right? Of the the OK. Right. OK, so the gentleman who’s acknowledging the Leonardo employee who’s acknowledging he flip the data, where is he physically right now?

That’s a great question. We put out an article immediately when this happened, we were trying to let everyone in Italy know and everyone here in America know and as soon as we put up the article, Italy, the government Conte and Renzi way over reacted, as did Leonardo and Leonardo everybody was firing their top heads of cybersecurity and telecom. Oh, my gosh, we have the button down crisis management plan in place and they had Arturo arrested and so here he gets placed in jail for a supposed crime of hacking from years ago.

And so they make up trumped up charges. This judge, the prosecutor in Italy, they’re all like, what the heck is going on? But the prosecutor went along with it. So he’s got some explaining to do and the judge, he was like, this doesn’t seem right and why why are we throw the book at this guy, put him in jail? So they moved him several times. And we had received word that MI6 is Alexander Nix, who was Cambridge Analytica that everybody may remember from the twenty sixteen election scandals and mess with Facebook, that he was actually in the president of Leonardo’s office and drove down to Naples to meet with the prosecutor and was trying to get to Arturo.

So the role of of Nix and MI6 has to be immediately investigated because it’s very problematic, another foreign government that appears to be involved in this, and so they started moving Arturo from jail to jail several times, what our latest intel shows is that he was potentially moved here to the United States and in that we are very curious to know, because Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, flew to Italy and it was publicly mentioned that he was in Italy and we had confirmation from our folks in Italy that he was in in Rome and suddenly he returns and magically a plane from Italy that is Italian military lands at Joint Base Andrews. So it is our suspicion now that Arturo was moved again that he most likely was on that plane that landed at Andrews.

OK, so just to be really clear, Arturo is the Leonardo employee who is a who’s acknowledged he did this. OK, so if Arturo is here, I and I know this is speculation, but you also have amazing contacts. So if Arturo is here, we we don’t know in whose custody he is or and whose protection. Right. We don’t really know. Why would he? The only reason to bring him here is to try to dig in and ask him to tell his story.

America deserves to know and whoever in government has him needs to come clean. America deserves full understanding of what took place. Arturo holds the key physically of what he used to coded in to access the codes in and deployed the software and that’s what he holds in his head. He had paperwork and he had the data encrypted key. So if they got him to come and tell the truth or if he’s being threatened, either answer we need to know.

OK, also, Maria, you were working with people in the US government, but now we have had a change of administration we’re all aware of. We now have President Biden and so what is your expectation, whoever you’re working with in the federal government, what is your expectation about whether they will continue to be interested in digging out the truth and finding talking to Arturo, finding out from other witnesses you may have what actually happened? Are they still working with you now that Biden is in office?

Yes, they are, and I ask that question because I was quite concerned with the changeover in and in leadership. What does that do to this case going forward? And I have been assured that it is not being shut down. It is fully being investigated and America needs to know that.

America needs to know and, you know, it’s a funny thing. We are an unusual place in America. We had we had literally millions of people don’t trust the outcome of the election. We have a need to have clarity and somebody is in charge. We have the Biden administration sworn in and holding office. But, you know, if you get to the point of this information becoming known and becoming known to American public, we’re you know, I have used the expression so often now it’s becoming trite, but uncharted territory doesn’t begin to describe it.

If you have in America a presidency that president came to be sworn in in response to an election or as a result of election in which now the American people know there was actually provable, now proven or at least available reproved evidence about the switching of voter tabulation software that is simply mind blowing. So, Maria, going forward, you your organization is still digging in. Like, what is your next step in here to keep moving this story forward?

Nations in Action is digging in even further. We’re getting with members of the Italian government, and our goal is to help Italians know what happened to them because Conte and Renzi were dirty, they were bad, they were involved, they were paid and and there shouldn’t be a burden placed on them and the citizens of Italy to replace their government and clean it out and provide full transparency, not just to them, but also to America. Additionally, all of the intercepts from the Intel community, we all know how the spy world works and all the different governments have spies everywhere and we deserve to have those publicly open the photographs, the videos, the footage of who who was followed. That’s how they followed the trace of the CIA agents who went from Frankfurt into the Rome embassy and then over to Leonardo, and so they didn’t register at the Rome embassy but because they have great facial recognition tools, that’s how we were able to identify. Originally, they were traveling on a British passport. I made the mistake not being in the spy world of assuming that they were British.

But later it was provided to us that they were Americans, and so they should be immediately investigated and arrested and punished for their behavior and and this theft, because it is the greatest theft in the world and it involves so many different players, but it was potentially used in so many different countries and the work Mary Fanning and others have done on the hammer score card, that Montgomery is just a great asset, and so they’ve reached out and buy all these combined resources.

We’re able to put a lot more pieces together. So we’re moving forward. God’s got us. We are moving ahead in getting the full truth and transparency to the world.

Maria, wasn’t that one of the organization you were working with? And I met to dig it up as you begin the organization that you are working with in Italy. Right? America organization.

There’s another international organization like us Institute for Good Governance have been great partners and we’ll continue to work with them as well.

OK, so Maria, wrapping up, I know your website, Nations in action dot com nations in action dot com and then sorry, dot org. Oh, dot org, action dot org. OK, well, let me just change that. Nations in Action dot org and then I sent to Martha the wonderful producer. So after you. Yeah, this is their website, just U.S. nations in action and actually though that while that is there. Yeah. This is actually this I guess that’s our website.

But the other one is this new one is that I sent a picture of it. I think math is a picture of their website called Italy dash did dash it, and that’s dot com?

That is dot com.

OK, now can you put that up? I if you could just I sensible little thing. I just want people because it’s a little bit unusual to see the way they named. Actually, they had to do it that way but do you have that or. No?

But at that site had that he was just showing actually showed a lot of the articles and I think that’s important for people to understand. Those articles are coming all over Italy when they when Italians found out that the professor was top rated constitutional jurist of Italy, was retained by us to review everything because we wanted to make sure we were 100 percent accurate. We didn’t want to come out without proof, without it, with just an accusation.

So we hired him to go in, find the truth and write that affidavit and that’s what we were able to supply to America and to Congress on that January 6th date that you were asking about.

OK, so the website we were showing a moment ago that you were just looking at the screen to, that, that you believe that came from Italy’s hyphen.

Yes, Italy dash did dash it dot com. Yeah, Italy dash did dash it dot com. I just really want people, because I will tell you, as I mentioned at the start of our interview, I’ve had more people email me about your interview, say, has she fallen off? Is she working on this anymore? Is it all over? Where are we? What do you think now, really? I mean, literally, they come in numerous a day and so I’m so glad you’re available and I also want to urge people to go to that website.

So much information. There are so many videos to listen to because this is not an effort being dropped and we’re hoping continuing investigation by the American government and as you saying, Maria, I’ll let you wrap it up if you wanted to kind of wrap up where you’re headed, but this is a story,, this is a investigation that every honest citizen in every country should want the final answer to.

No one wants to think they live in a country where the elections are orchestrated by the ruling class and you can’t penetrate the means of theft of elections that you’re just stuck with it. So I commend you for your work at any last words for our listeners?

Yes, everyone needs to know nations in action is moving forward hard and fast. We are not giving up. It’s it’s a labor of love and something we feel God has has led us to and what’s fascinating are the responses we’re getting, the prayers we’re getting from people. We get attacked tremendously by the left and we’re not left or right. We’re just about truth and transparency and it’s important for people to know. We went and got the attorney to do a video that was his deposition where he actually read it because people said they couldn’t find him.

We had to extract him and protect him. So we have had security details on a lot of people throughout Italy to protect them and a lot of us here have had to take extraordinary safety measures, but by providing that video of Mr. D’Urso. That was imperative to show proof of life and yes, validation that he is saying he did it and so these naysayers get debunked every time and if anyone dares to challenge us, come on, bring it on, because the amount of work we’ve done and then you’ll know the truth.

Marie Zack, again, I commend you and nations in action and the people you have on the ground in Italy and America is what you’re doing is truly not just yeoman’s work, but it is really vital work for the future of free and fair elections and exposing what happened in America’s election in twenty twenty. So, Marie Zack, thank you very much.

Thank you, Debbie. God bless you.

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