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Maria Zack – Interview with John Michael Chambers & Susan Bradford

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Good evening. My name is John Michael Chambers, and thank you very much for being here. Now, last night, if you missed last night’s broadcast, it’s on our website, AmericanMediaPeriscope.Net and Facebook page and all the other platforms, but you go to Americanmediaperiscope.net, click on the archives of MSOM or making sense of the madness where all of our shows are there for you to view.

This is a must view show and a must share far and wide. It was titled The Great Reset versus the Great Awakening and the Six Day Countdown. You see the panel there. I was the host. We had Alex Neumann, Jeff Petersen, also known as in The Matrix, Susan Bradford, who’s also joining us tonight. We had James Grunvig, Lieutenant Scott Bennett, Major Geoffrey Preetha and Shannon, who’s also known as Shady Grove. Again, Power Patriot Panel, please check it out after tonight’s show and share it far and wide.

Now, tonight, making sense of the madness brings to you perhaps one of the biggest breaking news events of the century, the greatest election theft in history, the fraudulent election of November 2020. Last week, an audio recording was sent to me of Maria Zack from Nations in Action, revealing explosive information concerning stealing of a country, the election theft of 2020 involving Barack Hussein Obama and Italy. This information was, in fact, directly shared with the president.

Before Christmas at Mar a Lago, and just because you may not have heard this breaking news anywhere else doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It simply means you just haven’t heard it yet. Tonight’s the night I ask you to listen very closely to our broadcast this evening, because it will change the world forever. In a moment, I will introduce Marie Zack, who shared this information directly with President Donald J. Trump very recently at Mar a Lago. Maria will join us in just a moment.

Now, Susan Bradford, contributor here at American Media Periscopes, she also has her own program, which launches each and every Thursday night on our platform called the Intelligence Briefing with Susan Bradford. Susan is a contributor and she wrote these articles. You see the first one up on the screen. Obama facilitated theft of election via Rome embassy and the audio evidence, which is was pulled, of course, from the social media platforms. And that’s why we have our platform.

We have that audio there for you to listen to. And of course, it’s all based upon the work of Maria Zack, which we’ll introduce in a moment. You need to read these articles and share them. The next article Susan wrote, as you see up on the screen, coup d’etat revealed with Obama under investigation for election fraud. And the third article related to this subject just posted the other day, neocon traders staged election upset after the conclusion of tonight’s broadcast.

Please read these articles and share them far and wide as well. Susan Bradford, there she is. Susan Bradford worked in the halls of power of London within the Atlantic Council and Parliament as a speech writer on the global stage she covered such events as the Council of Europe summit that launched the euro. She was an establishment journalist who worked for CBS, PBS and Fox News. She’s here with us now at American Media periscopes. Susan Show is published again each and every Thursday at six p.m. intelligence briefing with Susan Bradford.

You’ll want to get tuned into this program each and every week. Welcome back tonight, Susan, to this exclusive broadcast.

Thank you so much for having me, John. Pleasure to be here, you know. Thank you, Susan. I would like you because you’ve studied this extensively. Your articles are an absolute must read. I can’t stress that enough to our viewers.

And I think the first article you posted got like thirty thousand views. And that’s just on our site. Never mind all the other platforms. It’s it’s at now. Set the stage briefly for us, if you will, before we bring on Maria’s Zack and summarize what the American people and the world is about to discover. The biggest breaking news event of the century, the great election, theft in history, the fraudulent election of November. Twenty twenty. Lay the groundwork, if you will, please.

Absolutely. So back in two thousand eighteen, Donald had an inkling that there would be foreign interference in the election. So he signed an executive order stating that if that did in fact happen, he would have the ability to confiscate the assets of those who are involved in it. So we saw the two thousand twenty twenty election that Donald Trump won by a landslide. In fact, I was watching it in real time as Virginia, you know, he was clearly ahead in Virginia.

And then suddenly the votes were the state was flipped over to Biden. So what was happening is that there were there was a plan in place to to switch the switch, the votes involving a number of actors in Canada, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and I believe also Spain. So the servers, the Dominion servers in Canada, where I guess monitoring, monitoring the vote, I hope I don’t get the technical aspects incorrect. But they are monitoring the votes and particularly in the swing states where where there was a bit of a toss up of whether Biden or Trump would win.

So they wanted to make sure that Trump carried those states so that the data was apparently sent to Frankfurt. And then at some point in the evening, all of the votes froze at a given point. And the embassies in Italy, I guess, based out of the that room, was coordinating with a few other polls with our leading government contractor with Italy. They were monitoring the vote and actually switching the votes over from from from Trump to Biden. So this was all coordinated out of out of Rome.

And it appears that the main actors involved were neoconservatives who were interested in forging ahead with war against Iran. And of course, you know, Donald Trump had campaigned against war. He was the president for peace. And it appears that in part, the the vote fraud was coordinated by globalists who wanted to proceed with the globalist agenda and also by those who wanted the war to enrich defense contractors and also to pursue long a long planned out agenda for a war against a regime change in Iran, which has been really decades in the making.

Well, thank you. You know, the as I understand it, the the president, Donald Trump, received so many votes, it bust the machine’s capability to do what it was rigged to do. So they kind of shut the operation down, retooled it did all the manual theft as well with the large theft, as I understand it, is the digital theft. And brief comment here before we bring on our guest. Fox News has failed to report it, of course, but they’re the same folks that that two days ago I happened to just catch I think it was Bret there, and he had a guest on FOX correspondent reporting.

And the sound bite as I’m walking through through through my home is while there’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Antifa was involved with the breaking in at the Capitol, and of course, yesterday the gentleman was arrested for that very thing. So they’re not going to talk about this story just yet, but they’re going to have no choice. A little bit down the line, Susan, if you can please have a seat in the green room. We’re going to have an earth shattering discussion in a moment with Maria Zack.

So we’ll bring you back in just a bit. Maria Zack is a business and political strategist and a top global elite trained government affairs expert. She is an inventor, public speaker and a serial entrepreneur as CEO and founder. Miss Zack has been successful in creating many companies in a number of different industries currently, Miss Zack is CEO and founder of Quantum Solutions Software, a software development company working to develop integrated project management tools with social media applications. She’s most proud of her work with nations in action and we’re going to talk about that later.

The not for profit she founded in 2017 to promote transparency and accountability in governments and to be an advocate for families and family success. Nations in Action boasts many successes in its advocacy work and is currently focused on exposing the greatest election theft in history, the fraudulent election of November 2020. Welcome to the program.

Thank you, John, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you for joining us. You know, some of us have heard your recording, as I mentioned, somebody sent it to me and we tried to get you on right away.

It took us several days cutting through the machinery of our world. But you are here. There are no accidents, no coincidences. And I thank you so much for your brave and brilliant work. Give us a bit of background of who you are and how your family is generationally involved in politics.

Well, John, I’m very blessed to be a descendant of Timothy Matlack, Colonel Timothy Matlack, who penned the Declaration of Independence. What is important and significant of that is that he fought alongside General Washington.

He was very close friends with Ben Franklin and went on to defeat the redcoats. He would take on a fight and never looked back and served in office from the co-founder of the University of Pennsylvania and just a true American patriot and in this country was willing to die for it. And so I’m I’m honored to have that bloodline. And I’m also honored to have my father’s side of being an Italian immigrants who came over through Ellis Island and came to America to have a better life and so I have that beautiful balance of both families.

That’s extraordinary, and while you’re carrying the torch, I will say that how and when did your Government Transparency Foundation will talking about here nations in action come to learn about the extra layers of cloaking in the foreign electronic vote switching that Susan talked about out of Italy, can you give us a timeline of how this went down?

Absolutely, what occurred was obviously with the election, we knew that there were fraudulent things occurring because we had volunteers across the nation who are actually poll workers and poll watchers, and many of them have been involved for a very long time.

And we were involved in the Georgia election heavily with Suzy Voyles and others who had witnessed computers going online. And they’re like, hey, this just happened. So affidavits filed about the computer equipment not arriving appropriately, not having the sealed numbered items on them. So there were numerous problems. And somebody reached out to us by November 18th and said, will you meet with me? It was someone I knew and said, we’ve got some some interesting information coming out of Villy.

What ensued from there was literally a deep dive into the most unbelievable situation. But the uncovering of the entire infrastructure to steal the election and what that incurred, what it would it showed to me because we knew who did it, where they did it, how they did.

And and honestly, it’s astonishing that this has not gain much traction yet. But I have a feeling it’s coming. Unfortunately, it’s it’s something that the American media has not even reached out to me. USA Today, Verden article claim they called me. They did not. So I am very troubled when we have this great timeline, great evidence and what we did, we were given the information, said Senator Feeney, a government employee in the US embassy was meeting with Graziano of the Italian military, and they were at the Rome and via Veneto and walking across the street to the St. Regis for these meetings and just so happens that the gentleman who they may have been meeting with is with a company called Leonardo SpA, who has an apartment in that same city. So we knew exactly who did it, where they did it and when they started and their involvement. And General Graziano was formerly on the board of Leonardo, one of the mechanics. They seem to change names every time and corruption scandal. They are publicly traded and they’re participated in this and loaded the software onto their satellite specs.

And the gentleman actually came. And, you know, I just don’t understand why we’re involved in this election. And the wife was astonished as well because about contentedness, so.

One moment, one moment, we’re having having more having audio, audio issues that this has to be corrected to our producer, do we have a mechanism to to go audio and do a screen image? These words need to be heard. Please give us an idea. All right, great. We’re in communication with our producer, if you wouldn’t mind, just pedal back just briefly. I think we’re going to be fine just now, Maria. Please continue. Sorry to interrupt.

Sure. So basically, we have this gentleman who who was quite concerned about his activities, his brilliant I.T. director in this mega defense contractor, and we have a situation where they are wanting to see good things occur and people wanted to speak out. There were many people who had information who came forward and some of them provided photographs, details on who was involved and where.

And and so it’s just snowballed into a situation where just two nights ago, Leonardo was was infiltrated by the financier Gardea, the financial police, because of bribery and corruption. So 10 people were arrested and yesterday, with everything breaking, the government was collapsing. So Renzi has pulled his support. Conte is flapping in the wind, the prime minister. So there is a lot of action happening that are cause and effect of of our great investigation. And the wonderful people have come forward with this proof.

Wow. Well, thank you. You know, earlier on in your new dialogue, you mentioned it hasn’t really been picked up. It’s going to be after tonight. Let’s bring Susan Bradford on to to to weigh in on what we’ve just heard of what’s happened over there in Italy, Susan.

It’s an amazing account Maria. I wanted to ask you, you mentioned that some Italians came forward and they’ve taken photographs of who, where and when all of this happened.

Do you know do you have what information did they use and you know that they were? Or why do you think that they apparently they almost might have set up a thing for people?

Where are the conspirators? Not to jump to our part, to our producer, go to Plan B for Susan Bradford. Marie, were you able to decipher the question from Susan?

If you wouldn’t mind repeating it, John.

I couldn’t hear it, but you know what, we’re working out our Plan B for the audio issue. Nothing’s going to stop this show from getting successfully across to the American people. Susan, can you ask the question of Maria?

OK, you did that of vigils in Italy and they approve of.

Hey, folks, you know, it’s an exciting day in America while we’re waiting for our technology. I’m going to take a little sidebar. It’s related, but indirectly. If you take a look at the the White House today, folks, you’ll see something that’s not there anymore. We have video footage of it. So it wasn’t just some photoshop picture that was sent to me of the the flag not being on the on the White House anymore. That’s rather symbolic.

And for those that are following our work, we have an audio news flash on our website, American Media Periscope dot net that goes into some of these issues. And I do understand we have Susan back now. Susan Bradford, please ask the question of Maria.

I don’t believe it. I think it was great investigative work. I’m totally impressed by the honor and that these individuals have as many of you know, we actually supplied affidavits to the White House and to Congress.

One of the affidavits is by a fantastic, very gentleman who is a senior attorney, top constitution recognized throughout Italy. And he reviewed the transcripts because what as things unfolded, one of the reactions that Italy, as well as the company had to our our reporting and information was that they immediately had this gentleman jailed for a trumped up charge on hacking. And once he did that and put it into the court systems, we were able to put an attorney in there to review everything with the judge and with the the gentleman who was charged.

And so in making that affidavit that helped validate that, he said, yes, I did it. Yes, it was done at the Pescara facility. Yes, we use satellites, military satellites and oh, by the way, Leonardo is a company that is an Italian company with the US operation. And that company has received one hundred one hundred million dollars worth of contracts just in the past year from US taxpayers. So in some respects, you could say that our tax dollars to go steal our election, a foreign for foreign interference to occur, and the use of the government’s general Graziano and Leonardos is very problematic.

And every American should be standing up and saying, stop, this is fraud. This is wrong. It is. It is very illegal. So these these affidavits, the second affidavit to to your question goes to someone in the intelligence services that knows and the perpetrator, the company, and actually interviewed this whistleblower and interrogated him. And to understand what crimes was he committing? Did he get arrested for and what is he willing to say? He did do.

So that second affidavit that was was is honestly astonishing. So if you had a top person from your intel agency come forward and investigate and then say, yes, he said he did it. So not only do we have the lawyer that was independent, we’ve got a judge with the deposition. We have this law enforcement top intel guy saying, yes, he did it and he’s saying he did it.

Incredible. So not only do we fund ISIS, we funded the theft of our country, the theft of our own election, it’s astonishing.

Well, we’ve got a lot of stuff to plow through. I want to just ask you this before we get into the details for the American people and those watching us right now from all over the world, there seems to be some confusion between what was said in that conference call, that audio call that circulated out there of you, of what you handed to the President Trump on Christmas Eve and then what you gave to Congress on the 6th. Can you clarify this for our listeners?


I was desperate to let the president know. And I think one thing that every American and everyone across the world now that we see how big this is, needs to know exactly what happened. I wrote a note to the president that basically said, we know who did it. We know where they did it, we know how they did it. And at that time, that was the information I had. It’s been an ongoing operation with people trying to get.

So we’ve we’ve received a lot more information and have been able to type pieces together that are rather chilling about what has occurred. It wasn’t just foreign interference and espionage. It was a former president who was involved in this theft. And it goes back to Susan’s comment about Iran. Yes, the Iranian funding deal, there are several pallets of cash. We have been told 14 pallets of cash were diverted for President Obama, former President Obama to use to work in different avenues to undermine the current president.

So it’s very, very problematic, these charges that are coming out in our investigation and we are delving into it. Full steam ahead. Twenty four hours a day and it needs to be investigated by the government. And we need a full accounting of all of the funds and how they transferred. And the bank in Geneva needs to be investigated immediately. We know the locations. We know exactly who were in some of the meetings. So it’s time for contact to come clean.

The prime minister needs to come in. We have been told that he received five million dollars and is in a bank in California. So our level of detail is very much deep and making people very upset and and rightfully so because we’re coming for them and we will not sit idly by until they fully account for this and Conte has an opportunity now because Renzi pulled his support in parliament and the government is collapsing as we speak. So if Conte comes clean and you can see Americans there hearing this story.

It’s all over the Internet. And in Italy, it’s being reported that, oh, it’s a hoax. A few people here in America have said it’s a hoax. Well, they’re welcome to call me any time. And I want them to prove it’s a hoax because I’ve got the proof.

Wow, you know, 14 pallets of cash, you know, President Trump on the campaign trail running for the first term, spoke about that quite a bit.

And now we’re getting further insights into what what that money was used for. And in part is I’m understanding to take over this election, which they have to date, at least seemingly have done. You know, it’s going to be an interesting Monday. Monday is Martin Luther King Day. And Monday, of course, the president is declassified for the world to see Obama gate. And we’re doing our own declasse right now with Maria Zack. Another bit of confusion for some was the statement you put out a few days ago asking for assistance to get the president to get to the president.

Going back, though, to the audio call, you had met with him in person. So could you please give us a bit of a timeline between meeting the president at Mar a Lago and where we are as of a few days ago, when you put out the video statement asking to have the president get back in touch with you, just a. Little clarification, sir. Great question. So when I saw the that it was Christmas Eve and we were at dinner at Mar a Lago and I was able to slip him a note and tell him that this was the situation.

He seemed rather surprised and as if he had never heard about Italy, were the only ones who we’re talking about in Italy. Everyone was talking about Germany and other countries. And here we are saying, no, the crime actually occurred in Italy of the actual data switch. And so that’s all he received on Christmas Eve. Later, we were able to supply the affidavits and then we received more information. And it’s really been coming in quite plentifully out of Italy because so many people want the world to know.

And in gaining that information, we now have compiled a list of needs that we have to help America hear from these people. Unfortunately, because of covid travel restrictions have have occurred and we’re unable to get the proper visas for these people to come tell their story and their lives are in jeopardy. People have been hunting people and it has not been an easy road. So we need the assistance of the United States government to help these people come out and tell their story.

Many of them have been integrally involved with the person we call Alpha, who was the gentleman who worked at Leonardo that Leonardo had arrested. So based on those needs, that was my appeal to the president, that we have to find a way to seize the assets of Leonardo, strip them of our contract, depose all senior management. We want logistical support. We need political support. We need affidavits, visas. We’ve got so many people willing to help provide those affidavits.

Just help us help the United States and get these people here. Yes, thank you. Let’s bring Susan Bradford writing the technology serves us well to weigh in here a bit. Susan, are you with us? Producer, any activity that Susan, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

We hear you hear we hear a lot of who you you know, actually I haven’t, because if you a few questions.

All right.

Once Susan speaks out, I’m going to move on to another question, because my concern is I want to get to a week after the elections, we heard stories about the Special Forces raid on the CIA server, as you alluded to before, a lot of focus on Germany, on the server farm in Frankfurt, Germany. How come we didn’t hear about Italy’s involvement at that time? You talked about a little bit, but all the tension at that moment was in Germany.

Honestly, John, I was kind of surprised when I first heard about Italy and there was no reason for anyone to know, it was just a fluke that we found out about Italy. And I shouldn’t even call it a fluke. I think it was a moral conscious decision by that family that this was wrong. And so they they said something and so will the president. This team was busy, focused on Germany and well and where the machines were manufactured and came from from Dominion and Canada.

Nobody was talking about Italy, which was the perfect design of the crime, that it was placed in a country no one expected. They did not understand why Italy and the willing parties, participants and their role in it. So what was fascinating that should have probably in the investigation come up, that should have been the red flag about Italy, is that there were CIA operatives that traveled from that Frankfurt location into Rome station. They did not register when they arrived at the embassy.

They stayed there for a few and then they returned back to Frankfurt. That is very problematic. And it makes you really question what is going on in our embassies and why has this been allowed to happen? Because from what we’re being told, this was partially orchestrated by the help of the Steffon Seraphine. We also were given phone numbers from the satellite phone numbers of General Graziano that Stephane Seraphine called and did the go order. That is shocking information. We have those numbers and it is just appalling to me that that has occurred in America and with these foreign powers.

Well, to the eyes and ears in Washington that are viewing this right now, and they are take note and contact Maria Zack, please. Susan, we’re going to give Susan another shot here. Can you weigh in, please, on this incredible information we’re listening to? Sure, let me for one thought that occurred to me is that Frankfurt, of course, is a child banking district. So and the Vatican, of course, is one of the areas through which they launder money.

So I thought it was very interesting that the money was learned through and in in this was the lobbyist, because the work with with the media, they work with with the different governmental actors in order to advance the interests of their client, which was Leonardo. So I think they also need to be looked into. I’m wondering what what support you’ve received from Japan and if the federal government has been forthcoming with its support for you at this time. So we we immediately contacted General Flynn and Lin Wood and Sydney, and it was early in our investigation, I think there was a lot of doubt and and they couldn’t believe that it was true.

And so, unfortunately, we lost a whole lot of weeks, six weeks, to be exact, because they didn’t understand the full scheme of the picture and why it was so important. And sadly, we had an issue. I was headed to go visit them and they had an issue where MI6 had actually infiltrated their camp. So I was very grateful that General Flynn redirected me, did not come and be exposed to that. And I will say that that was a common theme in the information we received out of Italy as well, is that on my six, Alexander NEC’s was involved.

And that’s that’s what they’ve said to us now. I just happened to have had meetings with Alexander Niks in the past and many should remember his name. And back in twenty sixteen presidential election, Alexander Niks was running Cambridge Analytica, and that company obviously ended up on the paper cover many, many papers with their deal with Facebook and involvement. So Alexander Nix was involved, from what we’ve been told, in meetings on cyber security and election security in the United States up to October of twenty twenty, while he simultaneously was orchestrating the event and the coup with Leonardo and was in the president of Leonardos office right after the election and when the arrests took place.

So the cause and effect is is all there. This is this is so much to the question of General Flynn. It’s my hope that they will meet with us. And General Flynn has not met with me. The president has not met with me, but Rudy Giuliani has met with us. And he kept just saying, get the key, get the key, just go get the information, the actual software. Well, the situation was far more tense on the ground.

And we’ve been supplying security personnel to keep people safe, including his family, the family of of people who are are stepping up. We have had extraordinary costs.

I think we have three hundred dollars in our bank account at the moment because so probably for a little nonprofit, we’re tiny people. This is a hoax. You guys don’t have a building. There’s no real location. We have volunteers across America. We’re small, but we’re mighty. We are we are breaking cases regularly on on different issues and coming up with great policies and procedures for government and trying to give transparency as all citizens deserve. So as an organization, it was hard to be taken seriously.

And I can tell you there many long nights of frustration because getting people to understand the truth, it takes more than a five minute phone call. Well, I’d like to our producer let’s put up on the screen full screen the website Nations in Action dot org, I believe it is. Let’s get that up on there. It is nations in action. This is the Web site. We want everyone listening to this program to visit. There’s ways you can help.

There’s lots of information on the website. You can make a financial contribution which is desperately needed. Where we go on, we go all we have to help each other. This is very, very important. And Patriots all the time are asking us what can we do? What can we do? Well, there’s one thing you can do. I want to talk about Lieutenant General Tom McInerney, who’s been on our show multiple times here on American Media Periscope.

He believes that it was a CIAs hammer and scorecard. We’ve also had Mary Fanning on the show. He believes that the Hamrin Scorecard software platform used to control the entire remote operation from mainland China out of sight of U.S. military. In news analysis, was Italy the brain behind the electronic fraud scheme with communist China?

Fantastic question. We have been told that the software was actually used in twenty eighteen on Italy by the pro China Party, the five star party, and their voting results skyrocketed from one percent into thirty four percent overnight. Sound familiar? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, but as a political scientist, I can tell you you would know if a party had momentum, you would know from polling, you would know from excitement. Kind of like how, you know, Joe Biden, the spaceman, did not really win the election.

Americans really kind of feel it. They know it. They got no sleepy Joe. He was nowhere. He wasn’t giving speeches. Maybe a couple hundred people showed up for something in Atlanta that just doesn’t ring true to drive high numbers in turnout. We’ve seen it time and time again for decades. So in Italy happen, they knew something wasn’t right. And we have been told that was the test case. China is very involved in and making strategic purchases and movements in in the Mediterranean and certainly with Italy.

Many people fear that that China was too heavily in their government and they’re doing a cleanup now. And you’re seeing this collapse for a reason because they are struggling to to to to acknowledge why they are so in bed with China. So there are connections. I don’t have enough on the actual creation of the software. And Mary Fenning and I actually had a great conversation about that, that one day we hope we can gather that software and have it compared by Dennis Montgomery to see if it is emulated from his software.

And that’s something that we would like to continue in our research. Thank you and for our viewers and correct me if I’m wrong, Maria Montgomery is the was the CIA contractor, if you will, that actually created and designed the hammer mechanism. Am I right in saying that? That is my understanding, correct? Thank you. Thank you. You know, you’ve touched on the evidence before, but let’s bullet point this. So it’s very clear to the people of the world listening to this right now what evidence they have beyond the signed affidavits, which I’ve seen that you have, that Leonardo military satellite was used.

Any additional evidence that you’d like to bullet point for for those listening? Absolutely, we have the person who did it. There’s a deposition with the judge that is number two, where he says he did it. We have the interrogations and investigations by the investigators that have validated it. And we have been told that the United States government and the Italian government have extend operations in phone intercepts and photographs. We know those all exist. So the United States government has a right to them.

This can be seen as an act of war by Italy. I don’t believe the Italians have any idea what they’re very poor performing politicians dead. And those politicians should be held accountable. They should be jailed. They should immediately come clean. As I said, Conti, he’s on the rails. He’s got to come clean now because sticking with Renzi, who’s going after him, both are bad. But Renzi was the one who coordinated with Barack Obama. And Renzi needs to come clean and we already have the same money.

So you keep sending in Lang Lang Lang. No one’s ever going to believe you ever again in your life, but you come clean. And I’m Catholic. I believe in my faith that we all deserve forgiveness. But you got to do the right thing and come clean. So in order to receive that forgiveness from society, because what you did with is beyond egregious, actually. And so we need them to tell the truth about the money flow. Americans did not deserve this for what we did to help Italy.

And honestly, it breaks my heart when people talk about the Vatican. I will tell you, just like governments, we have good sides of governments and bad sides of governments.

And that’s how America is and that is how Italy is. And we have to think about the Vatican the same way there are fantastic people in the Vatican and there is an element that is bad and that much up as well.

I think that that’s completely accurate. We’re going to bring Susan on in a moment. The sworn affidavit by software engineer, author of The Illia, explain his involvement in the operation out of the US embassy in Rome. He mentioned several key things. What was the one item we see there up on the screen? What was the one item that jumped off the page for you with regard to this and why? I think the big thing is the attorneys that the the affidavit in reviewing his testimony, that he was very clear about the pathway of using the technology and uploading it to the the system for the satellites, the military satellites.

So that corroborated with the Intel guys that went in. The investigators, from what we are told, were able to have that same discussion with him of how he did it. And so that mirrored and we kept hearing from others as well. There’s another witness that says the same thing and corroborated Artaud confession. So I think that it’s really important for people to understand. Many people now know and have heard it and seen it and others are coming forward with proof as well.

So the lids blown off this, they can’t contain it much longer. They’re trying to contain it until the 20th. And let me make a statement to nations. And action is about getting to the truth. We are not a pro Trump organization. We’re about truth and transparency. Let chips fall where they may. And that is the thing that is most important to me as a founder of the organization of my husband. We we want truth and honesty.

And that’s the thing. If anyone can prove us wrong, we’d love to see it. But we we have had no one prove this wrong yet. Well, that’s a challenge for those out there listening. There you have it. And just for our viewers, Arturo is the former head of the IT Department of Leonardo, SPEEA that we’ve been talking about. And and so I just wanted to put that out there in the site’s been put up there for those that want to dig into that.

If we have the audio, I’d like to bring Susan on to to weigh in here as we before we move into some new territory. Yes, all very interesting and so well, I guess the first question would be, do you plan to make the best of for journalists and beyond? I’m very curious as to why are actually that that people were heavily involved? Leonardo, their lobbyists partners were fundraisers for Trump. They they helped they worked on his plans and helped members to as to his administration.

I’m wondering what you have been able to reach any of Trump’s people. Ambassador Callista Gingrich at the Vatican with lobbying groups that represented Leonardo and who were obviously advocates of before the scandal broke to see whether they would be able to do assistance for you?

Well, that’s a great question, because something happened I never thought would I have known Newt and Callista for many, many years and actually helped run Newt’s presidential campaign, the land office, and was the South political director for his protection. So I will tell you, I thought, of course, I’m going to call Newt. Who wouldn’t call Newt at a moment like this? You’re you’re you’re figuring out what just happened to America. And when I did, the same CIA agents that showed up at from Frankfurt station showed up to follow one of my partners.

And it was a very scary time. And I know that Leonardo runs all of the telecommunications and communications systems for the embassies in addition to DNA. So we have this foreign country, a foreign business that has access to all of their communications. So as soon as I reached out to Newt and pinged him, boom, like that, CIA is showing up.

What is that about? So we need a full investigation of the CIA. I want to rip our government apart from head to toe on this one, because the American public deserves answers and we’re not going to sit idly by until until we get them. Yeah, big problem in these three letter organizations, there’s no question about it, and I think that that awareness has been raised throughout the four years that this country has been through what they did to President Trump.

It’s going to be an exciting Monday, I’ll tell you that, between Obama gate coming out, the information that’s being revealed on this very program, Barack Obama, I’d like to see him come on the media and and respond to these things beyond just to wrap it up on Atauro, beyond writing the algorithms, what what was his role in the operation? Just elaborate on that again. Was an aide the spear point or as a team member with U.S. persons on hand, what else have you come to learn?

As we finished talking about Arturo, that seems to be an important figure in this mess. He’s a brilliant guy, brilliant engineer, and so he was integrally involved, and I might add those CIA agents were intimately involved with him and and went out to the Pescara facility from what we’ve been told. So that that is very interesting to me because I don’t know if they actually carried part of the software with them. But I will tell you that they use the military satellites and and the timing of when those feeds would go through to change the votes.

So he has admitting the votes and he admitted Donald Trump won by huge numbers. Let me repeat that huge numbers, that it was a blowout and then it was almost difficult for him from a technology perspective to keep up with it because it was far more than what they expected. So I’m not sure how the algorithms were written, but I would investigate that as well. But it was really fascinating to me because of his position in the company and how grave this matter is of of who he who he is and stature in the company to be the head of that I.T. department.

And also there is always a tracer on a satellite. You can you move data packets over and when you move them over, you leave this the silo feeding the information. When you’re feeding that information, you can’t go back and erase it. You can try to fill it with something, but it’s always trackable. So there’s no excuse for the United States military. SECNAV Chris Miller, who I hear is a phenomenal man, phenomenal leader. He can go in there and they should seize all computer assets.

By the way, we probably paid for them as taxpayers. So seize those assets and and look for those those pocket changes. And when that satellite was was used on November 3rd and 4th. Absolutely. I want to go back to more Largo just for a moment from previous interviews that you’ve done, a few. You mentioned that you presented the intelligence directly to the president. We talked about the before Christmas at Mar a Lago. How did you receive your discovery?

One, why did it take so long to bring it to Congress at the last minute prior to the joint session, Congress on January six? We touched on that before, but if you can elaborate. Sure.

So when I was walking by the president’s table for dinner with my husband, he looked up and said, Merry Christmas and hello. And I looked at him and I said, Merry Christmas, Mr. President, and we’re going to have the best gift for you ever. The gentleman who actually stole the election is doing an affidavit, and it happened in Italy. And he turned his head very abruptly and looked at me, permit me, we actually have a piece of paper.

And so my husband pulled it from his hand and I handed it to the president and he put it on the table. And Yvonne and Gerard and Don Junior and Melania and Kimberly Guilfoyle were all at the table. And they’re looking at me because they don’t really know me. And and so it was a rather surreal moment. And I said, and this will be the best Christmas present you’ve ever received. And so I walked on to our table and and the next day we were asked to meet with Giuliani and that’s when things started to proceed.

So we explained it to Mr. Giuliani. And honestly, they understood, OK, we have this guy and he has proof, but you got to go get the proof. Well, that’s all good and fine, but you can’t go get the proof when he’s sitting in jail. And at first he was in a more precarious situation because he wasn’t in jail and more and under threats. And so now we need transferred to jail. I can’t just go bring someone out of jail.

It became quite the the extraordinary situation of, oh, you want to go get get you want me to go get the proof? Why is that my job? I’m telling you, he’s got the proof. And so it became a a challenge and we were getting more and more information. And so it was very difficult on the lawyer. But also we wanted to work with government. We’re talking directly to government. Mark Mark Meadows, the chief of staff.

And honestly, they kept asking for more proof, like, why is this not a rush, a hoax? I think everyone was so traumatized for so long over the Russia hoax that they were afraid to believe us. And I called friends of mine and they think I had lost my mind. But yet my credibility of 30 years says otherwise. So everyone’s saying this because she wouldn’t just go crazy, say something like this. So they know my tenacity.

And I was a dog on a bone and I just called the world. I kept calling every congressman, every person I knew. And we did everything we could. And I called Congressman Barry Loudermilk, who reached out to Devon Nunez’s staff and various known my reputation and integrity for a long time. He is a straight up guy. And I said, Barry, you know me, I would lie about something like this ever. And I’ve got these documents.

And when I was finally able because transmitting things across Leonardo would know what was being said. So we couldn’t get communications out of the couldn’t use the diplomatic pouch and get a hold of Newt and Callista. So we were hampered. And we’re just a little nonprofit and we’re trying to get all this information together for them. And we understood the clock. We just didn’t have the assets and tools necessary. And that’s why my plea to the president, because we’ve been desperate to let America know this.

This is a horrific crime. And so those affidavits as they came, I was able to get them in. So we have two so far, but we do have a video as well of of the premier attorney who is who has validated proof of life because he did go missing. And I can say he is safe and we have secured him and he is a good, honorable, fine man. And he is willing to tell his story of what he witnessed in the court proceedings.

So we have this added video proof that he is saying because everyone in Italy was saying if he said it, oh, my gosh, it must be true. But did he say because this is a paper. So we had the affidavit that he produced on video and we have that now available. So there’s no oh, did someone use his name? That’s not true. He did it. He actually wrote it. Stand by. That’s powerful, powerful to have that, you know, I would like to think, because you’ve taken the lid off the jar.

I would like to think that some actions are being taken. Things have to this is the period of time where things need to move very swiftly because you’ve opened the story, you see, and this is the time that we need to get moving. And I hope that the administration perhaps is looking into this as we speak. You know, who knows? You know, when you go back to the capital, when the president spoke last week before the false flag was unleashed upon America.

Did President Trump not mention the satellite operation in his address to the supporters outside Capitol Hill on January 6th? If he didn’t do that, why not?

I mean, I’m not sure I yeah, I’m not sure I heard that speech, actually, because I was in D.C. pounding the pavement to get to the right people to help us with this effort. And so I have been literally some nights, one hour of sleep because I get up with Italy and go to bed very late here, us so. So I can’t comment directly on his speech. And why wouldn’t he say the satellite? Everyone seems to have now caught on in the past four days, five days.

My phone is ringing and people have the administration and and I was in the campaign seem to have realized, oh, you didn’t have the truth. And you do have the it’s to me, they go, you have the smoking gun. I said, no, I have the body attached to the gun. And and that’s what the important pieces here, it’s who did it, how they did it, where they did it. And that all emulates from Italy.

But the the story around that, John, cannot be forgotten because that story of how this was funded and the bigger layers and how it connects to China, how it connects to Iran, how it connects to Renzi and and Obama, I can tell you that if these two men have a shred of decency, they should come clean because the investigation will prove out that they did it. So it’s it’s just a matter of time, smarter if they take the high road and at least be at this stage.

What else can you tell us about Barack Obama’s role in the Italian operation, you spoke before about some of the pallets of cash. I would imagine that was part of the funding of this operation. Is there any other involvement with Barack Hussein Obama that you can you can share with us? Sure.

It’s our understanding. Four hundred million dollars were on those 14 pallets of hard earned Americans money. And and it was placed in Geneva Bank. And it it stemmed from a very concerted effort and plan. He’s got an organized set up that helps him organize community organize. And what is fascinating is that his last state dinner was with Renzi when he was president. And when that dinner concluded, Renzi took Barack Obama’s campaign, one of his main campaign managers, back to Italy to help orchestrate.

And there. So that explains why the twenty eighteen election went the way it did. It explains Cambridge Analytica involvement, Alexander Nix and My Six. So you’ve got a lot of unique pieces to this that Barack Obama has been integrally involved in. And that tells me that if I were in the media today, my first question to Joe Biden is, when did you know and how how much did you know and participate in this effort? Because there’s no doubt in my mind now, based on what I have seen and the evidence to prove the phone calls and I can tell you text messages that I’ve seen thousands of text messages out of the date.

So this isn’t like we just got a couple of affidavits, quite the contrary. So the walls are crumbling on them. Government has key information that we have supplied to them and we will continue to supply it to them. And his days are numbered. Well, you know, you’re really connecting a lot of the dots and things start to make sense that Cambridge Analytica pallets of cash at 3:00 in the morning at the airports, it’s coming together. Brilliant, great work and brave work.

Hopefully, we’ve got good audio like Susan to weigh in on this treasure trove of information that we’re learning.

Susan, I think it’s very important that the independent media at this very and run with it, because I think our government, even on Trump’s side, was deeply involved with this because there are so many special interests that have investments in China in defense with defense contracting, and they want to advance their political agendas. And they’re all part of this old boys network that has corrupted our governments both in America, Italy and around the world. So I I find it very interesting that Giuliani’s response, especially given that he is quite close with Ambassador Lewis Eisenberg at the center of this, and I would have thought he could have picked up the phone and move things along for you, but you’re a little bit reluctant to stop him from what I gathered.

I can’t speak to who he called, but except for a different name that I was given that he called and actually he was unknowingly calling the enemy. And I haven’t had a chance to inform him of that. But he thought some of the good guys were still good guys that he knew from years ago who have turned very bad and were participating from what we were told. So some of the interference from the campaign side, they they had some people who tried to go in and thought they could run the operation themselves.

We had our assets because they are fearing for their lives. They’ll have people in those predicaments. And that’s why the the request for help that I’m so desperate to get, they don’t use for desperate. But I’m sorry when people’s lives are on the line and some people don’t understand that because they’re not as deep into this. But these people are risking a lot and their family, their livelihoods and Italy is very broken. And what occurred on the US side, on the campaign side, wanted to know what I knew and et cetera, and then thought they could just go do it.

And that cowboy action really set us back because you can’t go into Italy and go talk to the intel guys and go, hey, we’re coming from the White House. We’re here to help you. If the government was already broken and tip their hand that our CIA was was involved, do you think that they would think, oh, CIA is involved? State Department, they’re hearing the news. The president’s been betrayed within the White House. You think they’re going to stop anyone from the US government?

That’s why they came to us. That is exactly what they’re looking for, is someone that will be truth and transparency and tell, tell the world what happened. The last thing they wanted was someone trying to say that they were from government and here to help. So that set us back a lot. And I don’t think it was was a very well executed plan on the campaign side. And we’re not part of the campaign. We’re not part of the Trump empire, whatever.

We’re just Americans who love America and love the world and want to do good. And we need help. We need we need to get these people safe. We need people care. We need them. Thanks. We need the affidavits. We need America to know the truth. Yes, we do. A cry for help here, folks, beyond the CIA, we talked about the CIA, MI6, involved in the Leonardo operation. Are there any other foreign intelligence you mentioned China before, any other foreign intelligence service involved in this that you can tell us about?

I am not aware of other foreign intelligence services, but I am aware keenly about the Iran situation and that some governments helped with that transfer of money and there were meetings abroad and I believe one of the meetings was in the UAE and there was another CIA agent involved in that. So Barack Obama has a lot of explaining to do. And I, I will not rest until all that information is transferred over. And Italy’s government needs to fall. We need good, clean government because they’ve got intercepts.

Our US embassy should have intercepts. Our CIA should have those intercepts. And we need the truth from those intercepts and compare the two and say, OK, how how can we then move forward with what that truth was? Also, we have to remember back in the start of the whole Russia piece, and it was just a fluke, someone said to me a couple names and they said, Hey, Can Sude is a name that’s come up Teligent.

And I’m like, Masood, I’ve heard that name before. And it related back to Russia gate and the whole hoax and Papadopoulos case. So it’s not something I followed closely, but when I heard about it, they said, oh, and by the way, Mifsud is in the UAE. So we’re making it public here with Sude is in the UAE. Chander, if you’re looking for him and the United States government, the press should immediately ask them to extradite him and send them to Mr.

Durham because he has some explaining to do. And so we’ve we’ve got pieces that fall into a much bigger story that has has come about and this university system and Stephen Rowe, who was for sued his name came up as someone intimately involved in this whole coup attempt. So there’s a lot of pieces, a lot of need to to give this information to the proper authorities. So I’m I’m trying my darndest to break through government to say, Mr. President, come here.

What we have to say here, what our needs are and help us put this together that needs to thoroughly investigate this and get a special investigator on it and and to work with Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, to get all those tools and evidence because the evidence exists. We know it. So we’ve got it. Yes. Well, you know, I’m going to ask you about Mike Pompeo in a moment, but you invoke the name John Doe.

I’m like, who’s that? Oh yeah, he’s the prosecutor that’s disappeared for two years. Let’s hope he surfaces with two years worth of activity and looks into this activity. Photos on Twitter circulated earlier this week that showed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visiting his family’s hometown there. Over there in Italy, you folks may have seen them. To our viewers, the photos showed him basically walking ahead of what appears to be an arrested U.S. envoy. Do you know who, if anyone, was arrested this past week in Italy with respect to Leonardo operation?

We see photographs, we see handcuffs, we see Pompeii. We see a lot of activity in pictures. Can you elaborate on that?

You brought that up, John, because it’s not a picture that we have put out. And so people are trying to discredit us because of that picture, because that is not a picture that appears to be Mr. Conti. So we don’t like when when when people try to take hey, here’s ninety nine percent is right. And then here’s this little one percent where we might have gotten something wrong to just try to discredit us completely. We are young, new, vivacious nonprofit who’s trying to get everything right.

And we’re happy to admit when we get something wrong. Like I said, General Graziano was on the board of Leonardo of the Board of Mechanics in the past and Leonardo. So I love to correct the record if I was wrong. And that is a good case in the in the statement of that picture, it’s really important that people understand we did not create that picture. We do understand that and how to corroborate it from our friends in Italy that Mike Pompeo was in Italy just a couple of days ago.

And yes, there was a power issue. We even have one video where there were gunshots heard. But I don’t know if that was even remotely close to related to his visit, but I am told he definitely was on the ground. Wow. OK, so beyond our tour, which we’ve spoken about, were there any other Italian citizens or government agents of Italy or political leaders that you are aware of that may have been arrested? Ten individuals were arrested at Leonardo just two, three nights ago, and and so we’ve had this chain of events that have have we put me out and just something small and they hit with a sledgehammer.

It’s cause and effect. So we’ve we’ve actually had a lot of fun with this of just dropping a little news article and something happens and and and we get them reacting, which is exactly what we needed them to do because we were getting more and more proof and having to have people on the run and on the defense. The more we could put them on defense, we could get more information out of it. So we were very successful in doing that.

There are more that will will come forward. We’re not giving names to protect them and their families. So that’s really great news. And that’s another reason I need to speak with the president. And we have other information that is coming forth from the Finance Igor Gardea investigation. It was corruption, bribery scandal that also impacts the US operation in US companies. I find it very fascinating, the timing of the finance Gardea coming in, because that’s exactly what this is.

How much were they paid? How was that involvement and the seizure of the documents that they had just a few nights ago? Now, all the sudden, you have the entire Italian government collapsing with Renzi pulling out and Contee about to be fired as prime minister, a move that both need to go. And the American public, as well as the Italian citizen, they need a full investigation of these two characters and they need to be held accountable for their crimes because these are crimes and as well.

All eyes on Italy, do you believe that the release of your organization’s information on Italy did it would have changed the partisan and seemingly unconstitutional vote in Congress to ignore all the evidence?

I wish I could have gone into Congress further quicker. And I think there’s something to be said for my timing and abilities, because we’re just small. We don’t have an army. We had very little money over the three years we’ve existed, but we MEANWELL and we’re going to keep working hard, sending it in to the few people I knew. And it was chaos at the Capitol. That’s not the right way to do a formal presentation of affidavits, but it was the best attempt I could with the bandwidth we have and our abilities in trying to get something there fast.

If if they had had it prior to all that, if everything had been packaged, it would have moved a lot faster and could have made that difference. And it should make the difference in every state. Governor and Congress should be called back immediately to deal with this because the inauguration should not happen. This is foreign interference. It’s an act of war and we should immediately cease and desist until this is totally outed to the public. But that the the vote count and the electors and I know the process very well, the electors need to be pulled back immediately.

And every state owes that to their citizens because it is wrong otherwise. Absolutely, you know, to to that point last night in our panel, we discussed a lot of things that we believe are happening, some of its intel, some of its facts, some of its opinion and speculation. But this isn’t going away. This this potential inauguration. I’m calling it the no inauguration inauguration. There’s some big surprises coming to America for the world to see.

And it really begins. I the it’s going from a covert operation with regards to what we’ve been doing, this information warfare, this intelligence battle we’ve been in with regards to everything, really. But I was focused on the election year. I believe we’re going into more of an overt operation very, very soon, as early perhaps as this week. Do you believe? And we’re going to bring Susan into to wrap up our program and a little bit of an extended show and well worth our time here.

Do you believe there still is an opportunity and an avenue in which to present the evidence to the American people and to the Trump administration? Well, we got days left before or even after a potential Biden inauguration this week. We are trying to do just that, and really our goal isn’t necessarily about of the 20th, but clearly no duration should occur knowing what we know and that the election was stolen. It is my hope that we can get assistance with that.

We would love to have a media facility available to us for filming and to have the affidavits and everything presented as well as the people and Skype them in. We were trying to fly them in and did not have much participation with the Customs and Border Protection folks. So unfortunately we were hampered from bringing in the witnesses to the states. But now that we have them in a secure facility, we would like to have them available for the media to do a massive press conference.

But I need help. It comes down to this is something that Tucker Carlson should be discussing.

He was brave enough to bring on. I forget the gentleman’s name with regard to the Hunter Biden issue, the business partner in the Biden enterprise, if you will. The criminal organization, I should say, and this seems to be should be one of those profile discussions. We’ve got a large audience. We’re probably going to reach several hundred thousand or perhaps a million people collectively from this broadcast right now. But Tucker Carlson has a far greater reach. I hope Tucker Carlson calls calls out to you now.

Thursday, new service by Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, Georgia, that she plans to file articles of impeachment against Sleepy Joe, sleepy creepy Joe. If he is sworn as a US president on January 21st, he intends to file these articles. What are your thoughts about that action if it comes to bear? Will your Italian discovery be used as part of Taylor Green’s evidence? I hope she will use that.

I actually had the pleasure of talking to her on the phone. I used to live in Atlanta and I used to watch some of her Facebook interviews because I was marveling at here’s this mom house housewife, businesswoman dynamic running for Congress who was just saying it like it is what America wants and embodies exactly the values and principles and morals and everything wholesome that you go, wow, I hope she wins because she’d be a breath of fresh air. And and I was thrilled she did win a seat and in representing Georgia.

And so when I heard that that she did this, I’ll make myself available a lot of people to support her for Congress.

One of our board members was intricately involved with her, but I have not talked to her about this at all and would welcome supplying any information to her. I don’t understand the impeachment process. I guess I’m still processing. There shouldn’t be an inauguration period. So as far as impeaching him do I think is to impeach him? I think it’s coming together pretty quickly. These people in Italy are very, very rabid about getting everything together for the for America.

And and I’m grateful for that. You know, this is a fascinating discussion as we moved into the inauguration discussion and the impeachment not of President Trump, but of of Joe Biden. And if you’re your discoveries, play a part in that. My goodness. Unbelievable. But to the inauguration and to our viewers, that did not see last night’s panel focus on all of the panel, but particularly James Grundig, with regards to how this may play out in the three scenarios, because we’re in the same camp as Dumarey, we don’t there should not be an inauguration swearing in for Joe Biden.

But if there is, what is he swearing in to? And I’ll just leave those dots there and also refer our viewers to the comment that was made earlier that the American flag has been removed from the White House. Please go to our website, to our view viewers, American media, periscope, dot net news flash and listen to the commentary put up there by Kristol Sommer’s. And that’ll get your points in the right direction as well as the panel last night were in your camp, Maria.

And ultimately, when you listen to General Flynn, when you listen to the words of Lynwood, when you listen to the words of Sydney Powell, even though my pillow guy, Mike Lindela, I think his name is on his plane, was doing a sort of thing. But General Flynn and the generals that I’ve interviewed and other people, those names, I don’t even know. But I do speak to they they all say almost verbatim the same thing.

President Trump’s not going anywhere. President Trump will be president. How we get there is where we are right now, folks. So stay tuned and stay safe. I’d love to bring Susan Bradford back in. I know she’s got a lot of questions. And please, please take us through the rest of the show here. And I appreciate your time, Maria. Spending all this time with us. What questions do you have? What things would you like to clarify?

Time is yours. Thank you. I think, first of all, it’s very important that we all get behind Maria and ensure that these are the questions that she’s been raised at once. And I have is with these types of matters, that typically what happens is that the corruption is removed and then somebody else replaces him. And the issue is ever resolved is of musical chairs. So I think whether or not it doesn’t investigate this case, I think that he would be president.

But he may not want to address the specific issue of Iran, given the special interest that this is around, I guess. I wanted to ask a lot of people have been have been requesting evidence. Is there any way that you would present that to the independent media bill so that it can be reviewed and the powers that be can be held to task? Absolutely, Susan.

We’re happy to get everything out that we have. I’ve supplied PowerPoint presentations to folks to help them understand the timelines, the photographs that we received that we only could have received from certain sources because they’re not not easily obtainable. And we also have some opportunities to do video interviews. We want to put it out there. We would love for Maria Bartiromo to reach out to us because of her business prowess and following of this case. I think she would ask substantive questions, but specifically about Leonardos and the pending transaction that they have with us Corporation for Public in America.

Quite an interesting timing for them to be planning that and that their financial documents were not maintained on their website for years and they just suddenly updated them after being delinquent with the from what we were told. So we’ve been given a lot of information. We’re trying to validate it. And and so I believe that that for what we have, our goal is and we’re trying to revamp our website as as we speak. And we’ve had a little issue with that with obviously people have been attacking us from the left and for our our website, et cetera.

So we we need help in making sure that we can shore that up because we want to post everything we have. And as we get it and as I said, it’s an ongoing operation. We’re still getting more and more information. So every day is different. And I have new news. And so we want to post all the affidavits, all the speeches and and testimonies and then documentation that we have a photograph.

Thank you. This is John, looks like you bring Susan back, if you will, to our producer winding down the show. That’s a great question, Susan, and I’d like to just stay right here. Any of the evidence that you have, Maria, that you’d be willing to share with independent media where independent media right here, American media, periscope, PowerPoint documents, videos, whatever you have, if perhaps you and Susan can talk off air, that would be valuable.

And I know people that know people that we could get this to as well in media that may have a little further reach than we do, although we have a decent reach, but we’ll do whatever we can to help. Would that be OK if you and Susan chat a bit of air perhaps tomorrow or something?

I’d be happy to supply it. And I am very grateful for your offer, John and Susan, to help us get that information out, because that’s we’re dependent upon you to help because so many people are turning away from mainstream media and they’re looking for answers and looking for the truth from you. So I’m very grateful for the job that you’re doing and Susan’s fantastic reporting. So as as we move forward, we want to be partners. We want to supply everything we have to you.

Thank you and we’re certainly going to have you back on the show today was a marathon, 90 minutes of a lot of discussion to get to know you, to get to know your organization, to get to know all this treasure trove of information that you’ve just revealed. Moving forward, we can just get up to date on on the progress or lack of that’s being made and do whatever we can to help. Susan, we’re going to wrap the program up or any other closing comments or questions that you have for Maria before I take us out of the show.

I have one question to ask for, for clarity, Cambridge Analytica does appear to be a recurring actor in all of this. Can you provide a little more background on Cambridge Analytica, what role they’re playing and maybe who the actors are or of this organization? Sure. Alexander Nix’s, who I was first introduced to with me, was running Cambridge Analytica and I was running a super PAC called Stand for Principle to promote principled government leaders. So helping elected officials.

And I was introduced to him through Steve Bannon and Rebecca Mercer and Steve Bannon was appeared very close to Alexander next. And so when I had the opportunity to meet Steve, Bannon was in the room with him. And I would defer questions to him because he clearly has a very good relationship with him. I believe I only met him once in person, Alexander Nix and once on a zoo call about his technology. And I own a technology company. And my tech team actually interviewed Alexander to talk to him about what Cambridge Analytica program was and how to use in a presidential campaign.

And honestly, I was my team was a little like, wait a minute, the software does what? It didn’t appear to be all there, there. And so I said, so you have one hundred and eleven data points. And Karl Rove says he has three hundred and fifty getting ready for twenty sixteen election. And that’s a whole lot more data points over here with Karl Rove. Like to help me explain to me why this is such a useful tool?

Well, that’s apparently when the pivot point happened, where he teamed up with Facebook. I may have been the one to inspire his desire and need to go get more data points. And so I was not involved. I walked away from involvement in any activity with Cambridge because our team was not not not interested in participating or being involved in that activity. So we did not get involved from a superPAC standpoint and continued to watch Cambridge Analytica be involved in the Cruz campaign world.

And and then he ends up in Italy in twenty eighteen. And I know Steve Bannon was over there running a race as well as I recall. So there’s there’s a lot of questions I have of how how does the pro China Party suddenly go from one percent to thirty four percent with nobody really understanding why and and how they gained so much strength. And ironically, we were told that the machine was not used, the software was not used in the subsequent election and their standing fell.

And so they use this to apparently really boost their standing and then it diminished. And so I’m not clear why that occurred. So there are answers that we still need to get a handle on. I don’t know Steve Bannon well at all. Menom, maybe twice. And if he ran into me, probably wouldn’t really know me. So we’ll see. We’ll see what it leads to. But I would point out questions about Cambridge over to him as the only person I know that really knows Alexander NEC’s.

Ali, a pleasure having you on the show and hearing your story, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re seeing if we can help you move the story along and to getting some results for you. Yeah, I have some ideas, we’ll talk perhaps, Susan, as well. This has been an incredible program, really, as I knew it would be from listening to the excerpt that we all had the copy of. And so we’re talking about here, folks, is the theft of an election, the the theft of a country that’s going to backfire and it’s going to backfire because of the work of Maria Izak and the work of many of the patriots in this country and other concerned people all around the world, because freedom for everyone is at stake.

That’s where we are right now. And it’s going to be an incredible, incredibly explosive week. And I’m not making light of it. It’s dangerous time. There are no guarantees except death and taxes, but with a high degree of certainty, victory is ours. We do have this and it’s going to seem like we don’t perhaps in the next several days. And I just encourage our viewers to hold the line, as we say, the stay the course support our president.

And and we’re going to hear a lot more from Maria Zack as the days and weeks and months go by, because this is perhaps one of the biggest stories of the century. And I really appreciate you sharing it here with us and American Media Periscope and greatly appreciate your coverage and the work you’re doing, Susan, with your articles to bring this issue to to the forefront and your participation in today’s broadcast. I’m going to sign us off and say God bless.

God bless you, ladies, and thank you very much for being here. And I’ll be right back, folks. Thank you. Nominated for a Trump committee positions adviser to CEOs, religious leaders and politicians, Kirk Elliott, Ph.D., with sovereign advisers can advise you as well about your investment and company assets. Don’t settle. Call the best of the best at seven two oh six five three nine double. Click the link in the show notes and schedule your consult with economist Kirk Elliot.

What a week it’s been, this is another one of our American media periscope making sense of the madness programs that definitely needs to be shared everywhere. Maria’s organization needs help. We need help from our government. We need help from people around the world. And we need help from the Patriots right here at home. Visit the website and show some love. Now for a conclusion of the week.

Again, normally I do the 40000 foot view program on Fridays, but of course, we move that aside to to bring to you this incredible information and those who are premium subscribers. I’ll be sending out a very important video concerning what we believe here is about to take place next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And I’ll do a sort of 40000 foot view recap in that for our premium subscribers. And you will receive this, as always, in your email inbox Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. Eastern.

All right. That’s a wrap. Turn off the fake news and be sure to subscribe to American Media Periscope, America’s Patriot only super channel.

Share our new platform to help awaken and inform others, the people, the Patriots. Yes, we are now the news. And so we must must remember three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth. We’re getting a lot of that here on this network. Freedom. It’s up to us.

This is John Michael Chambers speaking with his voice. Thank you for spending this time here with me this evening. I want to thank Susan Bradford for your valuable contribution. Stay the course, trust the plan, heed the call and remember where we go. One, you go off, victory’s out. Stay safe here. An amazing weekend, three day weekend and God bless.

We are free. We are American.

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