Maria Zack Jan 4th 2021 Phone Conference Audio

Full audio of American who received Italian intelligence data on Leonardo S.p.A. election fraud hacking.

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TRANSCRIPTION: Go ahead. Thank you. You repeat that, Maria, just for the record. Yeah, so basically the the text of the election was orchestrated in the Rome embassy on the second floor of the Veneto by an employee, Stefan Seraphine, Foreign Service officer of over 20 years. He retired the day before the election to ensure he would not lose his pension, unlike what happened to some of the FBI agents who betrayed our country in 2016 and and did lose their pension just days before their retirement.

So Stefan Seraphine coordinated with General Claudio Graziano and Claudio Graziano. General Graziano is on the board of Leonardo, the defense contractor Leonardo, as Leonardo used their military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden. So what everybody’s been saying is that we know something happened. We know something happened. The proof that was missing, the very basic who did it, where did they do it and how did they do it has been missing from all of the all of the documents sent into the courts, all of the affidavits.

There was nothing that was helping us win in the courts. They thought that they were very shrewd in how they did it. They had a really brilliant plan that was orchestrated by Barack Obama with the help of Renzi, the former prime minister of Italy. The Italian intelligence service has supplied us with intercepts, photos, phone calls and shockingly pictures of the CIA agents who have been involved in orchestrating this. Those pictures of the CIA agent ended up on the Internet and those operatives and the folks in the government in Italy started panicking and they started replacing all their heads of intelligence of the cyber readiness.

And within Leonardo and Leonardo, the actual person that did the uploading, arrested for quote unquote, safekeeping and had had the other one put in house arrest. The the gentlemen that are in jail and then house arrest are being accused of hacking in to Leonardo to look at like airplane schematics and to get some of their other tools. They’re not saying what really happened because it’s really about them trying to cover. Unfortunately, other people know who they are and their their lives are at great risk.

Her team is on the streets of Italy and specifically Rome. Right. The U.S. building out the plan for divulging this today. We are putting out the information. Obviously, it’s not as quick as I would have liked, but know we leave this up to God to try and make sure she had Ryan camp in Georgia. Oh, by the way, I should say, for those of you in Georgia, I had notified many, many weeks ago that I was working on this and information was coming.

And I’ve been trying because they need proof. And you cannot blame them for needing the proof because an allegation like this has to have backup. And so I, I also on Christmas Eve of that would have it.

And through the assistance of Tiffany Trump, my husband and I and Marla helping me get into insight into Mar a Lago on Christmas Eve, Steve and I had a moment to speak with the president and I informed him that he is getting the best Christmas present he could ever ask for the affidavits of the people who did it and their compassion and assistance in letting everybody know what happened. He was seated at his table. He swung his head around and he said Merry Christmas to me at the Merry Christmas, sir, we’re about to give you the best Christmas present ever.

You’re going to have the evidence you need from the time whistle blower who actually committed the crime of uploading the software. And he spun his head around and he went like, what? The look on his face? And I said, if you’ll permit me, I have a piece of paper. Are you and he said, please, so the hand and really paper and I handed it to the president and that got the ball rolling that I finally got past a lot of gate keepers and was able to meet with Rudy.

I had three subsequent meetings with Rudy at Mar a Lago and also saw him in the Georgia capital. We have prepped the team on the evidence that we have to date, and he pretty much turned to us on Thursday and pointed at us and said, you have to go get that data. Well, the reason is because all the cases in all the states are are in grave danger of of having the impact they need. We needed for the past week on airplane and on a march, an archbishop went missing in Nigeria, which was horrible.

He was kidnapped. And we actually had that as an opportunity to supply an aircraft. And unfortunately or fortunately, as God would have it, the archbishop was rescued and freed. But it was before our plane took off from DC to rescue and take place. And also bringing back the people that we need were in urgent need of funds for for the effort, both from a security standpoint. If you ever told me I’d need to kill myself of a table at a restaurant, I would have said, you’re crazy.

And unfortunately, we have had some very intense situations and I’m sure it’s just the beginning because things will escalate. We need we need security for the people involved in this. We need extensive PR and we need to have the grassroots army up and running like never before. And the reason is, aside from the fact that we’ve just awakened the sleeping giant and people who thought that they escaped with the greatest theft in the history of the world, they actually have have have lost and they don’t know it yet.

And it’s about to all set in Italy. We have been working with reporters throughout Europe and those reporters are preparing the documentation now with the intercepts, the photos and documentation on how this entire thing had occurred. The shocking news overnight is that we have now also received detailed outlays of how the funding took place. Our research has been phenomenal. It’s unequivocal and it is not debatable. It is rock solid truth, which is part of the problem the Trump family has had is, oh, my gosh, you know, this is a trap.

It’s just like Russian collusion. And you cannot blame them because a lot of people got charged with things and were put through horrendous efforts for the past four years by the previous administration. What is important to understand is that Barack Obama in twenty seventeen, just as he was leaving, he took some of the money that was slated for Iran and picked up by Italy to transport to Iran through the UAE. Actually took four hundred million. It was fourteen pallets of cash of your hard earned money.

And that money was transferred over to different accounts. And that was the plan to help unravel the funding to unravel the Trump presidency for team ah, I’m sorry, fourteen pallets of cash so that those funds we now know and have proof of where they went and how they got there. I can tell you the exact travel plan of the cash. We know it was Barack Obama. Barack Obama conspired with Renzi in the White House. The last state dinner that the president had was with the prime minister of Italy and Obama’s campaign manager returned to Italy to orchestrate the effort with Renzi, the acting prime minister.

Conti vehemently, I shouldn’t use the word vehemently, but is very, very engaged and involved. This information cannot be released yet in the States. We we are waiting for Italy to to do their work. We released. Some information early and someone on our team actually released it a little too early, so the fear on that side has escalated drastically. And the threat level, I do not have all my people here yet safe. And so we’re trying to get everyone back safe.

We’re trying to get the articles done. And we are working hard at giving that proof to the president and to Rudy and to Mark Meadows. Mark and team are trying to help us. We have set up the secretary of defense, who is a fantastic man, Chris Miller, who has been advised of our situation because it’s a NATO ally. We have to be careful on the extent of pulling our people out. And we can’t just go invade Italy, unlike what some rogue military people might want to do.

That’s not the way to do it. So we’ve got assets on the ground who are very skilled and helping us. We’ve been funding them to the tune of over a half a million dollars out of my account, my personal account and my friend. So you need help? We need financial support. We need prayers, prayers, prayers, prayers, first prayers that all of our people come out, that the American public see the truth as what it is, and that the Italian counterparts in the media are able to articulate and articulate this in a way that is going to help us springboard off of it to shut down the mainstream TV from from not reporting it.

We have an Italian judge who has just this morning Italian time. So they’re six hours ahead. So in their morning has now filed for an investigation. And Barack Obama is the center of that investigation. We have a need for recommendations from lawyers that can help me because I am in unchartered territory along with the country and how this is going to be handled. But for the protection of our little nonprofit, we are little, but we are mighty good for the team that’s on the call.

I can never thank you enough because of your help and support and guidance. We would never be where we are today in solving this crime. So definitely lawyers to help us navigate and give us recommendations on advice. We need the sharing of our posts on Facebook from nations in action and from our website Nations and Action League. And then we need help creating those Facebook posts and and social media posts. And Marjorie can be the traffic cop, for lack of a better word, on how all of that with the PR would flow.

We have the need for a strong PR firm that we can manage to help us do this. And that is all possible in kind donations or reduced fees and far since were way exceeded any budget we could ever have dreamed of. And last but not least, I may need secure housing for my husband and I when retaliation happened. So. So that’s that’s the wish list. And and I know God has protected us through this and opened those doors and open the hearts of many who have helped house me.

Corey Davenport hid me away for a little bit and somehow we were shielded from MICEX when they infiltrated Flynn’s shop. So General Flynn and I were in communication for the last four weeks. I’ve been in meetings with Sidney Powell, in the meetings with Sidney. I can tell you the people in the room jumped up out of their chairs at least ten times any time they heard a door shut or a car door outside. And we were followed. We’ve been followed many, many times.

I do have a security person who’s with me here in DC this time and very capable. So I am not in fear. And we need prayers that the meeting with POTA happens. He thinks Rudy’s got this under control. There’s there’s a lack of understanding that this is an ongoing operation and things are breaking every like few hours. So I’m getting more and more information. So it’s impossible for me to keep the White House up to speed when I’m just trying to send an email or who am I talking to?

Is that Mark as chief of staff? Is that the campaign with Rudy? So I’m kind of juggling multiple angles in to the president. He deserves to know what happened to him in the fall. And he was. Quite shocked and surprised when I told him, and I was shocked and surprised that he didn’t already know because I thought General Flynn had read the men and unfortunately, I had gotten erroneous information on that. And so General Flynn and Sydney are not as welcome in the White House right now, specifically Sydney, because it did not go well.

And so now we’re in an interesting situation of, you know, how I communicate what we’re doing on all on the ground abroad and then how we’ll roll this out. So with that, I would love to open it up for questions. Any questions? Maria, hi. This is Carolyn Garcia here. Hi, dear. Yes. You’ll be in my prayers at all times, all of you. Thank you. I the question is, is that.

How are we going to is this going to happen before the 20th? I mean, I know the 6th is coming up with the votes and thank God we’ve got people that are going to stand against the just except in the Electoral College. But in all honesty, is this going to actually all hit the fan after he is sworn Biden would be sworn in or what? What are we looking yet? It’s actually hitting today in Italy and we’re taking those articles and getting them to everyone here, and I was supplying documentation to Peter Navarro and others throughout the middle of the night as I was getting them.

So we we are giving them the evidence. I just received a call from one of Jim Jordan staffers requesting that evidence. David Nunez’s shop has them waiting on us to give them the documents. So I. I have way more work than I have arms and legs and the team. So I am providing all of that evidence. But the Italian government conservative side is blowing this up as we speak throughout Italy, there is a reporter named Daniela Catizone, one of my little heroes, and thus he was the Newt Gingrich of of the Italian parliament and is now on the Sean Hannity of Italy and and a great reporter.

And he is out there working the story right now and integrating all the proof with the intercepts we previously had. The affidavits are huge problem and what we can get out and get to the press. One of the key sticking points is I don’t have the money and the plane to bring certain people back. And we we are trying to work on a government solution as we speak on that. So now that things are progressing, it’s my hope that I’ll be going to try to resolve some of that this afternoon.

And it’s just a matter of waiting on Italy to actually get that article and the proof out. And then the White House knows already who we have and what we need. And Mark was reaching out perspective to help make this happen. Funding is a big piece of it because we have racked up a huge bill in Italy for security forces. And so they’re still waiting to be paid. And and so that’s not helpful because honestly, if you had told me it would take me seven weeks to break through the morass of the bureaucracy of D.C., I would have said no way.

I thought they’d be excited about, hey, we have proof. But apparently a lot of people were screaming, hey, we had proof when they didn’t. So we ended up getting caught in this swept up in this old collusion. And no one wanted to believe us. And God has prevailed in ways. I just can’t even begin to tell you the miracles. I mean, just incredible miracles every step of the way. And I am so grateful because those prayers everybody has put on the secrecy and protection, especially for my partner in this, she went totally unseen, going through areas that she should have been seen and picked up.

And it didn’t happen. They had more security and they’re looking for her. So were very much Carolann, seeing this as as of today and tonight, boost their plant, mapping out as best as they can over there. But now with the judge filing for his paperwork, as well as the reporter as well as the government officials being briefed right this second, it’s all it’s all moving on simply. The affidavits are key, obviously. And so I’m still waiting on word on when the affidavits will will come and how quickly can get the plane and get the people.

But for right now, this is the evidence that they needed. I reviewed the Washington documents. They had me review the and try to provide evidence because I’ve reviewed their slides that they gave to Cruz and others to present. And honestly, I was shocked at how lackluster their evidence was. And they’re sitting there yelling at me to get proof that proof. And I’m like, this is all you guys got. We’re in trouble. So I I’m very grateful that we now have the assistance of of the folks abroad that are are handing everything over.

So I have requested Podesta to request these documents. But because of the State Department interference or government agencies that have interfered, we have had many, many, many, many issues in that regard. So that’s made it very difficult for the White House. And I feel so sad for the president because of how bad the betrayal was. So. It’s a lot it’s a lot for him to learn and and it’s made it difficult to solve some of the problems because they’re they’re constantly working against them.

Other questions. Yes, I have a question, Maria.

This is Debbie Georgiades. I would love to ask you this. You my host, I’m in Dallas, Texas, and I host the conservative talk show America. Can we talk? And I have Sidney Powell. Yeah, I love it. OK, thank you. I would love my shows at three p.m. Central Time here in Texas at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. And I wish everyone would love to know if everything you’re talking about today can be talked about in the show.

And then number two is, are you available or someone you would designate to talk about this even today on the show at 3:00?

Great question. Let me double check because I’m trying to get meetings with Rudy and Mark. And so really, that’s my number one priority. But I promise you, I will try to do your show as soon as I can. So let me let me get back to you on that, OK? Totally fine. Yes. And again, 3:00 Central, so 4:00 Eastern and I’m thrilled with everything you’re doing. I’ve been following this, as I’m sure everyone on this call has extremely closely is just the most astonishing attempt.

It’s an election as a coup or coup as election. And I’m thrilled for all the work you’ve done. And so what we were talking about in this phone, this call you’re going to be distributing, I guess, the recording of this call to what you’re saying today. Talk about my show today at 3:00. Let me let Marjorie and Lydia work on the PR plan that’s outside of my realm, they’ll work on that and get with you. So stay in communication with Marjorie and and we’ll figure that out on which basis because we don’t want to blow too much too quick.

And I’m not sure how much the American public can tolerate. It’s easy to say that that happened through Leonardo and a couple of guys loading it. But once you unveil the rest of it, I’m not sure that that that will go very well. And so we believe that one piece should be the first shoe to drop completely understand.

Another question. I want to interfere with the impact and I understand the American people are already overwhelmed with what’s out there and they can’t keep. Track of the players in the domestic international already can’t keep track of it, I completely I respect that very much.

Thank you. I had a question. Yes, it’s Marie. And, you know, on one day, where is where is Trump in all of this? And and the finances, are they coming from him? I have not received any financing. The family you know, some of the guys were very scared. This is Russia collusion. You haven’t shown proof. And they keep saying no proof, no proof. And so with grave risk, we are pulling it out right now.

There will be people who are in harm’s way, Maria, and I’m not sure some of them are going to make it. And it breaks my heart because I begged some of the people around Rudy to not cause this in the way they are. And some of the young folks feel like it’s, hey, you know, we need this now. And I’m like, people will die and they go, we don’t want to hear that. And I’m like, wow, wow.

The president, he he only knows the small part of this. Thank God Marlin may have been with us. And in trying to help educate him, they have asked that he meet with me. He needs to meet with me today. And I it is one of my biggest prayer requests, because if he understood the full gravity of what’s happening, like Jim Jordan Stafford just called me and said, oh, I heard you have some information you want to pass to help the congressman in his testimony.

I’m like, yeah, you could say that, like, are you kidding me? This is not. Oh, I just have a little tidbit for you. It’s the whole enchilada. And so the president is in a situation where he’s having to he’s having to field internal battles in the White House. And it’s not been pretty. And now it’s all about the subject of Italy and other people have gone and acted like they were in charge of this operation.

And I confronted Mark Meadows like and this is my biggest problem. I don’t know if it’s a female thing or what, and I’ve never felt that before. But yet the two women who run the two organizations who did this have never been in a meeting face to face with Mark Meadows or the president. But yet they have invited these mercenaries in and all these other people. They’re running the operation. I’m sorry, who just joined David?

I had to get back on board. OK, so so basically because they’ve never and Mark wants me to give it to them in under three minutes. I can not tell this whole story in under three minutes. It’s impossible. So I’m struggling and maybe that’s one of the prayer requests that you guys can help me find the right words as fast as possible that he can hear and other people hear me and understand the gravity of it and and move what the needs are because the Metellus from the government is there and it’s turned into a government job because people went and said they were doing it and trying to collect the money.

And it’s all these groups out there trying to say they’re solving this election stuff and they want to raise money for their groups and raise exposure. Well, that’s never been our goal. And our team is very low key. Get it done. Move on to the next battle. We’re taking on George Soros. And and it’s it’s it’s pure evil. And I don’t know how the president or the nation is going to take this information. And honestly, my partner is fearing this is going to split America when the whole thing comes out.

That answer. Yeah, somewhat, yes. Maria, this is the girl, and again, I feel really strongly that we need to just stop and pray right now, please, that. Yeah, we really do. And I’ll start if anyone else was join in for the first time alone with Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. And we just thank you for the God that you you see all the plans ahead before we even can think of what plans are.

And Lord God. I asked first of all, like now in the name of Jesus, that you put your hand of protection over Maria oversaving, over everyone involved in this, that you cover them with the ninety first Lord God, that we speak the 90 per psalm over them, that they are under the shelter of your wings, almighty God, at everyone that is involved in this word, God, that you will have your covering over them. Hide those people in plain sight that need to be hidden, that can get truth out, reveal truth, Lord God, no matter who it affects, reveal the truth of what has gone down.

I pray in the name of Jesus that you will give Maria and those people who need to get to see the president, you will give them a favor and audience with him at the end. That needs to be Martinello to decide to get this done and father remove anyone that is a hindrance. I don’t care what their title is, what their name is and who they’re connected with. Remove those impediments. Lord God, that would stop the truth from going forward.

We come against the enemy who is Satan, who is controlling these people in the name of Jesus, Satan. You have no power. You have no power in the name of God, in the name of Jesus is put forward. Father, we just ask that you just bring these things about those people in other countries that are working on this. We ask your divine protection for them. We ask that you give them a favor in all the areas of their life involved with this.

Thank you, Lord God, that you hear your prayer. We ask you that you go forward with this Lord, that we don’t know how we don’t know how it’s going to come about. But you do, Lord. And I just thank you for servants who are willing. I ask you for protection for them. I ask you for finance for them. I ask you for the plane that’s needed for them. Anything that’s needed. Lord, you are more than capable.

We thank you for hearing in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. I would I would just like to say that we need to employ the Holy Spirit with wisdom and with his wisdom and his justice. Let him let him hover over this endeavor and let it let it come to fruition. Lord, please send your Holy Spirit. It is he who guides us. It is he we love we ask all of this in the name of Jesus name. Amen.

Amen. Amen. We are born.

May I be sorry. Yes, right. This is my father came to you in the in the name of Jesus and we declare and we decorate no weapon formed against the same shall prosper. I thank you Lord that you opened doors that no man got. Well the time has been tremendous to be gift. But Father I thank you as are grateful to God. Father, I just asked you go with us for this is Jack Lord. I also thank you when she goes your word promises that were carried before the magistrates that we should take no thought of.

What should we should say? Because the Holy Spirit will give us that in the selfsame hour. That your word we stand on it. Lord Lord, I thank you that you are the great conductor of the universe, Lord, and you are orchestrating this whole thing, Father. And I know that we have a part to play, Lord, but we should cast our care on you and trust you, father. You’ve already shown us by your protection of those abroad, Lord, in places and times when they should have been found out, they passed through Lord without being discovered Lord because you cloaked them in your glory.

And we thank you, Lord, that America was founded by you. It was not founded by us, for it was for your bishop. And so, Lord, we say die will be done on. As it is in heaven and we stand ready for others to do the things that you have us do, and Lord, we do ask for your wisdom. Your words says if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask a God who does not, but give it to all men liberally.

And Lord, we ask for wisdom for our President, Donald J. Trump wisdom beyond any man and father. We come against the Chinese Communist Party that’s trying to orchestrate this thing and bring down President Trump. Lord, we ask that you thwart them in every place and father that you get those of us that go forth to meetings, the proper meetings with the proper people and the proper ears and Lord, that you exclude those that should not be in those meetings that would divulge things.

And we thank you, Father, that your hand is upon this. We see it in every place. And we thank you for your victory because your words, as you always cause us to triumph in Christ and you make manifest the savior of that victory to us and every place. Lord, we will tell this for the rest of our lives, how you delivered us in our time of trouble. And we thank you for it, Lord. We give you every praise and every glory in Jesus.

I mean, I mean, well, thank you so much, Jack and Kate and Caroline and everyone, and I’m very pleased to say I believe we have Miss Marla Maples on the phone. Marla, you there?

Oh, hi, darling. Yes, I’ve been on about 15, 20 minutes hearing everyone. And thank you so much more than anything for you, for your beautiful prayers that just helped strengthen it for the day. Really, Judge, you know how much I love you. You know I support you. And we’re moving it. We’re moving it. We know we’re moving it. And we know God is completely in this. We have everything in the world that we are on the right path and that he he knows and we will just make sure he knows even more.

Today is a big day for everyone. So thank you so much for your continued prayers. And Maria, your fearlessness, of course. Well, I can’t thank you enough, Marla, for having the faith and trust in me, because I know the story unfolding has been quite a whirlwind and I’m just very grateful for your friendship, your support and everything. You’re going to go out on the line for us because it would not be doable without you and Tiffany.

And please, please tell her. Thank you so much. Oh, of course. Of course. Of course. And let’s see what we can accomplish before the rally tonight before you have to go to Georgia, Maria, one on one last night.

And that is that a blessed mother. As Catholics, we know that she is the patroness of the United States of America. And we ask her intercession as we pray, all these beautiful prayers to you and your team and our country. Yes, ma’am. Thank you, Lord and Maria, Maria, this is Linda, and if you can hear who he is coming to Georgia tonight and it’s going to be Air Force One and it’s an hour flight any way you look at it.

We know that congressmen have been in in the capital because of the vote for speaker yesterday, but yet they’re coming to Georgia. So are we able to find out if Barry or Jody, for instance, might be on that plane with him? And if they are on that plane with him, are they in a position to speak your praises or provide any of the details that you’ve not been able to get through to him? Barry actually was a blessing in getting me to Devin Nunes, he called Devin for me and that helped help a little bit.

But they’re also waiting for, quote unquote, the proof. And I’m like, I’ve laid out everything. And I’m like, OK, let me just go solve it all and then smack them with a purse a little harder. So weighing in across the world. And that’s the path, unfortunately, we’ve had to take because of the urgency. And and once we we expose and provide transparency everywhere, that takes the pressure off of the people that are currently targets.

So we’ve been trying to protect them in every way possible. And once, once all. That’s all that I couldn’t wait on on on Congress. I couldn’t wait on some of these bureaucrats because the heat is so high now with the other folks who have tried to go in there. And, you know, it’s hard for anyone to know who the good guys are. The bad guys. If you say you’re calling from the United States government, the Italian Secret Service immediately will not trust you and and rightfully so, because we have disgraced our country of these people who who say they represent the United States.

So I think that there is a way once these articles break, Marjorie will perceive the website and to our Facebook page, if you guys can all get in and start putting them out to the elected officials. And certainly Marla is able to get them in as well. So we we need that push of all the things that are being created overseas for converting into English and getting ready for everyone. We need that push also for the general public and especially in Georgia, especially in areas like Johns Creek summary the the the church network of St.

Bridget’s. It’s so vital because what you’re looking at is, you know, the sixth and fifth and fourth congressional districts and letting people know this happened is huge. And on the election tomorrow. So we will plan a media assault there tomorrow. I may call and talk to some of the reporters and they people Margery’s that if you’re still on, I would love to do that interview. And I think what would be great is if we take that interview and then that can go viral to help instruct and educate the elected officials to stand with it.

So short. And so barring any appointment with Rudy or Curtis or Mark, maybe I’d really like to take you up on that, because I think sending that around that you might think, this is Debbie. I am still on. I would love it. I could do it by phone. Zoome Face time, whatever’s easiest for you, my studio can get you connected in any way. That’s easier said. I’m just going to leave. I mean, I have a show ready in case I don’t have any guests today.

I usually have a guest on Monday, but I’ll push everything aside to do this. So you just let me know. Fantastic. Well, let’s, let’s do it and then just forgive me if unfortunately one of those other meanings pops up, but I will I will be a mess as of now. Maria. Maria. Maria. This me. Is there any chance that time child in Jordan can just remember the president that I tried that I tried it over the weekend and you said Jim staffer.

I said he sent me a text about a senior as possible. So I’ll send him another one that you also have more proof on the on the funds moving. I’ll do my best.

Maria Yeah. They sent me off their staff and, you know, I keep getting sent to staff and I’m so I’m with staff thirty years ago. And it makes me cringe when I hear him being pushed to staff. Berry could be very helpful and he could be a hero to everybody from Barton Berry’s office and said, Berry, get Maria to protest ASAP. And that would dovetail in with what everyone else is doing. I think that would be key.

Yes. Or protest is going to have a national audience tonight, 9:00 p.m. and we know that every news media is going to be showing that rally. If there is anything that you can get to find out who is going to be on that plane. We know that Kelly is going to be there, David. Is still in quarantine, but if you can get Kelly and if you can it it screams that it would be very soon, if you can get that as soon as you can link Susy’s your link, Susie.

Susie can get that from Kelly and can talk to Kelly Loffler. So she placed a call to her. I don’t know if she had the call. So can you coordinate with her? And also you just gave me a great idea. Anyone who can get signs and I don’t care, Posterboard, that say Italy did it debuts publicly in Joltin.

He has to say, I need you to go to Staple’s. I need you to buy the poster boards. I need Italy and I need people waving to the president because if he says it from the podium, then it will go viral. It’ll mean, you know, he knows they’re pretty. I think they’re figuring out he knows. But today they know. He knows that because that’s on national television. Yes. I knew when I got on the front and back so that when you hold the sign up protists is it but also the the the cameras will be from that guy’s front and back.

We know that. OK, next question. Maria. Maria, this is every guys want to quit. They want to ask you I know Congressman Louie Gohmert here from Texas is in regular touch with the president, is definitely on his own litigation wise. He may be another vehicle. I don’t see them touching him at all. Does he know what you’ve been doing? Because he may be another way to get to Trump’s to say you listen to have another name, listen to this person so you get in touch with.

Yes, I actually I don’t have access to him. I have access to his staff, Connie. But it would be lovely if Louie would take the lead. And Emilia. Well, I can listen to him and tell him, but I wanted to say to him, but I was in touch and ask him to call me.

Yeah. Give me my cell phone and ask him to call me personally. And Connie’s well aware of part one. And no one knows part two except you guys, because I just got it overnight. Nobody knows what I told you. OK, so no Maria, right? Yes, yes. Next question. Yeah, this is Tony Maria, what is the official part? Push for Scott for the United States and secondly, if you do that interview this afternoon, if that’s it, can we get a copy of that sent to the group so we can start pushing that, if that’s our start point?

Yes, that would be our starting point. And Debbie will assist, I’m sure, in getting us some links. And Marjorie, when you crack the whip on her, she’ll pull everything together for the United States. So you have at it, guys. Oh. Well, yeah, I don’t think so. You guys know the drill. We have been you know, this is not new to us. We’re well trained. And we were, you know, honestly, God prepared us for this moment.

So, you know, we did those 80 to 100 million social media impressions a week. We know we know what we’re doing. And those gifts, those experiences is what is elevating us to this moment and why, honestly, we were all chosen to be on this call and make this happen and so that it’s go time.

So we once we get to the lake for your interview from tonight, from whatever that show was, I forgot the name. But once we get that interview, we probably will get some requests for interviews from other groups and stuff. Do we have? Yeah, Marjorie is the lead.

And Lydia and Susan, albeit after the next question, where we can go ahead and do this.

If you’ve already asked the question, please let others ask. Maria, this is David Provectus is Barry Loudermilk, chief of staff. I can ask Rob if Barry’s going to be on Air Force One. Is there anything else you want me to find out? No, that would be a good question. That would be great. And get it to Linda, please. Thank you. OK, I’ll do that. OK.

And Maria, I think that we can share the link to watch Perdis tonight because it is going to be a national audience. It is the best fun. And I think if you’re watching the signs, Italy, Italy did. It happened in Italy. I think that will spur questions as well, but I think that’s probably the best thing to do. Nothing like having to be out of office in eight days. I’m going to repeat this contest is going to be out of office in eight days.

We need a hashtag. Can’t come clean as well. It’ll lead debate over CEO A.I..

Here and he. The supplicant. Next question. Well, I know it’s a small offering, but I did tell Linda, this is Rhonda, that I own a private airport and I have an MBA approach. Only people that can come in are people that have my permission or a court order. If you if you land Air Force One in there, I’m in trouble, but. Before deciding on foot runway, correct or correct, with an approach that’s important because people can land it.

Yep, yep. So if I can help you, just let me know. But let me know first. We can do short drill. Yes, OK. I will. I will. Thank you so much. Other questions. Maria, this is Sauri. Hi. Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you. Do you see the hashtag hashtag? Italy did it, but if if it was the defense contractor, why would we put the blame on Italy?

It was actually General Bresciano, who is their commanding leader, who is also the leader of the EU, and he orchestrated it and serves on the board of Leonardo, the contractor. This is a multi country attack. Alexander Next is a name that Debu and others should be researching. I and the team know Alexander well, Cambridge Analytica, who embedded with the with the Cruz campaign and the Trump campaign in 2016. And my sixth and he is the one who has been putting the bounty out.

So we have been infiltrated. Alexander Nix was also involved in government meetings in the United States as late as October on election fraud. So we have been infiltrated to the level that we’ve never seen and we have a lot of cleaning up to do. Next question.

You guys are an easy crowd today for all this news. Let’s go to work first. Yes, we have a lot to do.

So thank you. God bless you guys. Pray for us. Please consider donating. We have the donate button on the website. We have wiring instructions. And if anyone can supply those, any one of those six items listed on the social media, the legal the where we’re in desperate need of a lot of help. And here I’m laying my head down on different pillows every night. Don’t be surprised if we go, guys, but God got us no doubt.

And I’m just so grateful to all of you.

So everything is nations in action, dot org. RG So Nations in Action. Baghead Any questions. Last minute. Go go on. Any last minute prayer. Take a while. We got you girl. Thank you. We’re praying that about. That’s. Why don’t we watch the.

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