General Flynn

General Flynn: We have foreign interference in our election!

This is January 5th, the night that you were about to go into another one of these constitutional dates, January 6th tomorrow, and we still don’t have an outcome for the United States of America to not have the outcome of an election for our ability, our all the capabilities that we have. I have actually been part of taking over countries or running elections in countries in other countries around the world where we say, hey, we’ll be more like us, act more like us.

In fact, we’re going to show you how to do an election for our country, Iraq in your country, Afghanistan in your country. Name the Central American country in the in the 80s. In the 90s.

So anyway, I just this is embarrassing. I totally agree with you. And under the US law, under the State Department, under the U.N., if they’re not poll watchers, if they’re not, you redo the election to politics.

Because I’m a politician. I get into politics because I care about the future of the country. There was I saw the country going towards socialism while I was in uniform. So that’s why I felt so strongly about getting involved in the political process, because I knew if we went a different direction, we wouldn’t have this conversation as a DNA in the American psyche and in the American culture that still exists and that DNA goes all the way back to 1776. General Michael Flynn is here with us, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former national security adviser to President Trump.

Someone attacked and demonized by the globalists. You’re here with us. This is unfiltered. Millions are going to watch this at this critical juncture for our republic. We really appreciate you taking time out on the eve of Trump’s big speech tomorrow. Thank you so much for being with us. What is your call for the American people right now?

Well, my big message is that the the truth is going to come out. Donald Trump will continue to be the president of the United States for the next four years. There’s no doubt in my mind when I’m asked on a scale of one to 10, what’s what’s the scale that you put that Trump will be the next president? I say 10. Without a doubt. That is the truth. Everybody in this country, everybody in the world knows that this election on the 3rd of November was a total rip off.

It was a fraudulent election. We have had foreign interference from multiple countries. All rattle them off here if you want to get into that. And and Donald Trump was the clear winner for the next four days after the third in November from about the fourth through the seventh, eighth of November. They just started stuffing the ballot boxes and everybody knows it. And they got caught. They got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar.

So that’s where we are, just like they got caught on in Russia, just like everything, everything in Russia. So you got four general. Lay it out for people. What really happened?

Yeah. So on on the in terms of the election, what we know is that the election was won by Donald Trump that night, approximately 10 o’clock, 10, 30 at night, 80 to 90 percent of the precincts in nationwide. Trump won hands down, hands down. And then all of a sudden we had this very, very uncertain. You know, the everything stops. We’ve never had that in our country and in our presidential election. So five states shut down.

Joe Biden goes to bed. I mean, he probably never came out of the basement, and so then what happened was they realized they’d be in the Democratic machine. They realized that the algorithms that they put into these Dominion machines and these what’s called E.S.S., which is electronic security systems. Ninety five percent of the of the electronic voting done in this country is done by those two systems, Dominion and E.S.S.. OK, the majority of people in this country don’t even realize that those machines are par and the companies behind them are partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

And you said that you said that months ago. Now it was confirmed. I saw the day that the Congress has proven their connection to China. The Communist Chinese Party paid 200 million in twenty fourteen to the million. And they and they paid in October, I believe it was October of twenty twenty, another four hundred million dollars put into this company. So so we have we have clear evidence of a foreign interference, which is all the the the president’s executive order describes in the executive order from twenty eighteen.

He reinstituted it in twenty nineteen he reinstituted it again in twenty twenty. And so we are essentially in a national emergency that the president has already declared. He just has to decide whether to execute some of those procedures that that that are within well within his authority. So we have foreign interference from China, we have foreign interference from Serbia.

We have foreign interference from Italy, from Spain, from Germany. And then on the on the 30th of October, twenty twenty. So a couple of days before the November election and then on the 3rd of November, the FBI and See-Saw, which is that guy Krebs. Right. Krebs, who came out and said, hey, there’s no foreign interference at all. About a week after the election, CISA is a Homeland Security Cyber Security Agency on the 30th of October, twenty twenty and on the 3rd of November, Bolton, in what’s called a joint intelligence advisory to the FBI and CISA, issued an advisory saying that Iran is mucking around in our in our election system.

They were doing it on the 3rd of November, which is the day of the election. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security both said there’s foreign interference in our election on Election Day by the country of Iran. So for anybody to say that we haven’t had foreign interferences is full of it. There’s there is our US government agencies, whether you want to trust the FBI or not, I I have my doubts about the FBI.

But regardless, you know, we as you said, we have them claiming that Russians got Trump elected with no evidence. Now we have the EU, the communist Chinese. Iran with these Confucius Institutes and all that. I mean, health. China tells Hollywood what they can put in movies now. Yeah. And they’re all actually owns Hollywood. They own Hollywood. Speak to that place. You know, they I mean, the the level of influence inside and the ownership.

I mean, just the flat out ownership.

You know, if people knew what the Chinese party, basically the Chinese government was doing inside of this country for, frankly, the last thirty years, I mean, it’s astounding inside of our academic institutions.

It’s in our in our banking systems and our tech systems and in our Hollywood and within Hollywood or in our moviemaking capability. So when you begin to look at that, and I would call it the real estate. So if you look at what real estate is being purchased by China, it exists in all walks of of of America’s life. And I think the Hollywood component of it is a big deal. All you gotta do is look at some of these big companies that are that are living out, that are living in Fulton County, Atlanta.

OK, so why is Fulton County, Atlanta, such a big deal right now? Why is there so much scrutiny being paid on Fulton County, Atlanta, which is one of the largest voting counties in the country, in fact, Fulton County, Maricopa County and Wayne County up in Michigan, Maricopa County in Arizona. Those are the top voting counties in the country this this election. And what we know the Chinese party has done not not since Donald Trump came into office, but probably for the last thirty years, certainly since the mid nineties, since the Clinton era of the mid 90s.

And what they have been doing when you think about it and I’ll just talk about our academic institutions, when you think about our colleges and universities, graduate and undergraduate, they’ve been sending upwards of about three hundred thousand students a year and into our institutions, those are just students. They come here for one year, they go back home, they come here for another year. They go back home, they graduate and they graduate in the science, technology, engineering and math arenas.

They’re not keeping that that intellect here. They’re taking it right back home. And they’ve been doing it for decades.

So they stole our brain trust. The system moved heaven and earth to falsely indict you, to keep you from giving Trump good, patriotic, pro-American advice because you were somebody that believed in America and you were not a traitor. So now they try to silence you. They failed. You’ve come to the fire as a Phoenix. What is your advice right now to President Trump and the American people, regardless of what happens in the next 15 days? Because they wanted to silence you for a reason, because they knew you were a real person who cared about America, cared about truth.

So, General Flynn, they want to silence you. Your voice is one of the one of the I’ll tell you one of the pieces of the conversation I have with Donald Trump the day that he called me up about the pardon. He says you’re since you’re the cleanest guy in America, he says you’re probably the cleanest guy in the world. And I said, no, Donald, you’re the cleanest guy in the world because they have dug into your rear end so far and they found nothing.

And I said, I know that I know what what they would have found in my life. And it’s nothing, you know, maybe maybe some ugly fight that I get in. When I was a kid in high school with a guy like you, sometimes, you know, I don’t know if I take you on, you probably mean I’m but I’m being a little facetious about that. But that was part of it, was that they dug into my life so far back.

And I’m talking about back years.

Oh, I know. I’ve just started in twenty seventeen or when the president won the last election. I go interview everybody. You do it. Everybody looked into every every single part of my life. They were listening to all my communications or watching all my text, looking at all my bank accounts, everything. They found nothing. What they knew was, is that I knew what they knew. And I think that that’s a that’s a that’s a powerful statement, actually.

Say that again. Exactly. That’s about say that what they knew, what they knew, what they knew is what I is what I know, what they know. OK, I mean, essentially how this system operates. When Chuck Schumer said that the intel about Donald Trump and he said that they have six ways to Sunday, the intelligence community have six ways to Sunday to basically screw you, then that that ought to send a message that ought to send a chill down everybody’s spine.

Right. In this country. That should never be the case. Yet that is, in fact, the case. And it’s still the case in some degrees to some degree. So what we’re facing is we’re facing institutions in this country that have that have lost sight of who they work for. They work for the American people they work for. We’re the people. They don’t work for the institution. But that’s what this town has become. So why we call this the swamp, why we call this the deep state, the amount of corruption that we are now seeing that has been exposed by this election is outrageous.

It’s despicable. And and just to give you one little example, because it outraged me today, and I’ve already spoken to a couple of different people about this today. Everybody knows about Josh Hawley. Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri came to his house. So they saw Josh Hawley is back back in the state of Missouri. He’s doing a little campaigning back there. And he’s got kind of whatever he’s doing, he’s he’s getting rid of how the people of Missouri feel before he comes back tonight.

Well, his his family. And they probably don’t even want to be talking about it because they’re so private. But his family, his wife, young wife, pregnant here. We got Antifa pounding on her door, basically attacking her home terrorists and terrorists, terrorizing a United States senator and his family because he’s standing up for the Constitution. So even though I might be sitting right now, my stand is for the Constitution, my stands for this country.

Back to your question. What about Donald Trump? You know, honestly, at the end of the day, I think the guy’s terrific. He’s been a great president. He’s basically tried to follow. He’s tried it. He has tried to meet every promise that he has stated. But I don’t really care about Donald Trump on stage at this stage. It’s not about him anymore. This is about the presidency of this country. This is about the constitution of this country for the Supreme Court to fail to act, to abdicate their responsibility like they did with the Texas suit lawsuit that they said there’s no standing because Trump they ganged up on you threw the wolves.

He’s a good guy. But you’re saying it’s totally true. It’s about our institutions. It’s got to be like there was a guy that I could if there was a person who could be vindictive against Donald Trump, you’re looking at it. I mean, I could stand all day and that son of a gun, some, you know, look at what he did to me. It’s not Donald Trump that did it. It’s these institutions. They voted him into it.

And it’s the last thing bullying. It’s the last administration that lied to him and the last administration set him up through through a variety of little deceitful, you know, plays that they had in this little game that they’re playing, which is a big game. And it’s all about access to power and in basically ruling this country. So Donald Trump coming into the presidency the last go around, he I don’t believe he realized that it was this bad, but this is bad.

He said that. He said, I can’t believe it’s investigate was false. The impeachment was false, you know, we won’t get into a conversation about covid, maybe we’ll talk about that or no get it right now. But but the whole this whole thing got 10 minutes to finish. Tell us. Well, if I if I walk out the door, I got to put my mask on because apparently the door blocks covid, but I got to put my mask on if I walk out the door.

But if I sit down today with you here, I don’t have to wear my mask. So there’s something weird about it. At 10:00 at night in the restaurants that I go to, the restaurants close at 10:00. Why? Because covid comes out at 10:00. I mean, the stupidity, it’s all about arbitrary power. It’s huge arbitrary power.

And and I think that when we look back, because then the next four years, Trump is going to continue to be the president. So what priorities does he set to to really take a hard look at, you know, in addition to making sure that the world stays peaceful, but also creating an economy that we’re all about the way?

General Flynn, I’m not in the military like you, not highly decorated like you. And I get you’re in a war. You got to wave the flag to get people to fight or if they collapse, we’re in lose. And I agree, Trump won by two, three, four or five margins. He barely won those battleground states.

He probably got somewhere between three hundred and fifty and four hundred Electoral College votes. Exactly. No kidding. It was a massive landslide because when they froze the votes that night on the I guess the morning of November 4th, he he wasn’t winning by half a point like he won last time.

It was three, four, five, six points. Right. So I get what you’re saying. But regardless, they are selling this giant fraud. They’re selling this huge takeover. And so for me, when you talk about Trump as our president, you’re right, Alex. They’re censoring they’re censoring the president of the United States of America.

I mean, who what country does that Senate hearings on election fraud are censor. I agree. That’s not that’s that’s not even censorship. That’s Cartel. This is January 5th, the night that you were about to go into another one of these constitutional dates, January six tomorrow. And we still don’t have an outcome for the United States of America to not have the outcome of an election for our ability, our all the capabilities that we have. I have actually been part of taking over countries or running elections in countries in other countries around the world where we say, hey, we’ll be more like us, act more like us.

In fact, we’re going to show you how to do an election free country. Iraq in your country, Afghanistan in your country. Name the Central American country in the in the eighties, in the 90s. So anyway, I just this is embarrassing.

Oh, I totally agree with you. And under the US law, under the State Department, under the U.N., if they’re not pollwatchers, if there’s not, you redo the election. So so what do you think President Trump should do? What should we, the people do with 15 days out from this communist Chinese agent, Joe Biden? They’re trying to install? One one of the potential outcomes of tomorrow is is a basically is a ten day pause, which is which is very possible coming out as a ten day pause for a select number of states to do a recount, to retaliate and not just do what Georgia did the first time around, which is take a bunch of phony ballots and run them through the machines and you get the same outcome.

But actually look at the ballots and making sure that those ballots are constitutional, that they’re not back dated like we had back dated ballots, I think in Michigan signatures or dead voters. It’s like I said to one U.S. senator, is one dead voter OK? Because I buried soldiers before. And I’m telling you, those soldiers that I buried, they would not they wouldn’t want to have one dead voter count for anything. All they had somebody voting in their name.

But if we if we talk about like Pennsylvania, the number of dead voters that voted in Pennsylvania or more or more people then are buried in the Gettysburg National Battleground, I mean, just think about that for seventy five hundred people are buried in Gettysburg. Right. One of the most famous battles of our civil war. And we have more dead voters in Pennsylvania than our buried there. That’s that’s insane. How do we allow ourselves to get there? Wisconsin Wisconsin has, according to a member of Congress from that state, have two hundred forty two thousand fraudulent votes.

So what are you going to do about it, their senator or congressman? I mean, why aren’t they throwing them out? Well, I mean, it’s just the court doesn’t want bullshit. The courts are not what is going to win this thing.

It’s it’s all it’s all will. It’s political because because I saw, according to, I think, the overall good guy, Senator Cotton of Arkansas, he goes, oh, well, we can have overriding the states. Well, why is it in the Constitution?

Three days ago, Tom Cotton came out, said, hey, I’m going to stand up and I’m going to stand up for the president on the sixth three days. And I think it was Saturday and I think it was either last night or the night before last. All of a sudden he switches. Why? I mean, what what happened to Tom? I got to take it up on the mountain.

Big fan of his. What so and what was he told on top of the map? But let’s talk about the Constitution just briefly, the moment you got to go.

First up, in General Flynn, this is amazing interview three branches, coequal legislative.

So let’s talk about that, because I know I know the direction you’re going to go.

Well, my point is this is super important. We do. We have three coequal branches of government. OK, but if you read the Constitution, there’s one person that gets voted on by the majority of people in this Congress, in the United States. He’s the leader.

When the president puts his hand on the Bible, when he takes his oath of office, there’s only one person in this country that takes that oath of office.

I’ve taken ordering, not a unitary executive. The president has like one percent above it, the president of the United States.

So you have three coequal branches. But the president is actually he’s not he’s not a branch.

He is he is a person voted on by the majority of the of this country. And it’s not by happenstance that the oath of office that the president of the United States takes. If you go back and you look at the founding fathers and the arguments that they had, actually, and for those that want to dig into it, it’s federalist paper number 73. And you look at it as to why they chose those words, because the president, the United States has a responsibility to protect the Constitution.

Everybody else can can scream about it. The courts can say we’re not going to do anything about it, like the like the Supreme Court did. But the president has the responsibility, the duty and the authority to act. And it’s above the others because there’s something called national security. And national security, for all intents and purposes, is the responsibility of one person, and that’s the United States president.

And that’s the will at the moment of the attack exactly as the president, as the new codes, because you can’t have Congress that everybody around the president tells him is trying to tell them what to do.

Everybody is trying to tell them what to do. And the president has to stand there in his own boots, like like Abraham Lincoln or George Washington or or other presidents that we’ve had in our history who have had to make incredibly, incredibly difficult decisions. He is in one of those moments, I call it a crucible moment in the history of this country. Unprecedented. Donald Trump is standing in those shoes and he’s standing in those shoes by himself. And that’s why you were there a few weeks ago.

They desperately try to keep from the president because it’s true to Tricon global takeover. And the president is standing at that moment in history, not as an authoritarian, as a liberator, care that they got caught either.

So that’s the other thing about this. It’s like when people in this country, they can’t fathom what’s happened. They kind of look and they go, oh, my God, what’s going on? I don’t want to lose hope. These people don’t care that they got caught. And you know why they don’t care because nobody’s ever held them accountable for anything, ever gotten in trouble. That’s the key. No retribution and no accountability. So how do we hold them accountable?

So while this president’s going to continue on and off, they did not want that to happen. And they’re going to try every damn thing that they can. The intimidation tactics that we saw against against Josh Hawley’s wife is just scratching the surface, the kind of stuff that we see with all this talk about my little buddy, Representative Swalwell, Charlie’s Angel. Wow. Wow. Big time. He’s a member of the Intelligence Committee. He’s been for four years bashing the president for treason, the kind of of of language that he used against me and my family.

And this son of a gun is sleeping with the enemy because you know what? He’s got no morals. And frankly, the spies that that that that sucked him in because of his weak fiber, they know he’s gotten that they have no morals as well. That’s how they operate. So I bring up Swalwell just like I. I look at what they did to terrorists, to a United States senator and his family in terms of an intimidation tactic. They don’t care if they got caught.

You think the Chinese cared that they got that they Swalwell got caught? Maybe he got caught because it was a diversion. They probably I say that we’re scratching the surface and I know this. We’re scratching the surface with the type of infiltration that we have in all of our general. We’re at war with communist China. We’re at war with the globalists. And Americans better understand if Joe Biden gets in, he wants to put his foot on our necks forever.

If we if we allow a lie to take us into our future, we will never have the constitutional republic that we have right now. I mean, these days, these demonstrations and peaceful protests that are happening right outside the window here, all of these people from all across the country. And frankly, I know that there’s actually people from all across the world that showed up for this historic moment. We they know everybody knows that there’s this fleeting thing called democracy.

And it’s and it’s the United. It’s the idea of the United States of America when when we created this thing. Two hundred and whatever. Forty two or forty seven years ago. It was created on an idea wasn’t perfect, in fact, the founders knew it wasn’t perfect, but they said we’re going to get it as close to perfect as possible. They studied every aspect of human history, every aspect of the failures of nation states, and they said, this is how we’re going to do this.

We are going to form a more perfect union. We’re going to have this beautiful thing called the Bill of Rights. So when they did that, they knew and they and they had the vision, thank God. I mean, some of these most of these guys, Thomas Jefferson was probably the oldest one, was thirty three years old. Most of these guys were in their 20s. People think they were a bunch of old guys sitting around with wigs on their heads.


These guys were young men and they and they had fought tyranny. And they had they had decided that they wanted to sacrifice their lives in order to have this kind of an idea.

And so here we are, two hundred and fifty years later, and we’re fighting still for something that that they knew we were going to have to fight for. And you not feel the energy outside. Absolutely. It makes me research in closing. Yeah. This is a movement. This is about humanity. This is about human empowerment. And it’s happening. These people are modern day patriots. So the and I think it’s going to be five million people here tomorrow.

I mean, it’s a million man. I think it’s going to be I think there’s going to be millions of people here today or tomorrow. Actually, there’s probably a million out there now all up and down the the mall. They’re everywhere. They’re everywhere these people are. And that’s that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing. So these are people that are modern day patriots. Now, the one thing that I do know is that if you’re looking at somebody that, you know, in a way I didn’t get into politics because I’m a politician.

I get into politics because I care about the future of the country. There was I saw the country going towards socialism while I was in uniform. So that’s why I felt so strongly about getting involved in the political process, because I knew if we went a different direction, we wouldn’t have this conversation today. And that’s my point. Whatever happens to Trump, he is the president. He did win whatever they do. And I’m not getting the war. We’ve got to be confident, say Trump’s the winner.

He is the winner. But regardless, America is awake. We rejected Joe Biden. If they’re able to stick him in there, I see it defeat him even worse. I’m not trying to get ready for Joe Biden presidency. I’m just saying talk about an occupational government public. The French talk about like some puppet. I mean, this doesn’t work well.

Had we not defeated Adolf Hitler, we’d all be kneeling at the altar of Nazi ism. OK, that wasn’t that many years ago, OK? Seventy five years ago, right. Nineteen forty five is when the war ended. The United States of America was only involved in a real big physical way for only two and a half years. We think it was lasted for decades at war actually did last for decades.

But but when we entered, we entered to win. The Patriots that are standing out there know that we won. They know that we won. And so what they’re saying, what they’re telling Washington, D.C., what they’re telling their federally elected representatives, the members of the House and the members of the Senate, is that we’re here to tell you that you better you better follow the truth, because the truth is what is going to come out one way or the other.

And if you want to be on the other side of the truth, you know, then we’ll be tied, because I’m going to tell you, these people are not going to settle for something that was a lie.

They’re just not. I mean, I can feel it. You can feel it. Those the million people that are out there on on Tuesday night in the rain, they feel it. They feel it. The millions and millions of people around this country, they feel. Well, General Flynn, I saw you. The speeches were in closing and there were all these great speeches. But you seem to be on fire. Seems like you’re just being yourself now.

You’re all out.

Yeah. I mean, you know, hell, I waited four years.

I suffered for four years, you know, and actually, when people say to me, you know, I feel so sorry for you, I tell them, don’t feel sorry for me, don’t have any pity on me, feel sorry for this country, because look at what they’ve done. Look at what they did to me to take me away from being able to do something I’m very capable of doing. Look at what they did to the president of the United States and they’re still doing to him.

This is this of this fraudulent election is only it’s basically another stage in this effort to get rid of to get rid of somebody who stepped in their way and got in their way to take power from them for a period of time.

They want power back. Exactly. It’s not that Trump Trump means well, he’s not barbarianism, are you, that he was actually being the president and they’re bad that like, no, you’re not the president. This bureaucracy is.

Right. Right. And that’s what people in Washington, DC have forgotten that and I said it earlier, these are people that are here in these institutions and they actually think that they come to work every day. And they they you know, they work for the institution. They don’t work for the institution.

All these bureaucrats here in Washington, D.C. And, you know, I’m hope I’m looking at a lot of hope, hope a lot of them, because they know a lot of them know me and they know that I call them wall walkers. And sometimes some cases because they walk along the walls and they don’t want to be bothered. They just want to come into work and leave work and nobody’s going to task them for anything. OK, the institutions work for the American people, and that’s what we have forgotten in this country, these institutions of government, these institutions of power.

It it has been going on for a long time, Alex, and you could say, well, we’ve had these kind of examples for a long time. And that’s true. That’s true. But all of a sudden, it’s it’s now been exposed in such a way. And there’s a takeover of our country by these institutions and by the by these powers outside of our country. They’ve sold us out to China and others. It’s time to think they own us.

We’re saying, no, you don’t you don’t own us. There’s a there’s a DNA in the American psyche and in the American culture that still exists and that DNA goes all the way back to 1776.

Well, you’re about to give a big speech out here to this million person crowd. General Flynn, amazing meet you in person. God bless you. Thanks. I really appreciate you, General. That was amazing. Graham Russell. Hey, but seriously, this is what it’s all about, Guy. And no one ever wants to do this. It’s people like you. You should write a book. Yeah, I would definitely read that book.

And you should just I get it. You do these interviews. You’re either selfless, but where do people visit you? Website. Your book, where? Well, here’s what I would say to people if they want to help this, cause you go to, And that’s Sidney Pol’s fighting. She’s fighting. Sidney Pol’s client is the American people. And that’s why I’m here, too, because she helped me.

And I’m Stan.

I’m going to stand right by her side and we’re going to an American shouldn’t run from those that are attacking you or I’d be fearless. No, whoever’s being attacked is so good. Right, right. We love you, General. Thank you.

And now I realize he would be signaling to the people who have control over things in the economy and they could take some steps. But if we can organize together, I feel like that could be an effective thing that we could do to keep our own local community safe. That’s right, brother.

It is a spiritual war and we see the enemy attacking. That’s because the enemy knows it’s in trouble. It’s been forced out in the open. So what’s negative as this is at one level, I see it as very, very positive at others.

So people need to organize and they need to stand on the foundation of reality that God has provided us through Jesus Christ and the people who brought that message to the world and understand that we have God on our side because the literal essence of his truth is written in his words and communicated to humanity.

It is awakening and Jesus Christ is king. Not David Rockefeller, not Bill Gates, not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, but Jesus Christ is king. And God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy. So as dark as some of these days are, understand this is the beginning of a great revival. Before the Antichrist comes just another brand in here with just another Channel four in Washington, D.C. here stopping this deal, folks.

It was a 20, 30 hour drive from Texas to D.C. nonstop. And I’ve got to give it up to Turbo Force Infowars store dotcom. I’d like to thank Alex Jones. Thank Infowars dotcom for Turbo Force, because if it weren’t for Turbo Force, we would have had to stop, get some rest and probably get here the next day. And who wants to get here the next day when you can just drink Turbo Force from Infowars, store dotcom and get here on time, go to Infowars, store dot com and get yours today.

All of that turmoil for Greece problem do Representative Joe Black documents. I love you in and your baby born, I think to stop fighting that I’m a proud because I’m a kangaroo and shout out to my son who was. My back on the and just the occupation of Iraq on the. George W. Bush today all the.

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