Mike Lindell: 100% Donald Trump will be the president the 4 years!

Hello, everyone, heading to heading off for this week, this historical week. I’m actually going to be meeting with General Flynn, Sidney Powell, everybody on my team. What is stuff going on that I can’t say? All I want to do is give everybody confidence that Donald Trump is gonna be your president for the next four years. All this there are very much afraid. All the evidence that I know is there is going to come out this week.

And I want everybody praying, everybody praying for protection for everybody that’s standing up to these guys, for our country. This is the only time we have in history to beat these guys to to suppress the evil and and beat the evil. This is it’s a blessing that we’re time we’re in we’re on election night that they have. Donald Trump got so many votes that actually broke the algorithms of the machines. This is all going to be revealed. If we if that hadn’t happened, if all of you hadn’t voted in our country, if we had not voted with because of this great president, if those algorithms would not have broke and we wouldn’t be sitting here talking right now, we would all went to bed.

They would have had would have been over in the morning. And but because he got six million more votes than what they expected, which is close to 80 million, and that’s all come out. I only got sixty eight million if that I mean, they are but they are. You’re going to see all these things. I’m heading out now from Minnesota and I’m going to keep you all updated. We’re actually going to do a filming. I’m going to get something filmed when we’re presenting all the evidence so that you all can see this.

I want I want America to see what I’ve seen all the evidence, because this is this isn’t something where we can ever get complacent on, this fight for everything. We’ve grown up with, everything we live for, everything this country stands for, the whole world is watching. And one hundred percent, Donald Trump is going to be your president the next four years. We cannot I don’t want anyone out there to lose the faith. Everybody keep praying.

And if you’re looking to pray for a pray for for God’s will here and for protection from all the people involved, and I’ll say it once again if you check it out, the guy that I helped out get the finance, the evidence for the paper ballots, his house just got shot today in Georgia. So anybody that thinks this stuff isn’t real, think again, it’s as real as it gets. There’s no more, there’s nothing in the in the in the history in history.

There’s never been a takeover like this, that this is what they’ve attempted here with these crimes against humanity. So anyway, let some God bless you all and I’m going to give you updates as we go in the next four days bye.

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