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Mike Lindell Assures Us President Trump Will Still Win!

Hello, everybody, here in Washington, D.C., everybody’s been texting me, wanting to put on a video of you guys, I’m going on Newsmax and at five twenty Eastern. Let me give you a couple of things to do to set your minds at peace here. First of all, the riots you’re seeing on TV, it’s a joke, by my nieces were down there and they said ninety-nine point ninety-nine percent was it was just peaceful protests. There was there might have been some people that the ones that broke in, they seemed to break in early.

And for all we know, they could have been plants. I mean, you’re not seeing riots like you’ve seen with the left when they attacked our cities. These are people are very frustrated because the vice-president sent a letter out, I guess, saying he wasn’t going to go or send the overturn the election basically is what everybody’s telling me. Well, that’s not what is that’s not what’s going to happen here. What’s going to happen is he’s going to listen to everything, all these states and what they’re asking for.

And what I’ve been working with General Flynn, with Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and you hear Rudy on TV. All they’re asking is ten days to it. It’ll be a committee to actually look into the fraud, which I know I’ve seen it. It’s there’s so much fraud that every state is going to be turned over.

It was the biggest election corruption in the history. And Donald Trump’s going to be our president for four more years.

If we let the evidence be shown, which is what they’re going to have to do, you can’t just, you know, shut this down. And that’s what this whole purpose is, that you’re going to go through each state that contest. The vice-president, the vice-president then should say, hey, we’ll do this ten day committee, which they did before they did in 1876. I believe you’ll have a committee for ten days. And and they look into all the evidence.

Once they see the evidence, it’s over. And then this is all is so disgusting when you have just dead people that voted in one state. And that’s enough to flip the election in that state. So there’s so many things out there. It’s you guys have peace. I’m 100 percent Donald Trump’s going to be our president for four more years. This was this wasn’t going to be a day like you all expect to just go, oh, he’s president, you know, I mean, that’s this had to play out like this.

And by the way, anybody that has seen those the two senators that they stole yesterday from us in Georgia, that was for myself. I was in a way hoping that would happen because it gave us a lot more evidence last night. They did the same exact thing with the machines. I was with General Flynn and all this all this. They were getting watch closely last night and sure enough, they did it again. So now they still out.

But now we you know, if you all need to realize is they already even if they won both them Senate seats, if they gave it to them as corruptly, of course, because they decide who wins. But they already had people in the Senate planted that. We’re going to pack the Supreme Court, flip the drop the filibuster, all these things. So this is the battle we’re in. The battle we’re in is now this is historical. It’s God’s got his hand in all this.

And it’s going to be absolutely amazing. This got to play out. It’s got a manifesto. But don’t believe everything you’re seeing on on the news. I mean, they’ve made they’ve made like I said, my nieces were down. There are people from from a lot of people from Minnesota actually down there. And they they all came back and said they didn’t see any of that. But I think there was some stuff early on within TI for that.

You know, I think they were plants there. They’ve actually got pictures of guys that was in a Black Lives Matter thing in Arizona a while back. And he was dressed the same like a Trump supporter this time. And so that’ll come out, too. But but either way, that’s the part that bothers me as they did up to shut down getting going through each state. Because when they do give us the ten days, that’s kind of a timing thing, too.

And and by the way, too, I want to say one more thing before I go on air. I, I don’t know if everybody realized this, but this thing isn’t the end game here. No matter what happens here, you have the Supreme Court and you also have an inauguration that in our in our country’s history that was delayed one time. Ninety days. I don’t know if you all know that. That was when that was during the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln, it was delayed 90 days before an inauguration. Well, you know, we’re in this is the most, I don’t know, the biggest crime ever committed in an election in history of the world. And the whole world is watching. And as soon as the you know, I think Rudy said it today, just show us all the evidence are show. I mean, show the evidence. Let us show the evidence. Let us show the world this, put it on TV.

Let’s just put it on TV and everybody here it is. And then everybody will know the truth. And you avoid civil war because the people on the left are going to go, well, I don’t like Donald Trump, but he did win and he won by millions of votes. These Dominion machines, the most corrupt thing in human history, what these machines do, one point two four to bine point seven six to Donald Trump. This isn’t even all the organic corruption.

The dead people. I don’t know if you all heard the president today listed off. This has been I mean, you take Georgia, take the dead people that voted and take the miners that voted that weren’t old enough to vote. And right there, that flips Georgia. This is a common sense thing. How can you look at this? You don’t even have to use the corrupt Dominion machines. Just go to state to state. Arizona and Georgia is so corrupt and it’s the GOP to it’s it’s the Republicans there.

I think you heard the president say that Doug Ducey, Brian Kemp, the secretary of state. But anyway, I’m going to go on. I just wanted to give you guys a recap. It’s actually going out. It’s going down the way, the way it supposed to go down and we have to there’s either no matter what the evidence is going to be shown to the world and to the American people. And when it is shown, we all know that Donald Trump’s our president for the next four years.

So talk you all a little bit. God bless you.

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZTaISuKrHg

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