New Affidavit Neal David Sutz 1-21-21


My name name is Neal David Sutz. I am an American Citizen. born on September 16. 1970. in Westchester County. New York. and acquired Swiss Citizenship through my late mother who was born in Switzerland on May 5. 1932.

I have been living in Switzerland since June of 2017. My son and stepson were unlawfully seized by the SPMi (Child Protective Services) of Geneva, Switzerland, after my ex wife and I moved ourselves and our two sons. then 3 and 7. to Geneva. from Arizona. to protect our own children and escape her step father. her mother and her brother. who were proven to be involved in pedophilia and child pornography.

On November 13. 2020. following the media-announced results of the 2020 US Elections

indicating that Joe Biden had won as President. I began to do some basic research as to how it would have been numerically possible for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to have received more popular votes than our incumbent President. Donald J. Trump. based on the fact that the pre-election gatherings. parades. PR. etc. had clearly shown, despite Any media narrative, that there were clearly many more American Citizens prepared to vote for Trump/Pence than for Biden/Harris on November 3rd.

Because there had been significant talk in the media. and especially by President Trump. of mail-in-voting over the previous 9 months, as well as the inherent security risks therein. and I had read, being here in Switzerland. that Switzerland had used e-voting in the past. I started to do some basic research.

I began to use various keyword combinations in my searches on Google, such as ‘Switzerland e-voting” – “Switzerland elections” etc. In a very short time, I found the first documentation that spoke of Scytl and Switzerland, which led me to begin an exhaustive search to understand the subject of e-voting and Switzerland.

Doing my research from a computer located in Switzerland, i.e. a Swiss IP address, which, as one knows, will offer different Google results than had I been searching from an American IP address. I started seeing many documents and articles from Swiss media and the Swiss Postal Service, in English called, Swiss Post, and began to see various irregularities. It was at that point that I began to change my keyword combinations in my Google searches to include, for example, “Switzerland e-voting USA” – “Switzerland US elections” etc. I then came upon my first documentation which clearly explained, in the Lucerne, Switzerland newspaper among other Swiss media outlets, that Switzerland had used e-voting in the past and had had major issues regarding a “back door” that Swiss-government-solicited,” professional hackers had found when they were challenged to do a “security check” on the version of the e-voting software.

Through extensive research, I very rapidly discovered that Switzerland’s experience with e-voting had so many irregularities that it was beyond a simple anomaly. I kept coming across the names, “Scytl” and “La Poste” (La Poste is the French language version of Swiss Post).

I soon found the documentation which indicated that Swiss Post. the deregulated Federal Postal Service, which had been a part of PTT in the past, and was still owned by the Swiss Government, but which was allowed to function. “independently.” had not only acquired the Sole Rights to the Scytl software source code from Scytl during their bankruptcy. but more interestingly that Swiss Post had, in fact. co-developed the original e-voting software. in partnership with Scytl. and had decided to put their e-voting program. Federally and Cantonally, “On Hold” due to such a high security risk, with the Government-solicited hackers having irrefutably proven to Swiss Post management. hence the Swiss Government. that the Scytl e-voting software was not only able to “flip votes without being noticed,” but more concerningly, that the Scytl software and whomever maintained the Sole Rights to the software and its source code, could monitor, study and even manipulate remotely. from Any location in the world, any piece of hardware which would process any votes in which was contained version of Scytl’s software.
As the initial allegations of potential voter fraud being published in The United State of America alluded to things such as remote access. sudden influxes of vote batches irregular to the typical pattern intake of votes. USB drives having been attached to the voting hardware that were processing American citizen’s ballots for the November 3rd election. etc. I knew something was awry.
I rapidly put together all the evidence legally accessible regarding the Scytl-Switzerland-US Elections connections, using every keyword combination I could come up with. read through all the articles. websites. documents. studies. etc. printed all of them out. laid them out in a room and began to tie those pieces of information together. When i had gathered all the relevant evidence to show that Switzerland’s Swiss Post had co-developed the Scytl software over years past, purchased the Scytl source code when the company. Scytl, went bankrupt due to Scytl’s market failure, unsuccessfully used a version of that software in their own country’s elections. knew and had admitted publicly that there was a. “back door that allowed votes to be switched without being noticed,” stopped allowing that software to be used in their own country’s elections, “until further investigation and correction,” BUT THEN, against all, common, international fiduciary responsibility sold to and allowed The United States of America to unwittingly use the Scytl software in the 2020 US Elections, without having warned the USA of the blatant security flaws in that software, I first published my blog during the 14th and 15th of November.
On November 21st, I was asked to do an interview with ByoBlu, Italy’s largest independent TV, an interview which not only garnered a massive viewing audience, but more interestingly an interview to which the Swiss Post and the Swiss Government did Not respond in any manner whatsoever – no denial, no admission and most interestingly, no accusations of defamation against me, which would have been the standard Swiss practice of shutting down a, “fake news story.”

Over the next 36 hours, having received more incoming contacts than I could possibly respond to, still at that moment with not a single attempt to discredit me, the evidence I had published, nor a single word I had said in my interview, I decided to dig deeper into the possibility of other, “Switzerland-US Election” connections_ What I found was shocking, to say the very least.
I have, however, been threatened and had suspended all telephone communication between myself and my two sons who are both still being held by Geneva, Switzerland’s Child Protective Services, now for nearly 3.5 years.
The cover up of Switzerland and their involvement in the US 2020 Election is massive and ongoing_
I conducted over 22 hours of non-stop research on this aspect and found massive amounts of such connections, including political, financial, social and international links between the Scytl software, Scyti the company, as well as Smartmatic, CITCO and Dominion – In short, I rapidly discovered that Switzerland, from as early as 1965, had been involved – from investment, to politicly, to socially, to pharmaceutically in then present day to the Covid-19 pharma industry and massive lockdown – in the “voting industry” in countries outside of Switzerland, most particularly in Venezuela.
In resume, I offer this Affidavit as a certified statement that the evidence which I have published and more importantly the complete evidence file which I have provided to Joseph Flynn, originally in early December of 2020, then again on January 15, 2020 to Sidney Powell via my contact in Italy, was all obtained legally, from public access, cross-referenced and verified information, none created by me, none being theoretical and all Never questioned or denied by any Swiss, American or other Authorities and I have not once, since the original date of my initial evidence release on November 15th, been in any manner challenged, discredited or directly challenged as the to the authenticity and credibility of any single, or whole, part of the financial, software, political or pharmaceutical aspects of said evidence which I have published, interviewed about or transferred to Joseph Flynn, the media or any other parties.
Hence, all such evidence and alleged allegations are, unquestionably, with total and complete merit and, if used immediately, can irrefutably prove numerous aspects of the total and complete fraud and cover up of the 2020 US Elections, who was involved, how they made the fraud and how they covered it up, from Arizona all the way to Switzerland and back.
Signed, under oath of Truth, on this day, January 16, 2021, in Ticino, Switzerland.

Neal David Sutz


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