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Switzerland Connection: Switzerland’s involvement in US voter fraud

Neal Sutz is a Swiss and American citizen. In all likelihood, he would never have imagined becoming famous, but fate has put him at the center of an international intrigue. In practice, Sutz played a decisive role in denouncing Switzerland’s involvement in US election fraud.

The Swiss track has received very little attention until now, but this small country in the heart of the Alps could be the missing piece of the puzzle that sparked the international coup against Trump.

The electronic machines of Dominion, the server linked to Soros and Clinton, which moved thousands of votes from Trump to Biden, are directly linked to Scytl, a software whose source code was bought by the Swiss post office, owned by the Swiss state.

Switzerland did not inform Trump and his administration of Scytl’s flaws, which were already widely known to the government.

Sutz claims he has irrefutable evidence of this fraud, which is the source code that is now in the hands of Trump’s legal team. General Flynn’s brother, who is a very close man to Trump, Joseph, publicly thanked Sutz on Twitter reassuring him that the evidence is now in “good hands”.

The international media completely ignored Sutz’s denunciation. Only a few non-mainstream media have interviewed him so far.

After the evidence was delivered, some people in Sutz were attacked and threatened.

The globalist cabal is trying to silence those who exposed the fraud, but Sutz had the courage to denounce everything and show evidence of the international coup against Trump.

There is much more at stake than the outcome of an election. This is a battle between good and evil and the fate of humanity is at stake.

Neal Sutz has already made his choice. Here is his story and the truth of the international coup planned by globalism to overthrow Trump.

d) Sutz, you have recently come to public attention for your report of the election fraud reported on your website, especially highlighting the ties of the company involved in the fraud, Scytl, and the government-owned Swiss Post Swiss. Could you tell us more about his history and why he came forward?

r) My story is somewhat different. I am a Swiss and American citizen, born in New York in 1970. I am an author, director, business consultant and truth activist. I decided to step forward for the simple reason that the information I received piqued my curiosity, and I was determined to understand the whole situation.

When I found out that Switzerland, particularly the government-owned post office, not only developed the software of Scytl, which is based in Barcelona, ​​but bought the exclusive rights to the source code of Scytl when it was bankrupt, I decided to deepen my investigation.

d) Can you explain how Switzerland is involved in the fraud and what role Scytl played in the US elections?

r) Switzerland is clearly involved in many aspects of the US elections, including the fact that it is one of the main financiers of CITCO, a company close to Smartmatics, linked in turn to Dominion which is at the center of the electoral fraud. This funding comes from the Sandoz Family Foundation. There is also an involvement of Novartis, a Swiss pharmaceutical company very interested in the situation relating to Covid.

Switzerland is linked in many financial respects to the elections in another important element as well. Chinese companies own 75% of the Swiss bank UBS that financed Dominion with 400 million dollars, the company that has a key role in electronic fraud. This small but immensely powerful country that is Switzerland plays a huge role in this affair.

These are indisputable facts. They in no way represent my theories.

d) Has Switzerland officially replied about Scytl’s flaws and the reasons why the US government was not informed about the program malfunction?

r) Switzerland responded 24 hours later with a tweet. He acknowledged having acquired the exclusive rights of Scytl, but no government representative, neither Swiss nor American, has tried in any way to question the questions or evidence I have presented .

It is certainly out of the question that the source code of Scytl’s software is some sort of security mechanism linked to Dominion and that Switzerland plays a fundamental role in American elections.

I can think that Switzerland has not informed the US because there is an ongoing attempt to transform to overthrow Donald Trump who wants to keep America free and independent.

d) Recently, you said that you have taken enormous risks to expose the ties between Switzerland and Scytl by delivering incontrovertible evidence of the fraud into the hands of the Trump administration. Was he referring to the source code? Can you explain in this case why the source code is so important?

r) What I was able to successfully deliver to Trump’s legal team is actually the source code. Source code is critical because it directs any type of program, regardless of its purpose or function.

Anyone from anywhere in the world who has the source code of a program, in this case we are talking about a program that counts the votes of an election, can control and manipulate its operation.

d) In one of his tweets, he stated that he had received written confirmation that the evidence was handed over to a representative of Trump’s group of lawyers. Can you say more about it?

r) The entire dossier that I prepared and collected for President Trump’s legal team was received and confirmed through text messages and then later publicly .

I also informed the Trump administration of the situation concerning my two children, American citizens, who have been illegally taken into custody by Swiss social services. My children have been victims of abuse and torture by the government and this story is closely linked to election fraud in America because it involves people such as Mormon leaders and various politicians who have played a role in both the removal of my children and in fraud.

d) General Flynn’s brother Joseph Flynn publicly thanked her and reassured her that the evidence is now in good hands. So does Trump have definitive proof of the fraud?

r) There is a lot of evidence to expose the fraud and the Scytl-Switzerland entanglement is certainly one of them. I have been told by the Trump legal team that there is crucial and unique information that I have made available, and that will be used by Trump to prove fraud in the numerous pending lawsuits.

What I have given further strengthens the evidence that Trump’s men already had in their hands.

d) Does the Swiss government know what it has done? Are they looking for her somehow?

r) The government knows exactly what I have done. I have received visits from all over the world on my site, including Geneva and Zurich. I have been stopped by the police countless times, before and after my role in reporting the electoral fraud involving Switzerland . Social services do not let me talk to my children, and there have been numerous attacks on people close to me.

d) Has any Swiss party shown interest in your case? Is the government using your children’s story as retaliation against you?

r) A conservative party contacted me and asked me for more information on the electronic voting system in Switzerland. There is no doubt that the government is using my children’s case as retaliation against me for exposing Switzerland’s role in the fraud.

d) In a recent tweet, she wrote that people close to her were attacked and attacked. Do you think the Swiss government is involved?

r) A close friend of mine in Arizona was physically assaulted about three weeks ago. The electoral office of Josh Barnett, the Arizona congressional candidate who demanded the immediate and unconditional release of my children from Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, has been turned upside down and stolen.

I don’t know if the Swiss government is involved, but I think the people who want to cover my children’s case are the same people who broke into Barnett’s office. The people I have reported are involved in a pedophilia, child pornography and child trafficking ring. I am among the leaders of the Mormons .

d) The US has placed Switzerland on the list of currency manipulating countries. Do you know if this decision is linked to the election fraud scandal?

r) I can’t say for sure, but if you look at that list it’s very short. There are only China and Vietnam.

However, I don’t think all this is a mere coincidence.

d) The Supreme Court dismissed the Texas case against the four states that violated the American constitution on a legal technicality. Do you believe that the Trump administration can still win its legal battle and that whoever planned the coup will be tried?

r) Yes, I believe Trump can still win his legal battle in the Supreme Court and other state courts if these courts are willing to look at the irrefutable evidence presented by Trump. I really hope that the truth can triumph. The world needs change for the better. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle and it is up to us to decide whether or not we are willing to act for good, because it seems clear to me that those who have chosen evil have no intention of stopping.


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